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Marianne Salazar, Contributor
September 26, 2012

5 Ancient Cities I would Love to Visit

Mars, FN's editorial assistant, shares some must-see historical sites she'd love to go to. By Marianne Salazar

I’ve always been fascinated with history. I don’t like memorizing names and dates per se, but I like learning about the story behind a famous person or a place. It may seem like a huge bore for some, but I’ve always found it fun to learn about what was going on in the world years ago. History has a way of making you realize that, no matter how great you are in your world, you’re still just a tiny speck in the entire universe.

I may be a full-time writer now, but to be honest, I still harbor some dreams of being an archaeologist. Given the chance, I’d love to go to a dig and help unearth fragments of the ancient past. It’s dirty, tedious work, and I’m aware that it won’t be very easy to come across relics that would actually be consequential, but I think I’ll enjoy it.

However, since my archaeologist dreams are still quite unattainable at the moment, I think I can settle for a trip to an ancient city. Okay, so that's not exactly easy to reach either, but at least I’ll still be soaking up a culture’s history, without the extensive education required to go on a dig.

Here are five ancient cities on the top of my must-visit list:

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