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Wow Philippines / Re: LOCAL TRIP EXPENSES
« Last post by lilvanity on Today at 07:05:09 PM »

AIRFARE: AirAsia - Php 6,571.20 RT for two persons
ACCOMODATION: South Palms Resort, Deluxe Beach Front Room - Php 14,600 for 2 nights
TOUR: Land tour, Kuya Tatsky - Php 2,300 and tip Php 500.00
           Sea Tour, from Kuya Tatsky ulit - Php 1,700 and tip Php 300
           Balicasag snorkeling - rented underwater camera - Php 1,000 
           snorkeling guide - around Php 600 with tip

TOTAL: Php 27,571.20

hindi ko sinama food and ginastos for souvenirs. mahal kasi 2 lang kami and mahal yung accomodation

[...] What I meant with "didn't matter" is that kahit gaano pa kalaki yun, yung time na self employed na voluntary contribution nya na lang for the last 5 years ang pinagbasehan ng monthly pension nya. She's getting P2,000 monthly from SSS. Sobrang sad lang kasi the last 5 years before she reached 60 yrs old hindi talaga siya/kami halos makapag hulog ng malaki for her because yun yung critical yrs ng family namin kasi she was diagnosed with cancer and non stop medications and treatments din.

Siguro kami yung nagkulang na hindi namin alam na ganun pala yun na no matter how big you have put in, yung last 5 years lang ang may bearing. Nakakapanghinayang pero ano pa nga ba magagawa namin, matuto na lang sa nangyari at maging aware sa ano mang policies lalo na pag may bago pala at di namin alam. Sorry ang haba ng message ko.

Wow, sis, I'm so sorry to hear that. You mean to say, yung contributions lang ng mom mo from 60 to 65 yung counted? As in, yung free-lancer siya tapos voluntary contributor? Ang labo naman.

All this time I thought _life-time_ contribution yung basehan ng pension: the more you put in, the more you get...parang long-term forced savings na nag-earn ng interest or something basta umabot ka na ng 65.

Tapos yun pala kung maliit yung last 5 years ng contributions mo, yun and pinaka-standard ng pension mo kung kelan di ka na makakpag-trabaho? Unfair naman.

Saan nakalagay yung rules na yun ng SSS? Baka naman may loop-hole kayong pwedeng gamitin?
Foreign Lands / Re: Hong Kong Guide (Thread 38)
« Last post by bagaholic_chewy on Today at 06:58:05 PM »
Sis @blueberry_14 makikisuyo na din sis, pa-ask how much magpa-certify ng diamonds, if pwede. Yung ibang jewelry ko kasi walang certification yung bato.
^Karamihan ng available jobs dito ay sa fast food restos (crew/staff). Pwede rin sa mga grocery stores (cashier, shelf stacker). Kung sa sales siya, pwede rin apply sa mga shops. To be honest, walang bearing dito ang education at experience sa ibang bansa eh. Ang kailangan ay Canadian experience at education kung gusto mo talagang mag-land sa magandang job at magka-career.
how about call centers? (e.g.Telus) or hotels? pwede kaya sya magwork?
Foreign Lands / Re: Singapore (Thread 25)
« Last post by 17glut on Today at 06:55:18 PM »
^yung nike factory outlet store sa isang mall in clementi (i forgot the name, there should only be one) mga mura mga items, naka tsamba ako dun ng sneakers na maganda na 75SGD lang then one time I saw the exact same one sa nike store sa orchard pero SRP was 170SGD. Not sure about timberland though.

Meron din mga astig na outlet stores sa jurong inside IMM mall, last time I was there andun pa yung esprit store na mura din kesa sa retail stores nila.

Foreign Lands / Re: Hong Kong Guide (Thread 38)
« Last post by cindylulu on Today at 06:50:13 PM »
@blueberry14, update us sis if you've purchased the diamond rings na. I'm interested to know the prices too.  :)
Let's Primp and Prettify! / Re: Best Facial Moisturizer (Thread 5)
« Last post by mimigirl on Today at 06:49:51 PM »
Hello sis!

San po nakakabili ng St. Ives Timeless Skin Collagen Elastin Moisturizer?

Thank you :)
Brands We Love! / Re: RABEANCO
« Last post by Heatherette on Today at 06:48:45 PM »
Need your opinions :)

I am eyeing on Bonham II (small) and Spectrum (small).

Bonham II:
Pro: Love the colors, texture ng leather. Maganda siya i-crossbody.
Con: The bag cannot stand on its own kahit may laman tapos parang lookalike ni Givenchy Pandora. 

Pro: Sobrang lambot ng leather! Maganda siya i-handheld. Medyo off lang i-crossbody esp. kung maraming laman yung bag. The bag can stand on its own pag may laman.
Con: Simple nung design

Which one would you pick? Sobrang undecided ako. Dun sa Bonham II I like the dark gray tapos dun sa Spectrum inky blue. Both shades are unique.
Living Quarters / Re: DMCI property owners and residents: Thread 3
« Last post by aziria1002 on Today at 06:47:10 PM »
Hi! I'm selling my unit in Brio (Guadalupe, Makati), 4th Floor facing taguig. 1 Bedroom 45 sqm (L shape unit). PM me if interested. Thanks.
Let's Primp and Prettify! / Re: Human Heart Nature - Thread 11
« Last post by baliwsayo on Today at 06:44:29 PM »
Tried their other products.. so far puro epic fail for me. Sunflower beauty oil pa din is love.
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