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GIRL MEETS WORLD by Marianne Salazar
Manila is a great place for good food, with several pockets in the city lined with restaurants that aim to satiate every possible craving. As a girl who’s perpetually on the “see-food diet” (I see food, I eat it), I’m always on the lookout for restaurants to add to my never-ending “must eat here” list.

Now, if you were to ask me to pick what my favorite restaurant is, I’ll probably be stumped for several minutes. It’s so hard for me to play favorites, especially since each restaurant has a different specialty. So instead of naming my most-loved places, here’s a list instead of my favorite go-to hubs in Manila for good food and good times. These places all evoke happy food-related memories for me, and it’s my absolute dream to try out all the restaurants in these spots. Scroll through the gallery to find out what my favorite culinary hubs are, and don’t forget to share your own list in a comment below! Continue Reading >>
GIRL MEETS WORLD by Marianne Salazar
New Year’s resolutions aren’t really my thing. Sure, I’d write down a list of things I’d want to accomplish, but I’d quickly forget about them in a matter of days. This year, though, will be different--I’ll need some goals, especially since I’m still muddling my way through the tricky “grown-up” world after graduating from college last April.

Now that I’m done studying in classrooms, it’s time for me to learn in the real world. Experience will be my teacher, and I hope to emerge in 2014 a stronger, wiser, and a smarter person than before. Here are some of the baby steps I’ll be taking to ensure that I’ll be a better woman this year.

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GIRL MEETS WORLD by Marianne Salazar
I’ve been a huge fan of the Gossip Girlbooks all throughout my teenage years. However, when I found that there will be a TV show based on the series, I couldn’t help but feel a wee bit apprehensive, as I’m a bit of a purist when it comes to book-to-film translations. I was admittedly disappointed that the show did not stick to Cecily Von Zeigesar’s depiction of the characters (Jenny was supposed to be short and busty, and Chuck was supposed to be gay!), but despite these tweaks, I still got hooked on the show.

I’m glad I gave Gossip Girl a chance, because it really was one of the most fabulous shows on TV. The cast was great, the fashion was brilliant, and the locations were incredibly well thought of. The cast’s New York hangouts were pictured just as I had imagined them when I was reading the books, and the out-of-town locations were perfect as well. As we bid farewell to one of our favorite shows, we take a look at some of the beautiful places featured throughout the episodes. Scroll through the gallery below to check them out!

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