Meet 36-Year Old Drummer, Fitness Coach, and Motorcycle Vlogger Gaki Azurin

She shares the passion that fuels her diverse story, proving that your 30s is the best time to kick ass.

A Man Who Targets and Scams Working Single Moms Online Was Arrested

Thanks to women he scammed reaching out to one another on social media!

VP Leni Robredo Stresses the Need to Fight Sexism in the Workplace

“We are expected to stay silent even when someone makes our knees and legs the subject of discussion.”

People Are Arguing About Wonder Woman's Armpits

Let's just say that some people have too much time on their hands.

Essential Life Lessons Every Woman in Her 30s Can Learn From Belle

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"You Are Enough. You Are Important. You Are Worthy."

One mom shares her passionate words to other moms who are having it rough.

How the Proposed 120-Day Maternity Leave Could Benefit You One Day

Find out how many leave days are paid, how it affects your SSS, and how it works for dads and solo and adoptive parents.

Here Are Personal Moments You May Be Oversharing on Social Media

Don’t go overboard— there are still some things that should be held sacred.
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