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« Last post by ginny_potter on Today at 10:38:39 PM »
ay, hindi ba "the bet"? "just the way you are" na pala yung movie ng lizquen? wattpad story din ba ito?

i'll miss those two on primetime. sana sila pa rin yung magkasama sa susunod nilang teleserye.
^- braxton hicks sis.

Salamat sa mga replies re: bottle and baby wash. Andaming may gusto ng Avent, kaao natatakot ako baka magka-nipple confusion si baby. Gusto ko kasi sana breastfeed 1st 2 months,tas mixed feeding pagkabalik sa work, kaya kinoconsider ko Pigeon. Sa wash naman, mura at madali kasi hanapin Lactacyd. May alam ba kayong mabibilhan ng Aveeno na mura? Tia :)

Dumaan pala ako after work sa mommy mundo. No entrance fee, donation lang. Tama si sis @babyniagui wag masyado mag-expect kasi di ganun karami. May Pigeon & Avent booth dun kaso wala sila bottles. :( tas 20% off sa Cradle and Cycles. Meron din Enfant and Obi. Meron din breastpumps from pero di ko alam if discounted dun. Sensya na yun lang natandaan ko hehe.
« Last post by bagaholic_chewy on Today at 10:36:27 PM »
In fairness kinilig ako sa ending. Haha! Cliche, medyo korni, pero tama si ^, at least hindi airport scene. And at least tutuloy pa din si Agnes sa Japan. :)

And bagay talaga si Liza and Enrique physically.

Medyo minadali ang ending pero kebs na.

Naawa ako kay Alex. Pero ang galing din ng breakup scene nila, at least hindi sya super nagdrama. Trying to be positive pa din. Naaliw ako kay Erich.
Food Tripping / Re: Hidden romantic restaurants in the metro
« Last post by stameygirl on Today at 10:36:20 PM »
^ But how's the food, sis?
Fashionistas Unite! / Re: SHOPPING DIARY....HIGH 11!!!
« Last post by theshopaholicprincess on Today at 10:34:42 PM »
green knitted cardigan
black knitted cardigan
black pair of jeans
white off shoulder shirt
blue shirt
accessories (rings and necklaces)
blue and pink print tank top
striped black and white shirt
floral skirt
navy long sleeves
2 black blazers
black top

striped blue knitted top
khaki shorts
maxi skirt

pair of gray leggings
tank tops

American Eagle
off white dress
2 printed shirts

checkered blue long sleeves
« Last post by andreil_19 on Today at 10:34:06 PM »
Oh di ba may Forever! :) at least di predictable ang naging ending.

Excited na rin sa movie ng LizQueen -"Just the way You are"
Childbirth and Childcare / Re: Tips for Traveling with Baby
« Last post by Mitchieme on Today at 10:32:28 PM »
Sis pwede ba mgdala ng water sa plane I'm planning kase to bring 6liters ng water sa china kase punta namen Baka manibago sya sa water dun .or and plan to bring bottles na Rin filled with water OK Lang ba?
« Last post by pandalicious on Today at 10:31:28 PM »
^an epilogue would have been great sana no? But anyway, good ending pa din naman, may pagka-clich pa din pero ay least hindi airport scene na expected ng lahat sa twitter :D iba talaga chemistry ng lizquen. Kelan kaya full trailer ng just the way you are na yan, na pinaghihimutok ng mga bata sa twitter bakit daw hindi the bet! Lol!
Let's Primp and Prettify! / Re: Keratin Treatment / Brazilian Blow Out
« Last post by riyahnna on Today at 10:24:57 PM »
I just had my hair rebonded plus brazilian blowout today. My first plan was to just rebond it with cellophane as hair treatment. But the stylist kept insisting that I should had Brazilian blowout as my hair treatment since my hair was so damaged. To my regret, I should have made a research first or read here on GT. I was misled by the stylist, she told me that their product had no formaldehyde. They used Keratrendz, I had my hair done at Fresh Salon Brookside Cainta.

I was misled by the receptionist. My hair was already done at the salon when I saw the ingredients on the bottle and it had formaldehyde.

I just hope that it would turn out to be good, good enough for the health hazard. Or if not, it wouldn't ruin my hair too much because of formaldehyde. Kakatakot din.
I had my ceremony gown fitting yesterday with Manny Mondelo, and today naman reception gown fitting with E. Teng.. I can say na super happy ako sa outcome ng 2 gowns, my hubby loved the reception gown.. (Conservative kasi sya), di nya nakita the ceremony gown para surprise on the day. :) few adjustments na lang kasi i lost weight. :)
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