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Need a quick makeup fix? Use a tinted moisturizer to keep your skin fresh-looking when you're tired.
  • Good House Keeping
    Judy Ann Santos-Agoncillo returns to our cover this September issue and gets candid about money, marriage, and motherhood.
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  • Women's Health
    Drop two sizes fast—with simple exercises you can do at home! This month's ultimate weight-loss special shows you how. Plus, real women share how you, too, can shed and keep off excess weight for good.
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Which ‘80s silverscreen heartthrob is perfect for you?

Check out who of these pretty boys can make your teeny-bopper heart race. 
Feb 28, 2014

Which Disney prince would be perfect for you?

Take our quiz and find out who of these charmers will deliver your happily-ever-after! 
Feb 25, 2014

FN's Top 10 Kilig Lines from Pinoy Movies

Fall in love all over again with these kilig lines!  
Feb 21, 2014

How to Tell a Guy You Like Him, Korean Drama Style

Make like your favorite heroine by following these tips—or not. 
Feb 14, 2014

Fall in Love Again: A 5-Step Guide

Prime yourself to fall in love every day of the year. 
Feb 12, 2014

10 Flirting Tricks Every Girl Should Know

Don't start the man hunt without knowing them 
Feb 12, 2014

Love Stinks! Let's Drink!

Attend an anti-Valentine's Day party at Planet Grapes! 
Feb 11, 2014

How Can You Tell if Your Office Crush Likes You? 10 Signs to Watch For

If you’re wondering whether you’re reading his signals right, here’s a guide that may help. 
Feb 10, 2014

15 Signs a Guy Likes You

See how many you can check off your list! 
Feb 07, 2014

How to Prepare for a Blind Date

Here are 10 steps to survive a setup. 
Feb 06, 2014
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