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Learn more about your country while keeping fit! Take a walking tour in Intramuros or any historical landmark near you.
  • Good House Keeping
    The July issue is our Makeover Special! Be inspired by the weight-loss successes of The Biggest Loser’s Kayen Lazaro and Osie Nebreja, who entered the reality TV show simply wanting to lose weight but ended up gaining whole new (healthier!) lives.
    Good Housekeeping
  • Women's Health
    Jumpstart your best body today with this month’s best foods special. Women’s Health shares over 100 of the best packaged foods for women, sourced from leading supermarkets, specialty stores, and delivery services.
    Women's Health

Is This the Next Coconut Water?

This drink may take the crown of coconut water. 
Jul 01, 2014

7 Things You Should Never Say to Someone Who Is Trying to Lose Weight

Unless you want the release the Kraken. 
Jun 27, 2014

Step Away from the TV to Live Longer, Says Study

Kiss your binge-watching days goodbye if you want to have a long life. 
Jun 26, 2014

Chia Seed Products in the US Recalled Due to Salmonella

See the list of recalled items inside.  
Jun 25, 2014

9 Ways to Banish that Puson, Stat!

Say goodbye to your puson for good. 
Jun 23, 2014

15 Pampayat Links to Inspire You to Keep Fit

Get back into fighting form!  
Jun 21, 2014

Help Your Body Fight Pollution by Eating More of This

It's time to get to know this super veggie more. 
Jun 19, 2014

Science Explains Why You Crave Junk Food After Working Out

Knowing this tip will get you closer to your fitness goal. 
Jun 17, 2014

7 Days of Healthy Breakfast Ideas

Fill in your tummies in the morning with these easy-to-do healthy breakfasts. 
Jun 16, 2014
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