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13 Signs You're the Mom of the Barkada

When someone gets into major trouble, they almost always come running to you. 
Oct 12, 2015

We Asked: Can a Guy and a Girl Be Just Friends?

Is it really possible? 
Aug 27, 2015

9 Signs You Need to Be a Better Friend

It's always about you.  
Aug 22, 2015

The 5 Kinds Of Guy Friends You Have

Yes, like the guy you friend-zoned.  
Jun 16, 2015

7 Traits of a Toxic Friend

"Why are you going out with her and not with me?" 
Feb 25, 2015

Have the Best Summer Ever with Your BFF!

Make the most out of the summer with your closest gal pal.  
Mar 16, 2014

5 Ways to Have a Bestie Christmas

Take a look at these several ideas for a Christmas with your BFF. 
Dec 15, 2013

A Canadian Airline Makes Christmas Wishes Come True

These travelers definitely did not see this coming! 
Dec 15, 2013

20 Things We Should Say More Often

Kid President has these suggestions. 
Dec 07, 2013

This Beer Commercial is Absolutely Heartwarming

Who would have thought a TV spot selling alcohol would make us shed a tear? 
Nov 13, 2013
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