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Light a few candles, bubble up the bathtub, and sink into the wet and steamy with your sweetie. Rub each other down with an aromatic scrub
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A Spoonful of Style by Patricia Dayacap

article_blushing-brides.jpgI've always loved the idea of weddings. Whether extravagant and ostentatious (think horse-drawn carriages, a mile-long train, and multi-tiered cakes) or simple and no frills (DIY decor, family recipes, and email invites), weddings are meant to be beautiful, unforgettable, and a celebration of love.

And then there's the dress. Actually, scrap that. Fashion-wise, it's not just about the dress. It's about the
entire look. After all, you can't talk about the gown without thinking of the shoes. And the makeup. And the hairstyle, the nail polish, the jewelry, and the bouquet to go with all that.

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Through Dee Lens by Mike Dee

Last week, I was able to explore Cambodia with my family. Planning to have your own "temple run" adventure there soon? Here's a list of  activities that you should try!

1. Get up early and wait for the sunrise at Angkor Wat.
Angkor Wat is truly a sight to behold at sunrise, so make sure you don't miss out on this!

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A Spoonful of Style by Patricia Dayacap

article_fathers-day-pat.jpgI owe a lot of things to my dad. I may not tell him these things (we're not a particularly vocal family), but I hope it comes through in other ways. Let's start with the mundane.

I blame my dad for my bad eyesight. See, Dad loves to read. Growing up, it was Dad who always had a book in his hand, the many titles accumulating in our house. Mafia novels by Mario Puzo are his favorite—though I did get him hooked on the Harry Potter series (his favorite character's Sirius Black!). I remember flicking through one of those gangster books once and getting appalled at the photos of crime scenes interspersed between pages.

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The Art of Self-Preservation by Jennifer Chan
 								What I Know of My Dad: He Loved His Family

My dad’s life, or at least what I know of it, was quite amazing. When he was still a baby, he was afflicted with an illness that killed many of the children in his village, but he somehow survived. Whatever he had that enabled him to fight off the disease must have been something great, but I do wonder whether this particular event set the tone for the rest of his relatively short and dramatic life. His life seemed to be filled with a lot of extreme ups and downs, but I know only a part of it. Continue Reading >>
A Spoonful of Style by Patricia Dayacap

article_seoul-youth-culture.jpgNot even North Korea's constant threats, it seems, could deter me from visiting Seoul. With cold weather clothing in my luggage and my boyfriend in tow, I recently flew to South Korea's capital with high hopes for one memorable vacation.

And one truly memorable vacation it was! I've been to quite a few popular destinations abroad, but there's just something about Seoul that captured my heart. While I appreciated the city's firm grasp on its storied past, it was Seoul's quirky, energetic vibe that truly spoke to me. If you're young, carefree, and—dare I say it—in love, I suggest you get lost at least once in your life in this charming metropolis.

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