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Sex / Re: Malaki oh Mahaba? Paki Explain ~
« Last post by dismembered on Today at 11:27:21 AM »
^ Ano ba ang range ng maliit, sakto at mahaba sa inyo? Subjective kasi. Yung iba mahaba, pero sa palagay ng iba eh maliit pa rin.
Your Legal Rights / Re: NLRC issue
« Last post by purple_tips on Today at 11:25:27 AM »
Good luck and balitaan mo kami on what happens today.
GIRLTalkers Lounge / Re: Last Food You Ate
« Last post by minatay91 on Today at 11:20:41 AM »
carrot cake minus icing. sad! :(
GIRLTalkers' Networks / Re: Pampanga bride 3
« Last post by rienny25 on Today at 11:15:42 AM »
Sayang sis... Pampanga based ba hanap mo or okay lang sayo Manila based?  When ba wedding mo sis?  Have you checked Mariah Santos?  Siya HMUA on my wedding next year.  Si Arriane naman did my prenup HMU. 
^^sis kelan ang oslob nyo? Baka pwede kami sumabay, 2 lang kasi kami. Aug 28 ang dating namin ng Cebu.
Merry Melodies / Re: Now Playing Thread XII
« Last post by sugardrop on Today at 11:14:59 AM »
Chasing Cars
Let's Primp and Prettify! / Re: Belo Medical Group Part 4
« Last post by Chili1113 on Today at 11:14:01 AM »
Thanks for the reply mamasqueak! Is it painful or does it use a lot of heat? I have a bad experience na kasi with lasers so Im kinda afraid haha... I got blisters which caused permanent craters around my nose when I had little spider veins removed years ago. An Alma laser was used. The doctor said there are some patients who really dont tolerate lasers well. I  hope the revlite is more gentle.
GIRLTalkers Lounge / Re: Last Food You Ate
« Last post by sugardrop on Today at 11:13:33 AM »
Jobi garlic pepper beef without garlic
Let's Primp and Prettify! / Re: Buhaghag Hair
« Last post by minatay91 on Today at 11:12:21 AM »

sis pa.suggest naman po ng sulfate free shampoo and where to buy? wag lang po HHN, parang di ako hiyang.

thank you sis sa tips..try ko haluin ng VCO..
Don't bother with insignificant things and people.
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