1. Don’t be afraid to explore the world.
Make like Ariel and don’t restrict yourself by staying in your comfort zone; learn how to go out there and do what you know will make you happy.

2. There’s nothing wrong with being different.
Merida—feisty, a remarkable archer, and has a rather large appetite. Even so, she embraces her individuality and so do the people around her. In this day and age, it's so easy to follow a trend; and while that’s all good, you should never, ever change who you are just to fit in.

3. You shouldn’t dumb yourself down for a guy.
Because why should you? There’s nothing sexier than an intelligent beast who can match your wit.

4. Invest in moments that matter and learn to enjoy them.
You know the story: Cinderella was allowed to go to the ball, but she had to come home before midnight. Did she whine about having a curfew? Nope! Instead, Cinderella cherished every moment she had with Prince Charming. This is how your outlook on life should be as well. Indulge in good memories!

5. If something goes against your morals, stand your ground.
It's important to know that you have the right to decide what you want for your life—no one else can choose your path (or husband!) for you.

6. Play the game, then win.
You know you can, but you’re letting society dictate what you can and cannot do, step up and stop thinking about what other people would think.

7. Don’t lose sight of your dreams.
Don’t downsize your dreams to make it more attainable, instead, work harder for it! It’s going to take a lot of blood, sweat, and tears, but in the end, it’s all going to be worth it.

8. Protect your own.
Some people enter your life and start acting like they know better. They might even try to make changes without your consent and adapt their methods into things that don't really concern them. While there's nothing wrong with someone offering advice, know that you should always stay in control of what's yours.

9. You can’t please everyone.
Just go do you, girl!

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