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Myra Grace T. Mortega, Contributor
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November 25, 2010

New Study: "Magpakatotoo Ka!" Means Acting Out of Character + 5 Tips on Being True to Yourself

Still think pretending to be someone else works? Research says otherwise. Check out these tips on self-discovery. By Myra Mortega
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Article_Authentic_DeviantArt.jpg“Know thyself” seems to be a statement reserved for Existentialist Philosophy class. However, knowing ourselves can be quite tricky, according to a recent study conducted by Wake Forest University psychologist William Fleeson. According to this article based on Fleeson’s research, “being true to ourselves often means acting counter to our own character traits.”

So how do we figure out who we really are? Let FN help you out with these five tips.



A regular “me-time” is usually seen as a way to wind down and de-stress, but it can also help you discover who you really are without outside influence. Your self-introspection can range from simple stuff, such as your likes and dislikes, to the more serious things such as your convictions and the things that mean the whole world to you. Taking some time off to evaluate yourself will help you paint a clearer image of who you really are.


Take your cue from Rachel from the hit TV series, Friends. She took charge of her life by living independently, even if it meant cutting herself off from Daddy’s credit cards. Start sustaining yourself financially by getting a stable job. You’ll be surprised at what you’re capable of doing without your friends, family or boyfriend living your life and taking responsibilities for you. Learn how to get by your own strength, because the more you depend, the more you give other people the right to dictate who you are.


Itching to learn a new language? Thinking of trying to play the drums? Don’t let anything hold you back! Discover your hidden skills and abilities by trying out new things. For all you know, that photography hobby is a career waiting to happen. Nurture your creativity, learn new skills, meet new people and explore the world. These experiences will help not only help you grow and become a better person, but also helps you contextualize life in the big picture.


Peer pressure is common during high school, but sometimes it sticks with us all the way to adulthood. Don’t hang out with a crowd that forces you to act a certain way. Back off a little if you feel like you’re trying hard to fit in. Bear in mind that you can’t please everybody. Instead of taking great lengths to blend in, go with a group that you can easily let your hair down with. After all, your friends should know who you really are, and are perfectly happy about it.


We got to admit, there are days when we just can’t help but nitpick on our bad traits. While knowing our character flaws gives us a realistic impression on ourselves, it’s not helpful to go on a self-loathing overdrive. Don’t dwell on bad things, and avoid comparing yourself to other people. After all, there’s only one you, so you got to love yourself – and that includes your faults and mistakes.


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 (Photo by ~ElithaStock on Deviantart)

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Myra Grace T. Mortega
Myra Mortega-Calulo has been Female Network's Features Editor since June 2012, but she has been writing for FN as a freelance contributor since March 2010... Read more...
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