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Make sure everyone eats together at dinner every day so that no matter how busy you are, you always get even just a little quality time
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Toddlers Who Watch Too Much TV May Have Poor Classroom Performance

New research says that parental involvement is important in building proper TV viewing habits in children. 
Aug 15, 2013

Keep Small Magnets Out of Young Children's Reach, Study Says

Parents should be more vigilant about what their children put in their mouth and nose, as researchers say that ingestion of small objects, such as magnets, may cause serious injuries. 
Aug 15, 2013

Your Night Light May Affect Your Mood, Says Study

Total darkness or a dim red light at night may ward off depression. 
Aug 14, 2013

Drinking Hot Chocolate May Help Keep Older Adults Mentally Healthy, Says Study

Two cups of hot cocoa a day may help improve blood flow and protect older adults from neural degeneration. 
Aug 14, 2013

Eating Garlic Raw May Lower Risk of Lung Cancer

According to a recent study, antioxidants in garlic may lessen your chances of developing the Big C. 
Aug 13, 2013

Clean Soap and Water May Do Wonders for Your Kids' Height

According to research, proper hygiene may help lessen children’s risk of stunted growth. 
Aug 12, 2013

Include Your Asthmatic Child in Discussions with the Doctor, Study Says

Researchers recommend encouraging your children to voice out their opinions on their health, as they may view their conditions differently than you do. 
Aug 12, 2013

Breast-Feeding May Lower Alzheimer’s Disease Risk in Women

Researchers say that breast-feeding may restore the body’s insulin sensitivity and help fight dementia. 
Aug 08, 2013

Kids Who Have Been Breast-Fed Longer May Have Better Cognitive Function

Breast milk is still best for babies, and the effects are felt even as they reach school age. 
Aug 08, 2013

BPA Exposure Linked To Infertility, Says Study

Egg cells that have prolonged exposure to BPA may send out false signals or fail to mature altogether. 
Aug 07, 2013
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