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^Baka po di kayo nagamit ng sunblock / mababa spf? Try niyo din siguro sabayan ng ng whitening lotion. AM - Sunblock, PM - W. Lotion. Or pati whitening soaps na din.
Engagements & Weddings / Re: Wedding-related Accessories
« Last post by yannuh on Today at 08:20:33 AM »
^wow sis ang ganda nun! Nilike ko kaya yun hihi. Congrats in advance sa wedding mo sis!:) bigay mo sa hairstylist yung hairpiece mo sila na bahala umisip ng hairstyle dyan:)
Your Legal Rights / Re: Annullment thread 4
« Last post by rochelle1025 on Today at 08:15:35 AM »
^sis, have you tried asking your family or friends for referrals first? Wag ka magrely sa online recommendations kasi di mo naman kami kilala. Baka better if you start asking family, friends or officemates muna.

Second, cost is just one of the many considerations when looking for a lawyer. Baka nga mura pero hindi naman magaling so paano madedefend yung petition mo?
Mobile Phones / Re: The Sun Cellular Thread Part 3
« Last post by pocahontas on Today at 08:12:03 AM »
ay oo nga no wala palang texts to other networks yung tu150. thanks for the info sis iampennylane. tu200
na lang din iloload namin.
Based on experience mas maganda ang bales ng Korea kesa Japan. Pero iba pa din ang US and Canada bales kasi branded. Pambata meron infant rummage aged 0-6 ang laman, children mix, summer wear spring wear winter wear, children cotton rummage. so make sure na alam mo ang codes na bibilhing bale. Ang pinakamaganda sa pambata is summer wear, botique quality mostly with tags pa. pwede ibenta online from 100-250. price ng bale depende sa code ng bale usually 11500-13500.
GIRLTalkers Lounge / Re: Say Anything You Want - Thread 3
« Last post by simang on Today at 07:57:17 AM »
Ang daming langgam nakakainis, haaayyy
^sa UA palang ako nagpapa LHR wala naman side effects
Engagements & Weddings / Re: Wedding docs 101/Church requirements..
« Last post by shygirlme on Today at 07:47:43 AM »
^ah pre cana yung tinutukoy mo. usually kasi sa church kung san kayo kinasal don ang precana. May mga simbahanna di pumapayag sa iba mag precana ask nyo yun Palazzo ano arrangement nila don. sa St. James kasi pinayagan kami sa iba since overseas kami pareho tapos di magmatch schedule namin sa sched ng precana nila
Sex / Re: How To Smell Good, Look Sexy and Taste Yummy Down There?
« Last post by misslovelyjoy on Today at 07:44:45 AM »
Ano ginagawa ninyo sa pubic hair ninyo? Shave, trim, or let it grow wild?  :o

Depende din kasi sa partner syempre kung ano gusto, pero personally I don't like shaving kasi ang kati pag tumubo! Trim lang para malinis tingnan and the bf seems to appreciate it naman. Kayo mga sis?

Trim. Or sometimes shave. Kaso makati nga pag tumubo kaya trim nalang ulit. Haha! Pag malakas na loob ko, I'll go for brazillian wax na. 😊
Out and About / Re: US Visa Thread 12
« Last post by momentum on Today at 07:40:19 AM »
^thanks sis!
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