Geraldine Roman broke barriers and made history when she became the first transgender woman to be elected to a government post in the country. Ever since she became the Representative of the First District of Bataan, she has advocated non-stop for education for the masses, the social uplifting of farmers and fishermen, decent pay and benefits for caregivers, and equal rights for the LGBTQ community.

Her career doesn’t deter her from being fabulous – in fact, she’s more awesome because of it. Lovingly called “Miss G,” “Queen G,” “Mumshie,” “Mom,” and “Mama” on social media by those who look up to her, here are ten times that Geraldine Roman exuded true wisdom and confidence on Twitter:

1. When you knew she was both funny and reliable with just one tweet:

2. When she highlighted the value of unity to make things work:

3. When she really seemed like a mother hen to everyone she met:

4. When she was just like every woman in an LDR relationship…

5. …And every woman afraid of a bad hair day:

6. When she said exactly what was in your head when the issue on Vanity Tax exploded:

7. When she bravely faced congress to fight for the LGBTQ community:

8. When she gave one senator a dose of reality:

9. When she spoke of the true meaning of equality:

10. When she reminded you of your worth:

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