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Freddie Aguilar's Girlfriend Not Allowed to Leave the Country

Freddie Aguilar's girlfriend was supposed to accompany him during his concert in Malaysia.

Facebook May Improve Lolo's and Lola's Cognitive Abilites

Keeping your grandparents socially and mentally active may help them stay sharp.

Mental Exercises May Help the Ears and the Brain Identify Sound

A recent study shows that loss of hearing due to age can still be partially reversed.

The Older You Get, the Happier You Become, Study Says

The "been there, done that" outlook of most older adults seem to help them feel better about themselves, in spite of their age.

Drinking Milk as a Child May Help Keep You Active as an Adult

Better get that milk moustache on, as the effects of this wonder drink last far longer than you think.

Study Shows Being Born to an Older Father May Lead to a Longer Life

According to research, there are pros and cons to having an older father.

With Age Comes Happiness, Studies Show

Psychologists suggest multiple reasons why happiness becomes more likely as you grow older.

Age Does Matter: 20 Celebrity May-December Romances

Men who marry younger women live longer, while women's life expectancy is lowered by a big age gap between herself and her husband.
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