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July 31, 1278

How to Reduce Water Retention

Steps to avoid unsightly and uncomfortable bloating.
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how-to-water-retention-main_1.jpgGet rid of pounds caused by water retention with these eight tips.

1. Drink lots of water. It helps flush away sodium buildup (one of the top causes of bloating) and rehydrates the body.
2. Avoid eating salty food. Less sodium=less cause for bloating.
3. Sweat it all off with exercise or chores.
4. Eat  a lot of cucumbers to maintain your body’s water balance.
5. Get a massage. It distributes water out of tissues and helps remove them properly.
6. Snack on yogurt for good digestion.
7. Keep your legs up to decrease water buildup in the lower extremities.
8. Give your tight pants a rest. They restrict the flow of fluid in your legs.

For more details on banishing bloat, read "Debloating Tips: How to Keep Your Water Retention Down" by Myra Mortega here.
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  • marge88 Apr 22 2010 @ 07:12am Report Abuse
    This de-bloating tips looks great since it's summer drinking water is already one.Some of the tips I have already been doing but I hope female network to give tips on how to reduce the belly fat or make a blog on how to loose weight from reader as it's really hard to know who is saying the correct method
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