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Exercise May Lower Kidney Stone Risk in Women

A recent study proves that exercise may help you sweat away excess salt and calcium, keeping your kidneys healthy.

Magnesium Promotes Bone Health in Kids As Much As Calcium Does

Calcium and magnesium should go hand-in-hand in building and strengthening bones.

Vitamin K May Help Strengthen Bones

Calcium isn't the only thing that can fight against fractures and osteoporosis.

Drinking Milk as a Child May Help Keep You Active as an Adult

Better get that milk moustache on, as the effects of this wonder drink last far longer than you think.

Milk Helps You Fight Cancer, Study Says

A new study reveals that milk is more hard-core than you were led to think.

A Mediterranean Diet May Prevent Osteoporosis

A diet rich in fruits, vegetables, olives, and olive oil is good for your bones.

Salt May Diminish Your Body's Supply of Calcium

Salt and strong bones may seem unrelated, but a new study proves that they have something in common -- calcium.
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