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Working Overtime Too Often May Compromise Your Health and Well-Being

Giving time to other aspects of your life instead of solely focusing on your career may help you stay healthy. 
Sep 02, 2013

Wake Up with FN: 5 Things to Perk You Up This Monday Morning

Get happy with these five feel-good online finds! 
Sep 02, 2013

Distancing Yourself from Tragedies May Help You Heal Faster

Putting some space between you and your pain may help you come to terms with your problems. 
Sep 02, 2013

Happy Weekend: 10 Inspirational Quotes to Love

Here’s a quick dose of happiness to cap off your weekend!  
Sep 01, 2013

Boys Whose Fathers Work Long Hours May Be More Prone to Negative Behavior

Does your hubby spend most of his time at work? You may want to remind him of his fatherly duties, as recent research shows that his absence may be detrimental to your son’s development. 
Aug 30, 2013

Doing Volunteer Work May Help Improve Your Health

Research shows that helping others out may be good for you.  
Aug 29, 2013

Wake Up with FN: 5 Things to Perk You Up This Monday Morning

Rise and shine! Get ready for another happy Monday!  
Aug 26, 2013

The Time You Have in Jellybeans

Do you think the time you spent here on earth was well spent? 
Aug 26, 2013

Photographer Dina Goldstein Puts Her Own Spin on Happily Ever After

Her photos have gone viral, and they send out a strong message. Check out FN's interview with the international photographer here. 
Aug 23, 2013

A Good Grandparent-Grandchild Relationship May Reduce Risk of Depression

According to research, investing emotionally in each other may help the both of you remain happy. 
Aug 21, 2013
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