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Ask Your Doctor about…Athlete’s Foot

A health expert gives you advice on how to treat tinea pedis.  
Apr 09, 2015

New Reality Show Fit for Fashion Wants You to Exercise Yor Right to Be Fit

The new show wants you to embrace a healthier lifestyle, no excuses. 
Oct 20, 2014

Here's The Latest Detoxifying Add-On to Cold-Pressed Juices

It's neither a fruit nor a vegetable. 
Oct 15, 2014

Why You Should Take Those Yoga Classes Now

A new study shows a connection between the workout and your memory. 
Sep 30, 2014

Why You Need to Address Those Sleep Problems Now

Researchers found a possible association between poor sleep and faster brain volume decrease. 
Sep 05, 2014

So This Is How You Become a Healthy Eater!

Study shows we just need to change our POV. 
Sep 03, 2014

Low-Carb or Low-Fat: Which One Can Help You Lose More Weight?

One of the two can help you lose eight pounds more. 
Sep 02, 2014

Skip the Caffeine, This Is the Best Way to Perk Yourself Up!

We just found a better alternative to coffee. 
Aug 27, 2014

Is Your Cell Phone Slowly Killing You?

It sounds like a B movie from the '90s, but Attack of the Mobile may hold more truth than fiction.  
Jul 30, 2014

Here's Why a Little Bedtime Snack Is Good for You

Contrary to popular belief, it won't necessarily make you fat. 
Jul 24, 2014
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