Ageless beauty Lea Salonga reveals her stay-young secrets in the August 2016 issue (the anti-aging special!) of Good Housekeeping Philippines. Available on newsstands and bookstores nationwide.

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Good Housekeeping

Natalie Portman is 'Done' with Marvel Universe

We won't be seeing her in the third installation of "Thor". 
Aug 19, 2016

Is Laziness a Sign of Intelligence?

Here's something for those days when you need to justify staying under the covers. 
Aug 17, 2016

Study Says People Who Swear a Lot are Smarter

There have also been studies linking intelligence and creativity to people who stay up late and have messy desks. 
Aug 15, 2016

5 Signs You're an Intelligent Person, According to Science

How smart do you think you are? 
Aug 11, 2016

Is it Safe to Double-Dip Your Food?

We're pretty sure that we've all done this at some point. 
Aug 10, 2016

How Should You Clean Your Belly Buton?

Your pusod needs a bit of loving, too! 
Jul 29, 2016

Why Having a Resting B*tch Face Can Be an Advantage

There's no need to force yourself to smile if you don't want to! 
Jul 25, 2016

3 Bra Myths You Need to Stop Believing

Time to get yourselves measured again! 
Jul 25, 2016

Late Sleepers Are More Likely to Have Nightmares

One of the downsides of being a night owl.  
Jul 22, 2016

Is the Pull-Out Method Really Effective?

Don't make the mistake of being careless and tamad. 
Jul 14, 2016
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