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Sex / Re: Paano kayo mag-aya?
« Last post by Miss.Pancake on Today at 09:07:43 PM »
kasi isang kalabit lang alam na? hahahaha! what a lucky fubu you have there. ;)

^tignan ko lang sya alam na niya. hahahaha! Mas maswerte ako kasi nagkakaintindihan kami. :p
Married Life / Re: Do I need to ask help from my MIL?
« Last post by aquacharly on Today at 09:05:05 PM »
GHARZ412, you started this thread asking for help. Well, each person has his/her own assessment of your issues/situation & suggestions. Hwag ka mainis, or be defensive as CRISTINA above said -- if you get responses that you do not favor. Let us respect each other here.

As for the documents, it is not a big problem really --  and since your husband is not cooperative & the docs are really required -- just spend for the on-line/SM or go to the NCSO yourself.  Yes, there are costs, but these are not prohibitive & there is a cost to everything in life naman talaga. So, don't belabor paying for such. Calm down.  Hwag mong panggigilan, but instead -- appreciate the fact that you have an alternative way  since your husband eh pinagdadamot mga docs mo.

You say you are not bitter, and that if we knew where you're coming from, we would not judge.  Well, we just generally react to whatever is posted.  So sure, nobody hardly ever gets to appreciate the whole picture.   So, don't take it against us if you think we are not giving you much leeway. 

I am not judging you -- can the anonymity we all enjoy here really allow us to judge?  IMO, no.   So, ok, I am not judging you -- though the impression I get from your cuentos is that you want to strike back at your husband in every way you can (from curtailing his & your in-laws' access to your child now by not responding to them; & eventually relocating to Cebu. ).
Oo, nandyan  na  that your husband may merit no consideration. But the thing is, if your relationship with your hubby went kaput --  it does not automatically mean the relationship of your child with your hubby & in- laws should also go kaput.  Your child deserves to receive love  not only from you, but also from his/her father & grandparents.  IF these people do not show love & ignore your child -- saka mo ilayo.  Do not alienate the child from these people who want to love him/her. 

I agree with you, madali mag salita.  But if any of the Sisses  here advised you to open communications with your hubby & his parents -- well, tama naman their underlying reasons.   The thing is, though your hubby may not merit any consideration/understanding:   You must try, try, try to take the higher road of compassion & understanding.  Do it, for your better/higher self, not for your husband. Do not let him pull you down to his level.  If you walk away,  the lesser your anger & negative emotions, the better -- less deadweight to slow down your moving on.  Anger you harbor towards a certain person is actually power over you you give that person.
O -- hwag naman ako ang babalingan   mo ng galit. 

Your attitude of sariling-sikap is commendable. Good luck, Sis -- some of us here will even offer a prayer for your success.   But do not close doors -- never underestimate others who now disappoint you  and let you down like your hubby & in- laws.  They too can help enrich your child's life & contribute to his/her upbringing.  Lahat puedeng pag- usapan ng mahinahon.   

Let's Primp and Prettify! / Re: thick eyebrows - how to?
« Last post by sassy_gal18 on Today at 09:05:05 PM »
I'm applying castor oil every night kahit super lagkit. Wala pang significant change na nakikita. Nipis din ng kilay ko. Gusto ko din kumapal. Tipong ahit lang need, no need to put make up kasi di ako marunong mag kilay talaga. Before nagtry ako nagmuka akony bading.
Quizzes Etc. / Re: Word Connection - Tagalog way!!
« Last post by Miss.Pancake on Today at 09:03:39 PM »
Sex / Re: what makes you feel horny???
« Last post by Miss.Pancake on Today at 09:02:48 PM »
Nakakainis pa naman yung feeling ng bitin no?

Agree! Sakit sa puson. hahaha! :p
^happy birthday to your tatay, too! :)
Savings & Investments / Re: Best Bank to Open a Checking account
« Last post by mommy_pink on Today at 09:01:23 PM »
Hi Guys,

Please Read this, Baka makatulong, nandito na mga list of banks kun san kayo pwede mag open ng checking account including how much initial deposit, etc...
Sex / Re: QUICKIE? Places you've done it...
« Last post by Miss.Pancake on Today at 08:59:57 PM »
^ haha. I like how you used the word subdued. Tama ka dun. Pede siguro paminsan minsan. Pero syempre habang tumatagal medyo tumataas ang standards of satisfaction ko. hehe
Living Quarters / Re: Problems with Camella Homes? (Thread 2)
« Last post by angellouise06 on Today at 08:59:18 PM »
Hi jaysnow,
nakakuha ako ng offer sa BDO dapat dun kami magloloan pero ang laki ng bankcharges nila umabot ng 60k. loan amount namin eh 2.1M.
Real Estate / Re: Makati CONDO on SALE 4k monthly
« Last post by petunia716 on Today at 08:57:53 PM »
hi sent you a pm already ;)
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