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High heels make you use muscles on your buttocks more than your calf muscles. Flats and low-heeled shoes make you work calf muscles more and keep
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This Beer Commercial is Absolutely Heartwarming

Who would have thought a TV spot selling alcohol would make us shed a tear? 
Nov 13, 2013

Cosmo Quiz: Are You Too Good of a Friend?

Would you do anything for your friends or do you know when to draw the line? Take this quiz to find out!  
Sep 27, 2013

Can Your Friendship Stand the Test of Time?

Are you and your BFF friends for keeps or does your friendship have an expiration date? 
Aug 22, 2013

Partner Support, along with Self-Discipline, Is Important in Quitting Smoking

Kick the habit with a little help from your man.  
Jul 31, 2013

Sister Act: 4 Things Every Sister Should Know

Kat and Abby Nantes, the owners of Paire Cocktails and Pastries, share how they keep their sisterly bond so strong. 
Jul 30, 2013

Twitter May Help You Lose Weight, Says Study

Sending out those hash tags may get you the emotional support that you need to achieve your health goals. 
Jun 24, 2013

Having a Pet May Lower Risk of Heart Disease

The connection between you and your furry friend may be responsible for keeping your heart healthy. 
May 15, 2013

Hot to Trot: Summer Bonding Activities with the Barkada

When was the last time you hung out with your friends? 
Apr 28, 2013

Teen Instructors More Likely to Inspire Positive Health Changes in Kids

Young and relatable role models can help children lose weight and live healthier lifestyles. 
Apr 08, 2013

BFFs: The Story of Us

Read through our FN readers' accounts on how they found their BFFs.  
Apr 01, 2013
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