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Myra Grace T. Mortega, Contributor
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October 01, 2012

5 Healthy Habits Me and My Husband Try to Stick To

Myra, FN's features editor, shares the baby steps that she and her husband are taking toward a healthy lifestyle. By Myra Mortega

My mother is a health junkie. She made us eat vegetables until we got to the point where we actually liked them, she force-fed us a variety of herbal medicines, and she never failed to fill the fridge with fruits and veggies. Red meat is a rarity in our dining table, as she's more keen on cooking vegetables, tofu, chicken, and seafood. Last Christmas, she excitedly brought home an exercise machine so we could all burn excess pounds while watching TV, much to our (initially feigned) enthusiasm.

Having worked in a hospital for 24 years and being part of a family of asthmatics (we all have asthma, and while it's not really contagious, the flu and the incessant coughing that comes with it can easily spread within the household, which would quickly escalate into a massive asthma epidemic), it's not hard to see why she's so crazy to keep the entire family healthy at all times.

While I would like to be as health conscious as her, I sadly have a long way to go. But upon getting married, I took it upon myself to live a healthier lifestyle. That proved easier said than done, especially since my husband and I have different eating habits. It didn't help that we're both couch potatoes, and we always looked forward to lazy Saturdays where we could watch our latest TV series addiction for hours' end. We sadly don't have a regular exercise routine that we stick to, further bolstering our couch potato lifestyle.

Still, I would like to believe that we're taking itty bitty baby steps toward a healthier lifestyle. Here are some things that we do to keep ourselves from getting sick:


(Photo by Chiot's Run via Flickr Creative Commons)

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Myra Grace T. Mortega
Myra Mortega-Calulo has been Female Network's Features Editor since June 2012, but she has been writing for FN as a freelance contributor since March 2010... Read more...
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