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Sleep May Help You Face Your Fears, Says Study

A good night's sleep may help you fight your anxieties. 
Oct 01, 2013

Cilantro May Purify Water, Study Says

Unsure whether your water is potable? Dried cilantro leaves may solve your problem. 
Sep 30, 2013

A Healthy Diet May Lower Depression Risk

Munch on the right stuff to keep your mood up! 
Sep 29, 2013

Red Grapes and Blueberries May Give Your Immune System a Boost

Here's one more thing to add to their already long list of benefits. 
Sep 28, 2013

A Multi-Disciplinary Fitness Approach May Promote Weight Loss

You can lose excess pounds even if you exercise for only 30 minutes in a day provided that you have a healthy mind-set. 
Sep 27, 2013

Vitamin B May Lower Stroke Risk

Taking vitamin B supplements may help protect you from stroke. 
Sep 27, 2013

Smoking May Affect Sleep, Says Study

According to research, every cigarette you smoke subtracts more than a minute from your total number of sleeping hours. 
Sep 26, 2013

Prenatal Group Sessions May Benefit You and Your Baby

Experts say that pregnant women who regularly hang out together may have longer gestational periods and their babies may have healthier birth weights. 
Sep 25, 2013

Walnuts May Help Lower Your Risk of Diabetes and Heart Problems

A daily serving of walnuts may help fight chronic diseases. 
Sep 25, 2013

Smoking and Obesity May Affect Medication Potency

Smoking is bad for your health. However for obese people, it could also prove fatal. 
Sep 24, 2013
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