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A Spoonful of Style by Patricia Dayacap

article_fashionable-pairings.jpgValentine's Day is upon us once more! For the lucky in love, it's a time to shower their significant others with affection in the hopes of finding a special present at the end of it all (only joking, I think). For the happily single, it's a day like any other, regardless of what the street hawkers peddling long-stem roses say otherwise.

While brainstorming ideas for this blog entry, I knew I had to somehow relate it to the 14th of February. As I sat in my bed, idly flipping through TV channels, I chanced upon Justin Timberlake's performance at the 2013 Grammys. "Love the dapper suit," I thought to myself as JT's smooth vocals filled the air. Suddenly, the camera cut to Jessica Biel (aka Mrs. Justin Timberlake) cheering and singing along—with none other than Beyonce and Jay-Z beside her. And there, in that split-second frame, was my next blog topic.

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The Art of Self-Preservation by Jennifer Chan

Having next to no vices is not the same as being healthy. Just look at me. I don’t smoke, I hardly ever drink, I don’t do drugs, and yet, I can’t even do a decent push-up. My reflexes aren’t fast, except when I’m making a lunge for that last spicy buffalo wing. Even then, that’s probably because I’m the only one who really wants it. And if you’ve been following our “Get Physical” FN Challenge, you’d know that the simplest workout routines take a toll on me. Clearly, I’m not as healthy as I thought.

It’s quite funny actually how I used to think I was in such good health. Among all five children, I was the one who never had to worry about asthma. I was also quite active as a child, excited to play patintero and mataya-taya after school.

Unfortunately, and I realized this quite late, I was also the one who had a certain proclivity for drinking soft drinks (my late grandfather would have crates of our favorite carbonated drink ready every weekend). I was also quite a junk food junkie, always needing something to munch on as I watched reruns of Scooby-Doo, Where Are You! and Josie and the Pussycats on TV. Slowly but surely, I succumbed to a sedentary lifestyle.

While there’s nothing wrong about relaxing every now and then, going for years without exercising and not watching what I eat has obviously not been good for me either. This year, however, I’ve been making quiet strides toward a healthier lifestyle. Here are my top five motivations that help me stick to my goals:

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Through Dee Lens by Mike Dee

Once again, it's the time of the year when camera enthusiasts gather at Glorietta to take a look at photography gadgets. This year, Photoworld Asia is held from January 31-February 5 at the Glorietta grounds.

Planning to attend the biggest photography event of the year? Here are things that you should do:

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Girl Meets World by Marianne Salazar
Manila is a great place for good food, with several pockets in the city lined with restaurants that aim to satiate every possible craving. As a girl who’s perpetually on the “see-food diet” (I see food, I eat it), I’m always on the lookout for restaurants to add to my never-ending “must eat here” list.

Now, if you were to ask me to pick what my favorite restaurant is, I’ll probably be stumped for several minutes. It’s so hard for me to play favorites, especially since each restaurant has a different specialty. So instead of naming my most-loved places, here’s a list instead of my favorite go-to hubs in Manila for good food and good times. These places all evoke happy food-related memories for me, and it’s my absolute dream to try out all the restaurants in these spots. Scroll through the gallery to find out what my favorite culinary hubs are, and don’t forget to share your own list in a comment below! Continue Reading >>
A Spoonful of Style by Patricia Dayacap

article_fashion-documentaries.jpgIn 2009, a certain documentary was released to finally allow ardent fans a look at the billion dollar enterprise that is American Vogue. It was called The September Issue—and it prominently featured editor-in-chief Anna Wintour, arguably the most powerful woman in the fashion industry.

If 2006's The Devil Wears Prada left viewers gossiping about how much of the plotline was grounded in reality (the author of the book it was based on, after all, was a former Vogue staffer), The September Issue shut them up all at once. While I'm sure there's plenty to fear about Wintour, the documentary also showed her less formidable, often humorous, and always insightful side. If anything, the film proved that this is a woman who's more than capable of helming a title that's perused by countless people the world over.

Since watching The September Issue, I've become hooked on getting my fill of behind-the-scenes looks at fashion institutions I admire. Every time I gaze at a spread in a magazine or marvel at the intricacies of a beautiful dress, it's almost second nature for me to wonder about the hours spent getting that particular shot or the expertise needed to have the fabric fall just so.

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