hair_loss_inside.jpgAs a new mom, it is frightening to wake up one day and find that your hair is falling out more than usual. Post-partum hair loss not being a much-discussed topic, women are left scared and stressed when they see their hair fall out in record numbers, sometimes even in clumps. You blame your current shampoo regimen, so you change it, but it does no good. It could be lack of sleep or stress or a million other things but your hair just won’t stop falling even if you’ve tried everything. What many new moms don’t know is that it’s a reality that many women experience a few months after giving birth.

If you are experiencing post-partum hair loss, here are some things you can do:


Give your roots a little bit of down time by lessening the stress of the weight of longer hair or being tied up or treated.


Maintain a healthy diet and keep taking your vitamins. This will help the body cope with the upheavals it is going through.

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