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NO BLUSHING BRIDE by Myra Mortega-Calulo

The holiday season is upon us, and I'm giddier than ever. There's something about bright lights, colorful decorations, and upbeat Christmas songs that instantly lift up my spirits. Christmas has always been a big deal for me, and I'm determined to even make it more special this year. After all, this year marks my first Christmas as a wife, so I'm hell-bent on thinking of ways to make it even more memorable for me and my husband.

A couple of nights ago, I told my husband that we should have a Christmas tradition, although I really have no idea what should it be. In fact, while I'm all for making the holidays memorable, I'm still mulling over on what should we do for the holidays.

I do have a vague idea of things that we could do for the holidays, and here are the top five things in my to-do list (which I have yet to discuss with my husband). How about you, what are your plans with your man this Christmas? Do leave a comment below!

(Screencap from Serendipity courtesy of Miramax Home Entertainment)

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NO BLUSHING BRIDE by Myra Mortega-Calulo

Happy holidays, FNites!

Yep, you read that right. The  holidays are now in full swing, now that November is about to come an end (you'd be surprised just how fast two weeks fly by).

By now, Mariah Carey's "All I Want for Christmas is You" is on loop in malls, and stores are all decked out in their full red, green, and tinsel glory. At the same time, we're growing pensive about our Christmas lists (don't even ask me what I'm getting for my husband--I still have no idea), our Christmas schedules (with the seemingly endless reminders for reunions, family gatherings, and barkada meet-ups), and everything in between.

But despite all the Christmas frenzy, I'm sure all of us are thinking the exact same thing at the back of our heads: "What am I getting this year?" We all have something that we want for ourselves before the year ends, and I'm sure we're crossing our fingers that by some Christmas miracle, we would be able to get them.

Well, the good news is, we here at FN are allowing you to let your loved ones know what you want. As mentioned by our editorial assistant, Marianne, last week, we're launching the MyFN Wishlist today. This nifty feature allows you to highlight particular items on our gallery and add those to your "Wishlist" page on MyFN. Have you set your sights on a particular bag from last week's Frugalista Finds gallery? Just click the "Add to Wishlist" button, and the said image will get automatically added to your Wishlist page on MyFN. That way, your loved ones get to have an idea of the things that you want to get for Christmas (I mean, come on, we've all had horror holiday presents of our own).

And just to get into the spirit of things, I'm giving a rundown of my own holiday wishlist. Take a look at my picks by scrolling through the gallery below:

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NO BLUSHING BRIDE by Myra Mortega-Calulo

I'm no relationship expert. People don't come to me for advice about love and all its complications. In fact, I'm somewhat of a late bloomer. I had my first brush with infatuation when I was 10 (which can be considered as quite late, when I've been hearing a good deal about my peers' crushes when I was still seven), and I got into my first relationship when I was 19. Of course, I've had a fair share of heartbreaks along the way, like most of us do.

I might have started late in the game, but I was able to cull from my experiences (albeit limited) several love lessons that will stay with me throughout my lifetime. For example, I learned the hard way that I could get easily caught up with my fantasies and emotions, which prevented me from seeing a person for who he really is. On a more happier note, I also learned that it pays to give love a chance, even if you risk you heart getting maimed and trampled over--again.

So get ready for a load of mush, as I share with you my top five picks. Do you have your own love lessons that you would like to share as well? Do leave a comment below and let us know!

(Photo by lizzybeans11 via Flickr Creative Commons)

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