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For women who have negative RH or blood types such as B-, A-, and so on, check if you have developed an antibody. Ask for an antibody screen test. This is one of the reasons why miscarriages happen. Please read more about Rhesus factor and pregnancy.
Mind & Spirit / Re: Dear GOD... 22nd Thread
« Last post by chiqmom on Today at 08:18:54 AM »
Dear God,

Please bless us always. Please bless the kids, our health, and our life. Thank you for showering us with your blessing. Lord, this Friday, we will finally get the result, hope we have triumphantly did our job. We want it Lord. Thank you po.
Engagements & Weddings / Re: Hair and Makeup on Your Wedding Day Part 14
« Last post by ninja8 on Today at 08:14:50 AM »
@chilli1113 If I may ask is this foundation applied thru airbrush?why jittery? Do you have negative feedbacks about it?
Engagements & Weddings / Re: Pre-nuptial pictorial Part 7
« Last post by kisses1417 on Today at 08:03:43 AM »
After po ng prenup nyo, gaano nyo katagal hinintay para makuha lahat ng photos?


Nice prenup @simang! 😊🙌🏼
GIRLTalkers Overseas / Re: Australia Thread 7
« Last post by ataypool on Today at 08:02:45 AM »
^Try mo iyong mga nasa malls, like Ella Rouge, or maski iyong mga small salons they are good too.  For peels, Eden Laser (their basic peel is $50) or sa Facial Rejuvenation Clinic.

DIY ka na lang, bili ka na lang Clarisonic and a facial steamer.

I'm not sure about dermas dito, tanong mo na lang ang GP if they can refer you.
Sex / Re: Malaki oh Mahaba? Paki Explain ~
« Last post by mysterioza_me on Today at 07:55:26 AM »
yeah...she has been going this for years.  dapat iniignore na yan sa usapan.

Kaya niya ata inuulit-ulit bro kasi walang pumapansin e. Ayan napansin na natin siya. Sana itigil niya na parang awa niya na. Intinding-intindi na natin na may 8" thingy hubby niya. Ibang kwento naman sana  :P
And who could forget this beautiful wedding that exudes so much love and happiness? *swoons*

Wedding Film


Nice idea mrscreamsoda! Shucks Ive seen that video. Hagulgol! hahahaha

I'm selling brand new and sealed copies of Stupid is Forevermore. Only 10 copies left.

Price: 175.00

If interested, just send me a personal message.

Thanks! :)

Celebrity Gabfest / Re: AlDub (Alden Richards and Yaya Dub loveteam)
« Last post by blairbunny on Today at 07:33:03 AM »
Nakita nyo na ba yung clue ni Joey about kelan sila mamemeet?

"7h7 hours ago
Joey de Leon ‏@AngPoetNyo
Clue to the meeting of Alden & Maine: THE CAT SAT AND SAID, "Up here! Hit me! This is the life! AlDubadabado"

Hindi ko mahulaan.
I'm a sucker for wedding videos, too. lol! And since my wedding is still a year and a half away, wala pa yung  most favorite wedding video ko, my own.  ;)

So to start off, here's one of the wedding vids that I like the most (so far!). My partner and I had a long distance relationship, too, so this video hit home.

PS. local wedding videos lang mga sis ha! Para madali lang itanong who the videographers are. I know there are a lot of wedding videos that are far more "touching" usually due to certain circumstances pero we want our weddings to be a celebration of joy, happiness and happy tears. So let us keep it that way. :)
^napaka-feel good ng video mo sis. I can relate to you and your husband kasi LDR din kami nung bf/gf kami for almost 2 years. Naiyak nga ako sa vow mo kasi ramdam na ramdam ko. San ang wedding venue mo sis?
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