Eat and Drink

The Food on Your Plate (And Instagram Feed) is the New Status Symbol

Food posts have become a social media currency that is causing us all to gain weight.

10 Manila Restaurants With Birthday Freebies and Discounts

These free treats will put the icing on the cake on your special day.

5 Eating Habits You Should Stop Doing to Function Better at Work

Reading your emails, for example. 

I Tried Barhopping One Last Time On My Way to Embracing Tita-hood

There ARE nice bars where women can kick back with a drink without having to go clubbing.

7 Times Pizza Made Life A Lot Better

It deserves to be a major food group, to be honest.

4 Restaurants in Pasig for After-Work Chika with Friends

When you feel like having a good meal with your girlfriends, you need to have this list.
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