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Chinggay Labrador, Contributor
September 26, 2011

Popped Too

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  • tootsiedoodle Oct 01 2011 @ 06:20pm Report Abuse
    I've finished the book already.... and I must admit! This is aweeeesome! The first book was for fangirling but here on the second book, its making your dreams come true. I suuuper love it! :) Good job! :-bd
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  • Eunice King Oct 12 2011 @ 02:20pm Report Abuse

    I'm really really in love with this book! First, its because I'm a Kpop fan too. Second, I also dreaming being with my favorite Kpop star or just hang out with them in the Kpopland like what Andie and the company did.

    I totally love David Tae's character. I think he's so fun to be with!

    Steven's so funny plus he's always supporting Cesca's work and her Kpop'ing trip, he's a perfect boyfriend!!!

    Its just so disappointing that Joon and Trixie did not turn out well. I love this couple while reading the first book.

    Nica and Harvey Kim love team is better than Nica and Jungsang love team I guess? I think Harvey Kim is so sweet plus he looks like Jay Park right?

    Fanjhumma is so scary~!!

    and last but not the least, Mac Park and Andie's love story is the best!! I wish I have Mac Park guy too, the ordinary guy who resembles my Kpop idol crush.

    I'm really squealing while reading this book when there's a kilig moment ^^

    I wish I can visit Seoul too someday. Maybe after college? Oh gosh, I'm still in 1st year college though!

    btw, is the group Movement a Big Bang-inspired idea? just remembered the song No Diggity and the Bangkok-only released cologne? haha!

    this book is a success!! HOPE THERE'S BOOK 3~!!! ^^

    God bless!!!
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