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Guess What? You Don’t Have to Use Your Husband’s Surname

The Philippine law is clear: women are not obliged to change their surname. But there is no escape from the paperwork you need to file.  
Jan 14, 2016

There Are 19 Nationwide Holidays for 2016

The next holiday, a long weekend, is less than month away. Plus, get to know how much you should get if you work on non-working days.  
Jan 13, 2016

Netflix Is Now Available Globally!

Everyone can now binge-watch their favorite foreign shows! 
Jan 07, 2016

This Gross Instagram Account Is Strangely Addictive

Warning: not for the faint-hearted. 
Jan 06, 2016

This Instagram Account Perfectly Recounts the Year 2015 Using Dolls

See how the year 2015 went in a doll's world. 
Jan 02, 2016

First Aid and Safety Tips For Your New Year’s Celebration

Learn how to safely light fireworks, administer first aid for burns, and protect your home from fire.  
Dec 30, 2015

10 Ways To Spot Fake Peso Bills

Watch and learn how to detect fake peso bills during this season of spending.  
Dec 10, 2015

Got Old Peso Bills? Spend Them Now

By 2017, old bank notes issued in 1985 will literally be paper souvenirs.  
Dec 09, 2015

How Alma Moreno's Interview Can Help You Make Better Choices

Don't let next year's elections be another cringe-worthy affair. 
Nov 20, 2015
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