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Same tayo ng naeexperience sis mvillas, ganyang ganyan talaga. Pinaka adik ko na pasok sa budget is 600mg eod. Hahaha. Poor problems. Pero effective din naman, and ang laking difference sa walang ivg talaga. Pansin nga ng mga friends ko, parang naging dull daw skin ko. Ka sad. Almost 2 weeks na ako walang ivg ah. No oral din kaya siguro ganun. Mas ok talaga high dose ng ivg. Like 2k per sesh mukang mas tatagal ang effect plus boosters.

Ako sis puro failed sa ante. Mabilis ma out of vein. Pero try ko lang ng try. Baka makuha ko technique. Lol.
Savings & Investments / Re: Stock Market Thread VIII
« Last post by ann08 on Today at 12:11:38 PM »
^^ thanks sa reply mga sis. Ok lang ba na for long term kung bibili nun mga stocks na nakahold?

Basura ang laro? Pa elaborate po? pls. :)
Wow Philippines / Re: SAGADA Thread 5
« Last post by a.k.a. HELGA on Today at 12:00:33 PM »
Thinking of going back to Sagada this coming Nov 6-9. This will be my third time kung sakali. I just miss the weather, the people and food!
hawk bag din for my son. mahal pero sulit kasi 2nd yr na ito gamit ng son and still ok pa din condition. he even sits on the bag while waiting to be fetched to think my son is 130lbs.
Shoes, Bags, & Accessories / Re: SOUTH SEA PEARLS!!!!
« Last post by tsokolat on Today at 11:48:35 AM »
bf bought me ssp earrings when we were in palawan, want to buy a few more but ayaw na ni bf :/
We've Got Male! / Re: why women settle for second best?
« Last post by amethyst028 on Today at 11:48:26 AM »
women like that have low self esteem. they are afraid of the unknown so they would rather stick to the familiar kahit nasasaktan sila. i think even the best of us have experienced this at one time or another. until we gained enough self confidence to know na hindi healthy ang ganitong relationship and finally walk away.
wala na dapat sabihin pa.... bitter ka o papansin ka kung magoopen up kapa ng conversation.... kung nauna sya hayaan mo siya... tapos.sabihin una nako ha.. bye!
Who got killed kaya ano? haha It seems to be a guy kasi fellow sinabi.

Isisingit ko na si Gracepoint. Ang dami ko na-missed na ibang episodes sa ibang shows na pinapanuod ko at naghahabol na ko.
Breakups / Re: are u really over your ex?
« Last post by donya_dyosa on Today at 11:43:17 AM »
im happily married now... but theres just that one ex who still makes me smile... we both have asawa`s na rin... minsan, pag nagrereunion kami,ng friends,ko nandun parin yung tuksuhan, yung mga what ifs yung mga tamang flash back.. nakakakilig haha... pero I love my husband.. nakamiss lang yung days..
Living Well / Re: Turning 31
« Last post by amethyst028 on Today at 11:41:16 AM »
bakit kaya ganyan tayong mga babae ano? we focus so much on our age hehe!

i am also guilty of this. when i turned 18, 20, 30 and now 35. para bang feeling ko may biglang magbabago on the day of my birthday pero wala naman. the next day after my birthday same pa din. age is really just a number.

life is really what you make it. next year i'm turning 36, i already have lists of things i want to do like learn how to swim, travel more, connect with old friends, make more friends, do more physical activities, get a bigger car, invest more etc. basically just live life to the fullest. and regarding physical appearance hindi sa pag yayabang but i look better now than i did 10yrs. ago. everywhere i go when people ask my about my age hindi sila naniniwala. they always say i look 23-25.

it's your outlook in life and how you take care of yourself. kung ma preserve mo yung youth mo wala ka dapat i-worry. i find that life really gets better with age if you choose to be positive and happy kahit ano man ang dumating. with age comes wisdom.
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