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June 16, 2008

Are you ready to settle down?

Fixated on hunting down marriage-minded men? Or are you so anti-commitment, the word engagement makes you gag? Test your couplehood cravings with this quiz.
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Fixated on hunting down marriage-minded men? Or are you so anticommitment, the word engagement makes you gag? Test your couple cravings with this quiz.

Are you ready to settle down? 

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1 .) What's your top priority when you're at a bar/party/club?
  1. Prowling for a guy who looks polished enough to bring home to mom (eventually).
  2. Chilling with your friends and flirting.
  3. Going wild with as many guys as you see. Why bother zeroing in on one - you probably won't see each other again anyway.
2 .) You look at your engaged friends/family members and feel:
  1. Skeptical. Their blissfully married shelf life will be shorter than Tom Cruise.
  2. Envious. It's your turn, already!
  3. Giddy. You're psyched for them but aren't quite aisle-itchy yourself.
3 .) Which article will you most likely read?
  1. "The Married Couples' Advice"
  2. A tie: "How to Ace the First Three Dates" and "Your Love Checklist"
  3. "Make Sex Hotter"
4 .) On a TV titillation scale, sex with the same man for the rest of your life is like:
  1. Reality TV. As long as it's surprising and keeps changing, you'll enjoy it.
  2. Reruns. There are only so many times before it gets painfully predictable.
  3. A long romantic epic. Carnal classics never grow stale with the perfect leading man.
5 .) You've been seeing a guy for a month, and he hasn't said he wants to be exclusive. You:
  1. Start dating other people. If he has some one on the side, you won't feel crushed.
  2. Wait another month. If things get more intense, you'll bring up the topic.
  3. Ultimatum him: It's either all you or no you at all. You don't want a halfway relationship.
6 .) If you're the last of your friends to get hitched, you'll
  1. Audition for every TV show that auctions off marriageable, STD-free bachelors
  2. Pat yourself on the back for not compromising your standards.
  3. Survive.
7 .) Whenever you pass a bridal magazine on the newsstand, you:
  1. Stop and browse a little - you can't help but be a little curious.
  2. Roll your eyes. All those beaming chicks in white dresses look so Stepford wife-ish.
  3. Buy it. There could be invaluable ideas for your wedding file.
8 .) You and your guy have been planning a cruise for months, but he dumps you two days before you set sail. Do you still go?
  1. No. But then again, there's always the possibility of jumping overboard.
  2. Depends. If a girlfriend of yours could take his ticket, you're outta here.
  3. Duh, of course - you might find a cute cabin "mate" as a consolation prize.
9 .) Do you fantasize about any of your very-taken exes being "the one who got away"?
  1. Got away from what? You cut them loose!
  2. You've wondered "What if?" but it passes.
  3. Let's just say you've kicked yourself so many times, you have heel marks on your shins.
10 .) Would you go out with a cute guy just for the hell of it, even if there's little couple potential?
  1. Why bother? It's like going to a store and trying on clothes you can't buy.
  2. Sure, if he's fun to hang out with. You don't have to find true love with every man you date.
  3. Yes, that's often what attracts you to wild-card guys in the first place: zero pressure.
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  • deejay Mar 14 2010 @ 07:25pm Report Abuse
    I guess only we can decide for ourselves if we're ready to settle down. Disregard pressure from family, friends and society. If it feels natural, then one is ready to settle down, di dapat pilit.
    Last modified A long time ago
  • Mae Mar 21 2010 @ 12:59am Report Abuse
    I agree to that. Why conform to the norms of the society? When you have your own mind, you make your own rules. For as long as you are happy with yourself just the way you are, you don't have to let others pressure you to beat the calendar. Anyways, age is just a number. Plus, you'll have time to assess what you want and at least minimize the risk of ending up with Mr. Wrong... whoever that is. Ha!ha!ha!
    Last modified A long time ago
  • jdcrose Jul 21 2010 @ 01:47pm Report Abuse
    Commitment-friendly chick

    i agree to this result, although i love fantasizing about my dream wedding, i still want to take time & not to rush things. Sometimes, my boyfriend & I talk about it & plan for that day, but not actually making moves, it's just a 'future-talk' with us. The thought of me being his bride & vice-versa inspires us to make the most out of our relationship.
    Last modified A long time ago
  • melairc Mar 22 2011 @ 01:48pm Report Abuse
    i got commitment friendly chick....for me i believe i will have my time for that...coz deep inside me I AM LOVED!!!...
    Last modified A long time ago
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