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Before implementing rules, thoroughly explain their purpose and consequences to your kids to teach them responsibility rather than conformity.
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Increased Physical Activity May Protect Your Man from Sudden Cardiac Death

Convincing him to get off the couch may actually safe his life. 
Sep 16, 2013

Improve Cognitive Health with a Mediterranean Diet, Says Study

Eating more whole wheat, fruits, vegetables, nuts, and fish may lower your risk of developing dementia. 
Sep 14, 2013

Lack of Sleep May Cause You to Choose High-Calorie Foods

Keep yourself from gorging on unhealthy meals by getting a good night’s rest. 
Sep 13, 2013

Healthy Lifestyle Changes May Save Your Heart, Says Study

You have the choice and the power to protect your heart from fatal diseases. 
Sep 12, 2013

Mindfulness May Help Reduce Stress, Says Study

Researchers say that practicing controlled breathing and daily meditation may help prevent burnout. 
Sep 11, 2013

Lack of Sleep May Affect How Other People Interact with You

Researchers say that not getting enough rest at night may cause you to look more tired and older than you really are. 
Sep 11, 2013

Taking Quick Breaks May Help You Deal with Stress, Says Study

The smallest of issues may cause you lose it. When stress gets the better of you, take a break. 
Sep 10, 2013

Too Much Adolescent Drinking May Increase Breast Cancer Risk in the Future

Researchers recommend having less than one serving of alcohol a day in order to reduce your chances of developing breast cancer.  
Sep 10, 2013

Additional Protein May Protect You from Muscle Loss

Try not to shun meat so much when you’re exercising and dieting, as researchers say that protein may save you from losing your muscle mass. 
Sep 09, 2013

Pollutants in Your Food May Have Long-Term Negative Health Effects

Researchers believe that the cocktail of pollutants in your food may eventually cause insulin and hormone imbalances. 
Sep 09, 2013
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