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    Judy Ann Santos-Agoncillo returns to our cover this September issue and gets candid about money, marriage, and motherhood.
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    Drop two sizes fast—with simple exercises you can do at home! This month's ultimate weight-loss special shows you how. Plus, real women share how you, too, can shed and keep off excess weight for good.
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5 Money Issues You Have to Settle Before Tying the Knot

You can't just sweep your monetary problems under the rug.  
Jul 14, 2014

It's Complicated: Choosing Between Your Career and Your Relationship

Sometimes, you only get to pick one.  
Jul 01, 2014

10 Signs That Your Relationship Is Over

Even relationships have an expiration date.  
Jun 10, 2014

10 Tips for Couples in Long Distance Relationships From GIRLTalk

Their own experiences may help put your mind and heart at ease. 
May 28, 2014

"Will You Allow Your Husband to Sleep with Another Woman?" GIRLTalkers Answer

Find out what our GIRLTalkers feel about suddenly being thrust into a telenovela of a marriage. 
May 26, 2014

10 Lessons You Learn from a Breakup

If you've just gotten out of a relationship, this is for you. 
May 21, 2014

10 Tips to Survive a Summer Trip with Your Man’s Relatives

Turn quality time with his family into the best summer getaway you've ever had. 
May 04, 2014

What Would You Do Kung Ikaw ang the Legal Wife?

Would you stay or would you leave? 
Apr 24, 2014

There Is No Such Thing as an Ideal Mate

The perfect partner is not real, according to research. 
Apr 24, 2014

A Real-Life Version of "Kiss the Girl"

Musicians crooning the Disney song urge couples to pucker up. 
Apr 23, 2014
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