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« Last post by seTHer on Today at 09:53:14 AM »
^para sa akin yes sis.
Diet pa more. Exercise pa more. Iyong mga collarbones mo unti-unti na nagiging visible.
^ sis cheniwin, thanks for the tip and same here for clothes. we didn't get that many, i think we have about 10-15 longsleeved, sleeveless, and shortsleeved bodysuits ranging from 0-6 months in unisex color. we also only have 2 swaddles/receiving blankets because my friends have said that they never really used them - their babies were fine with the bodysuits for sleeping.

our hospital explicitly says on their website that we only need to bring going home clothes for baby and myself and nothing else so we're holding off on other stuff for now like the bathing accessories. for diapers, we are committed to cloth diapering so i'm slowly building my stash and we got a few newborn sized cloth diapers. but if the newborn sizes will still be too big for baby then we'll probably use the same diapers that the hospital will use for baby.

for toiletries, we're going to continue using dr. bronner's, we started using it this year for my husband and myself and that's what we'll use for baby as well.

for bottles, we are holding off first because my friend said she went through 3 different brands and ended up using the same brand as the hospital used because that's what their baby liked. she has very little milk right now so they need to supplement with formula. but our other friend said that when she didn't produce any milk in her first week, what she did was just continue to make her baby latch and she also pumped to get her body to produce more milk, which is why i got a hospital-grade pump :)

have happy and safe pregnancies everyone!

^ no one knows unless you ask your lawyer. Yung marriage cert nakita mo, Baka fake? Do they have pictures of their wedding din?

Nangyari ito sa kakilala ko, she filed for both criminal and civil case against the husband. Grabe talaga sa pinas, naglipana ang mga manloloko and they get away with it because of the stupid laws that country has.
after all, ayaw niya magkwento or pag-usapan yung problem. Maybe they said their goodbyes dahil nag-resign nga siya then na-bring up yung feelings. I don't know. I know he's trying to bury the problem kaya hindi ko na rin inaalam from him, dahil pag hindi ko rin binury yun, yun ang makakasira sa amin.

Ano yun forever kayong di mag uusap? Paano nyo maaalagaan ang relationship nyo if he is distant and you know something is off?

Yes if you bury your problems, short term, kayo parin. But in the long run, your relationship is bound to fail because sincere and honest communication is not there. Iyan din ang makakasira sa inyo. That's why in time (if not now) both of you need to sort it out - hindi yun tipo Ikaw lang mag change, dapat sya rin kusa umayos for this relationship.
Health Concerns / Re: bacne (back acne) Medications and prevention 2
« Last post by kittycat228 on Today at 08:21:45 AM »
baking soda plus water or calamansi combo
Sex / Re: How To Smell Good, Look Sexy and Taste Yummy Down There?
« Last post by young_maiden on Today at 08:21:05 AM »
Hi sis. Ok lang ang laging magwash. Ang alam ko ang masama iyong magsuot ka agad ng underwear kahit basa pa ang V mo. Sabi ng OB ko dapat daw i-airdry ang V natin bago magsuot ng underwear. Mas prone sa bacteria ang V na wet na may suot pa na undies.
Had keratin blow dry sa mary pauline burgos makati thru voucher. Its only been a week though. But i like that it has body, di sya limp or super straight. Sabi ng stylist, i should use jnj milk soap but it has sls and i've read na dapat sls free so once ko lang ginamit yun and bumalik din ako sa hhn shampoo
Intimacy and sex. If wala nun, hindi dating yun. Hanap na lang bff na mayaman, pati bills mo sagutin pa nyan lol
^ idk, Belo Picosure maybe. If you want the easiest way to hide them, it's concealer. haha
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