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March 19, 2012

Female Network Launches List of 100 Amazing Filipinas

Find out what makes these lovely Pinays worth emulating.
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Here at Female Network, we take pride in knowing there are many empowered women in the country who have demonstrated their strength in the face of adversity and achieved so much in their respective fields. Today, we let you know about 100 amazing Filipinas whose contributions inspire us to keep doing our best, no matter what tribulations come our way.

Learn about their trials and triumphs from this special page. We’ve divided up these inspiring ladies into five categories:

Artists: These are the creative souls who have uplifted us with their songs of life and love, culinary and artistic masterpieces, stirring performances, and thought-provoking words.

Superstars: These celebrities and athletes have stirred the nation with their performances, doing us proud in local and international arenas.

Trailblazers: These entrepreneurs, journalists, and more are at the top of their chosen field and plan to stay that way. They bring truth and innovation to the country.

Warriors for a Cause: These women may not be saints, but they’re the next best thing. They are passionate, driven individuals who are working to better the country—and the world—one step at a time.

Real Women: It takes a strong woman to overcome adversity, but any woman can draw on her inner strength when the situation calls for it, and these women are living proof that you can achieve your dreams with a little luck and a lot of hard work.

[Click here to visit Female Network's 100 Amazing Filipinas page]

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  • UniversalObserver Mar 21 2012 @ 03:53am Report Abuse

    Hello world!

    Here's also an amazing Filipino woman or lady (a licensed civil engineer and businesswoman) who truly deserves to be included in the list. She's a non-showbiz celebrity, a multi-titled, national figure (both a Bb. Pilipinas and a Mrs. Philippines official crowns and titles holder) and an international, multi-award-winning beauty queen, though she's not that much-publicized, not much-hyped, and not much-media-exposed unlike Venus Raj, Shamcey Supsup, the politicians and many local showbiz celebrities / faces listed here.

    She is MRS. UNIVERSE-PHILIPPINES 2010 and BB. PILIPINAS-MAJA INTERNATIONAL 1988, ENGR. MURIEL MORAL-PANDI or LALA (her nickname), the Winner of the first-ever-awarded Intelligence Title in the Universe, the MRS. INTELLIGENCE (no any major, international beauty competition and pageant in history has awarded this title yet--it's the very first time in the Universe), at the 2010 MRS. UNIVERSE PAGEANT, the global beauty-and-brains competition that celebrates and honors married women, with its Human Rights advocacies for the protection and welfare of women and children around the globe. It also promotes and upholds worldwide the significance of marriage, parenthood, family and good family values.

    MRS. UNIVERSE (Queen of the Universe) is THE ULTIMATE. It is beyond beauty and fame or power and riches on Earth. MRS. UNIVERSE, dubbed as "The Mother of All Pageants," is the annual, noted Quest for the most honorable Woman of the Universe.

    Like Sarangani Representative and international, multi-titled boxer Manny Pacquiao, MRS. UNIVERSE-PHILIPPINES, ENGR. MURIEL MORAL-PANDI also brought and gave international-global prestige and honors to our country (the Philippines) in the world or global scene / arena, or aptly, in Lala's case, in the Universe.

    ENGR. MURIEL MORAL-PANDI made a notable, universal record, history, and distinction as the first-ever MRS. INTELLIGENCE of the Universe.

    At present, in line with one of the causes of MRS. UNIVERSE (its global Human Rights Advocacy), Engr. Lala is continuously supporting the signature campaign to stop human and sex trafficking of women, children, and young persons in the country and abroad.

    These are the links (with PHOTOS & videos) where you can see Engr. Lala's remarkable triumphs or victories in the Universe (please copy & paste)...
    Last modified Apr 10 2012 @ 09:36pm
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