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ramdam ko yung sadness ni Maine sa kalyeserye at dun siya humugot kaya it was easy for her to cry with Lolas... para ngang may mga alam sila at may mga hugot din linya ni Lola Nidora --- "magulo at pabagu bago ang isip ni Isadora.. " yung masyadong specific ... tapos pati si Jose kung aliwin si Meng parang real talaga..

tingin ko parang walang pagnanasa itong si Alden kay Meng.. kahit gustuhin man ni Alden at pinipilit niya ang puso niya...kasi yun ang gusto ng fans.. and the best for his career... meron siyang amor, malaki ang utang na loob niya kay Meng at very gentleman si Alden at ayaw nananakit ng feelings ng girl pero ang  feeling ko ang tingin niya kay Meng yung masarap na best-friend-in lang! pero pwedeng ma-develop.

Pero huwag naman yung Geocele na yan sa Japan no! kaloka! parang may sayad sa mga posts niya! sinong maniniwala na GF siya ni Alden.. unless may mga lolang may pwesto sa  Quiapo tong si Geocele nagbebenta ng gayuma chu chu! Talo talaga JoWaPao sa ganon
Living Well / Re: YOUR Life Lesson/s
« Last post by pinklilac on Today at 05:40:46 AM »
Another Life lessons this time from my health mentor:

Medical mistake is the 3rd leading cause of death in the world, so do not accustom yourself to the belief that medicine is the only cure for any illness.

This is something doctors and medical practitioners will never tell us... Our brain is our best pharmacy, everything in your mind will fix everything in your body. The problem is that our minds were programmed since birth that when we are sick, we can not heal ourselves and that something (medicine) or someone (doctor) need to do it it for us.

The truth is, we have the ability to heal our body- by altering the programs in our minds and the first step is by knowing and believing with all your heart and mind that you will be healed.
Sis same kayo ny husband ko.
Up ko lang itong thread na ito para mas maraming makapag share at matuto sa lesson mg iba
Let's Primp and Prettify! / Re: Tester Perfumes
« Last post by roxykarlo on Today at 05:17:36 AM »
Me too sis parpol_haze. Pa PM ng seller mo. Thanks!!
Let's Primp and Prettify! / Re: Tester Perfumes
« Last post by babyjham on Today at 05:13:45 AM »
Sis parpol_haze please email me too! Sobrang ilan beses na ako naloko sa tester sa instagram, meron ang daming likes pero grabe hindi long lasting i wonder if dummy account lang din yung mga feedbacks.  Tia
« Last post by missreese on Today at 04:59:13 AM »
ang ganda ng episode 8.. kainis lang walang preview  >:( nakakaexcite.. sino ba nagpadala nung mms na onion sa kanya? si seong joon ba?
Engagements & Weddings / Re: DIY Wedding Part 12
« Last post by zaji731 on Today at 04:43:41 AM »
Try home depot, wilcon or S&R sis :)
Shoes, Bags, & Accessories / Re: All about High heels
« Last post by Miss Taken on Today at 04:30:21 AM »
For high heels, my favorite stores are Celine, Payless and Comfit. I also buy at SM Dept. Store since they have a wide selection of styles and there are so many affordable stuff especially if they're on sale.
black oxford shoes
Celebrity Gabfest / Re: Overrated celebrities
« Last post by rocketchels on Today at 04:15:25 AM »
Liza soberano. Pretty, yes. Acting, singing dancing hosting? Ewan. Observe niyo sa asap.
Foreign Lands / Re: Hong Kong Guide (Thread 39)
« Last post by witch_goddess on Today at 03:46:17 AM »
Hello sissiesssss!

Pwede bang pagsabayin ang Nanlian Garden, The Peak at NP village in one day?

Thank you
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