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Alcohol May Slow Down Healing of Fractured Bones

Steer clear of alcohol if you're nursing a bone injury. 
Oct 10, 2013

Communicating with your Teen May Reduce Risk of Mental Health Disorders

Talking and listening to your child may help her become more grounded and balanced. 
Oct 10, 2013

The Science of Sleep: 10 Benefits of an Early Bedtime

Here are 10 reasons why getting enough sleep is very important.  
Oct 10, 2013

Caffeinated Drinks May Slow Down Brain Development in Young Adults

Children and teens should lessen their caffeine intake in order to promote deep sleep and mental development.  
Oct 09, 2013

Diet and Exercise May Lessen Knee Osteoarthritis Pain

A change in lifestyle may help osteoarthritis patients manage their condition better. 
Oct 08, 2013

Fruit and Vegetable Consumption May Reduce Mortality Risk, Says Study

Here’s another reason why eating healthy is more important than ever.  
Oct 07, 2013

Nuts and Peanut Butter May Reduce the Risk of Benign Breast Disease

Instead of snacking on junk food, researchers recommend that adolescent girls eat nuts or peanut butter to help protect them from breast issues later on in life. 
Oct 07, 2013

Debt May Negatively Affect Your Mental Health

Being in debt may cause much mental strain, leading to conditions such as depression and psychosis. 
Oct 05, 2013

Social Media May Make Quitting Smoking Easier

An online support group may provide the motivation you need to keep you from lighting a stick. 
Oct 04, 2013

Shared Decision-Making with Doctors May Help Patients Make Better Health Choices

Actively participating in the healing process may lessen anxieties of patients and help them make better decisions about themselves. 
Oct 04, 2013
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