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Jennifer Chan, Contributor
November 07, 2012

5 Duties of a True BFF

FN staff writer Jen talks about some of the little things she does for her best girl friends. By Jennifer Chan

I remember the day I met one of my best girl friends in the world. It was the first day of college orientation, and I was half-excited and half-nervous. Naturally, I gravitated toward the one girl who, from the looks of it, shared my apprehensions.

I plucked up the courage to make friends with her, and we sat beside each other for three days during the orientation. From then on, we were solid friends. We've had our fair share of drama, of course, but it was nothing we would sacrifice our friendship for.

I suppose our sisterhood is a relationship rooted in total acceptance. We’re not afraid to tell each other the truth, although we’re always careful with our words when we know what we’re about to say might be hurtful. We’re not afraid to reveal personal secrets to each other, even though the said secrets might get us judged. And we’re certainly not afraid to laugh at each other. We've seen each other at our worst and at our best, and yet our friendship has not wavered.

It’s been nearly ten years since we first met, and my friend and I still have the same strong friendship. We don’t get to see each other as often as before, but we do try to get together once in a while. Just the Saturday before last, we had lunch together, talking about the men in our lives, our goals, our dreams, and how a trip to Vietnam would be nice.

Good friends are hard to find, so when you find one, you treasure her forever. How? Well, it’s all about the small things. Think of them as the duties of a BFF--things you and your best girl friend should be able to do for each other. Below are just a few of simple things we should be able to  fulfill in the name of friendship:

(Screencap from 2 Broke Girls courtesy of CBS)

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