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Stressed? Give us a smile! Smiling releases endorphins in your body, which combat stress and have you feeling better in no time!
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Taking Vitamin and Mineral Supplements Improves Energy Levels, Study Says

An additional boost from supplements could go a long way in keeping you up and running during the day. 
Jul 26, 2013

Cosmo Quiz: Are You An "It" Girl?

Do you have all the attributes of an "It" Girl? 
Jul 26, 2013

Girl Teaches Herself How to Dance in One Year

Watch as this girl proves that anyone, even the most awkward among us, can bust a move. 
Jul 25, 2013

Little Miss Proper: How to Sit and Stand Like a Lady

Show off how poised you are by following these etiquette tips to a T. 
Jul 25, 2013

Choir Singing May Help Regulate Heart Rate, Says Study

A new research gives a whole new meaning to the phrase “hearts singing as one.” 
Jul 24, 2013

How to Enjoy Being Alone

Here's why you shouldn't be afraid of venturing out on your own. 
Jul 22, 2013

Wake Up with FN: 5 Things to Perk You Up This Monday Morning

Turn that frown upside down by checking out our list of feel-good news!  
Jul 22, 2013

Writing May Help Physical Wounds Heal Faster, Says Study

Researchers suggest that writing may quicken the body's healing processes. 
Jul 18, 2013

Wake Up with FN: 5 Things to Perk You Up This Monday Morning

It may be raining cats and dogs outside, but that doesn't mean your day should remain gloomy. Get your weekly dose of feel-good news below! 
Jul 15, 2013

Lose the Blues: Happy People May Have Happier Hearts

Researchers say that being cheeful may save you from heart problems. 
Jul 14, 2013
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