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Liana Smith Bautista, Contributor
October 24, 2011

5 Relationship Rules I Wish I Had Known Before I Broke Them

Liana talks about the relationship no-nos she's been guilty of and she has learned from them. By Liana Smith-Bautista
Liana and her husband when they first got together

Liana and her husband (then boyfriend) during their first year together.

On FN, we provide a lot of tips for those struggling to figure out the hows, whys, and wherefores of love and relationships. And, for me, a lot of these tips are things I’ve been able to glean from my accidental role as one of the go-to people when friends encounter problems with their relationships (don’t ask me why, because I’m still figuring that one out).

Still, the bulk of the tips I provide are things I really wish I had known when I got together with my first boyfriend, who would eventually become my husband. Yes, that’s right—all my trials and errors were done to one person, and I’m glad he still liked me enough to “put a ring on it.”

Here are just five of the major mistakes I made in the process of carving out a life with my hubby—consider me a cautionary tale for any of you who are just starting out.

(Flashbox photo from Chinatown courtesy of Paramount Pictures; inside photo by Gina Pestaño-Castro)

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Liana Smith Bautista
Liana Smith Bautista was an editor with Female Network from December 2010 until July 2012. She now works part-time as a freelance writer and editor and helps run her family's beach resort the rest of the time... Read more...
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