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Stephanie Castillo, Contributor
January 12, 2010

What is the most challenging New Year's resolution you've made?

New Year's resolutions are always difficult to follow, but some are tougher than most. What's your toughest resolution this year?  By Stephanie Castillo

new_year_res_main.jpgWe all know the drill: new year, new beginnings, new promises to better ourselves in one way or another. But truth be told, New Year’s resolutions can be the most difficult promises to keep, regardless of how determined we are to follow through from the onset. We start off well enough by avoiding shopping sprees and cigarettes and chocolate cake (and so on and so forth), but as the days wear on and the grind wears us down, we inevitably turn back to the comforts of our old ways. Of course, there are those that succeed, against the laws of nature, in fulfilling their pledges of improvement—and we heartily salute them!


But the fact still remains that resolutions can test even the strongest of men and women, as many of our readers will attest. Scroll down to find out some of the most challenging New Year’s commitments you’ve shared with us thus far.

Doing something I’ve never done before. – Ryan Puno, 22, copywriter

Getting enough sleep and still getting to work on time. – Mark Castillo, 34, marketing executive


Trying to control my expenses. So far I’ve been listing every penny I spend. They say it works the same way as counting calories. – Arlene Amante, 22, management trainee


Balancing my life. – Jo Peña, 56, manager


Studying extra, extra, extra, (extra) hard. – Benny Tady, 22, med student


Staying faithful. Hahaha! – Misschubby Mommyme*, 32, work-at-home mom


Patience for the whole year. – Ariane May Nalicat, 26, college instructor


This is going to sound really shallow, but it’s having to really take the time and effort to take care of my skin! That means never forgetting to put sunblock, going to the derma monthly, and removing my makeup even if I’m really, really sleepy! – Liza Constantino, 22, analyst


Living GREEN every minute of every day. – Marissa Pestano-Basilad, 39, restaurant managing director


Encouraging my husband and being a supportive helpmate to him. – Emile Lastrilla, 46, homemaker


Being independent. – Kristy Villamor Pilon, 22, customer associate


Breastfeeding for a year while working full-time. – Maricar Fernandez Bondoc, 29, software engineer


Thinking positive! – Annabel Dinglasan, 21, student


I’ve got to stop nagging and start listening. – Teresa Hundana, 40, housewife


Taking the boards...and passing them. – Anna Gonzalez, 35, nursing graduate


Controlling the tendency to dwell on things I cannot change and to remember I can’t please everyone. – Tricia Fernandez, 25, recruitment specialist


Living out my fantasies. – G-Anne Limjuco, 22, bank employee


Simplifying my lifestyle by living in a condo—without a maid—while continuing to be a working wife and mother. – Cecile Aguilar, 56, CPA


I need to quit being a hater! – Peter Imbong, 22, writer


Eating less and exercising more. – Emma Yuhico, 54, bible study teacher


Gaining 20 more pounds to reach my ideal weight, which is kind of difficult to do. I'm stuck at 110. No matter how much I ate and exercised at the gym last year, I never gained a single pound. – Maiq Luarez*, 25, editor


Discovering more of the Philippines’ beautiful destinations and cultures! – Lorra Elena Angbue-Te, 24, preschool teacher


Reading more books. – Lelo Salvador*, 61, supermom


Mastering a language. – Francesca Zapanta, 27, eager traveller


Controlling my temper. – Anna Marques, 31, web content manager


Driving on my own. I've had the same resolution for the past three years but never have enough confidence to be in the driver's seat. This year, I am determined to get into a car as the driver and not just another passenger. – Tina Matanguihan, 23, web content developer


Keeping my blood sugar level under control! – Rose Bautista, 61, HR consultant


Accomplishing the extraordinary! – RG Macalinao, 21, culinary student


Renouncing the controlling spirit that creates tension between me and the people close to me. – Jasmin Victa, 54, freelance media planner


It has always been easier to articulate than to actuate and until now, I have yet to carry out my past new year's resolutions. That’s basically my resolution for 2010, and I feel that it's the toughest! – Bry P. Hosmillo, 21, full-time graduate student


* Changed last name

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Stephanie Castillo
Stephanie Castillo is a freelance writer and fashion stylist. Her column, Stylewise, appears on FN every Friday... Read more...
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