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Mind & Spirit / Re: Dear God 23rd Thread
« Last post by snowkeis on Today at 07:11:25 PM »
Thank you Papa Jesus for everything. ❤️🙏
Childbirth and Childcare / Re: Your Baby's Name
« Last post by iceheaven31 on Today at 07:10:41 PM »
^ i vote for Simon Thomas  :)
Movies and TV / Re: GMA TV: Encantadia (2016)
« Last post by iceheaven31 on Today at 07:08:54 PM »
Thoughts as of the moment:

1) Trailer
--> Thumbs up sa cinematography!
--> Looks like so-so yung effects for the sang'gres' powers (katulad nung kay Alena), pero I think limited lang talaga technology. Ok na rin siguro kesa yung mga dati na halos energy blasts lang lagi.
--> bet ko yung elemental effect nung sa weapons nila.

2) Francis Libiran Royal Garbs
--> di ko bet headpiece ni Pirena. Parang headband lang na di pantay.
--> sana yung kay Amihan made her look taller. yung bodice design nito is super signature Francis Libiran (halos similar yung patterns sa design ng wedding gown ni Pauleen Luna)
--> reynang reyna ang peg ni Danaya
--> bagay na bagay rin yung kay Alena

3) Warrior costumes
--> Suits them well, although yung kay Danaya lang ang super lapit sa original design.
--> Angas rin ni Agane
--> Lireo soldiers' armor looks too simple for me
Movies and TV / Re: US TV: Game of Thrones
« Last post by ficklemind on Today at 07:06:24 PM »
^ sa phase ni GRRM eh baka abutin ng year 2099 bago matapos ang book. wala na time to come up for a twist.  ;D but yeah they can change it in the tv adaptation pero for approval din ni GRRM yun tska baka magwala ang fandom  :D

Health Concerns / Re: Anxiety Attack/Panic Attack/Anxiety Disorders
« Last post by tellycopter on Today at 07:05:50 PM »

Possible sis na anxiety attack sya. Nahihirapan ka ba huminga? Nasusuka? Sumasama tiyan? Kung since feb pa yan at hanggang ngayon ganyan pa rin, I suggest see a psychiatrist kung hirap na hirap kana, kung di na sya maneagable.
Yung I Fine Thank You Love You na pinanood niyo mga sis tagalog dubbed or with subtitle lang? Yung napanood ko tagalog dubbed kaya sobrang tawa ko kasi barok barok pa yung guy kakatawa talaga haha
^Yup, I think 300K up would be a more reasonable amount. Since it will be a memorable occasion you can splurge a little bit more.
Married Life / Re: I don't trust my husband
« Last post by simang on Today at 06:53:07 PM »
I am far from perfect. Madami kami naging adjustments dahil bagong kasal. Inaayos namin lahat ng problema. Until now, I'm still trying to be a better wife for him.

Paano mo nasabing far from perfect ka? Can you give us a view lang of how you are as a wife? What are you doing to be a better wife for him?

Overall, we are happy together naman and we're both committed to work hard on our issues. Itong mga sinabi ko ang imperfections ng marriage namin.

Paano mo nasabing happy kayo? What do you guys have/do that makes your marriage a happy one? How do you work on your issues?

You don't have to answer my questions in this forum, just ask them yourself. If alam mo ang sagot, objectively, baka may mahanap kang way para mas maging honest sayo ang asawa mo (or mas maging less suspicious ka, whichever is your main problem).

Anyway, I suggest you try reading The Secrets of Fascinating Womanhood. Just give it a try.
Engagements & Weddings / Re: MID range wedding gown designers
« Last post by dsexy on Today at 06:49:34 PM »
Ang hirap talaga, I have until the end of the month to decide at medyo late na ko sa preps 😊 yan nalang major problem ko wedding gown!
(my personal observations lang)
Mel quoted me the cheapest, I haven't seen her work in person if pulido gawa pero sa Ig maganda naman tignan (she's not bubbly like the other designers, medyo matagal lang to warm up)
Jazel was the most expensive one maybe because I added the detachable tail haha she's warm, machika and very friendly.
Niko H - almost same price as Mel, very jolly and easy to talk to, he was the only one na ayaw ang ballgown design peg ko, he wanted trumpet style para I will look taller daw.
Von L- He was my first choice but he didn't give me any input like what's the best style or cut for me, puro sya 'whatever you like' problem is IDK what I like that's why I needed a designer and napansin ko may mga pre selected pictures na sya then he will let you choose lang kung ano type mo.
Cecilio- I will meet him this week palang, pero I'm already loving his design sa Ig

Hopefully I get to decide na soon 😊 wish me luck!
Amen sis damonsgirl ;D ;D only God knows when is the right and unexpected time ;D
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