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tip of the day FRI 18 APR 14
Instead of sweeping floors with a broom, which just pushes dirt around, try a static sweeper, which attracts and holds dust.
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7 Simple Tips for Preventing Varicose Veins

Heed these in time for leg-baring season. 
Mar 06, 2014

A Chemical Romance: How Your Body Changes When You're In Love

The science of love and the crazy that comes with it. 
Feb 14, 2014

Poor Fetus Growth during the First Trimester Linked to Later Heart Issues

The first three months of pregnancy may be more crucial than you think. 
Feb 01, 2014

Spousal History of Type 2 Diabetes May Raise Your Risk of Developing the Disease

In sickness and in health, couples may share the same fate.  
Jan 31, 2014

A High-Protein Diet May Increase Risk of Kidney Disease

Lowering your meat intake and adding more fruits and vegetables to your diet may help curb kidney issues. 
Jan 30, 2014

Wine, Grapes, and Chocolate May Lower Risk of Diabetes

Foods rich in anthocyanins may help diabetics deal with their disease better. 
Jan 29, 2014

Physical Inactivity May Remodel Brain and Increase Cardiovascular Risk, Says Study

The colloquial saying galaw-galaw, baka ma-stroke may have more merit than you think. 
Jan 28, 2014

Omega-3 Fatty Acids from Fish May Lower Type-2 Diabetes Risk

Having at least two fish meals per week may help fight against the rising trend of diabetes. 
Jan 27, 2014

Older Adults with Computer Access May Be Healthier, Says New Study

Building and maintaining online may reduce feelings of loneliness and isolation. 
Jan 27, 2014

Older Women May Still Benefit from Cervical Cancer Screening

Researchers recommend being screened for cervical cancer until age 69. 
Jan 26, 2014
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