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Let's Primp and Prettify! / Re: A BONNÉ Products
« Last post by DeathToMondays on Today at 11:20:57 pm »
I love Abonne salt scrub. yes nakakaputi sya. Pero bakit ganun lately kapag ginagamit ko sya sobrang kati ng skin ko immediately after maligo :< may nakaexperience ba ng same situation?

It's probably an allergic response to the milk component. Stop using it.

This product worked for me, however. Faded most of my old scars in a matter of months.
Not always, and more often than not, we don't love ourselves fully. But that's the beauty of incomplete self-love: we look for someone who can complement our needs, and vice-versa.

What's more important is self-respect. You should never compromise your self-respect for anyone, because people who have poor self-respect also tend to disrespect others, and allow themselves to be disrespected.
@mamasqueak, ganyan rin ginawa ng mga kapatid ko naghanap ng may sched kaya napadpad sila ng bacolod dun nagparenew.
Being Single / Re: Are you tired? Waiting for someone?
« Last post by DeathToMondays on Today at 11:11:35 pm »
the people who surrounds me makes me feel tired of them making me feel alone.  I already accepted the fact that 1) old 2) single  however the people surrounding me i.e. my family and some friend and co-workers are non stop in pointing out that I should start looking for a partner and who will get me pregnant.  But in all honesty if they just stop badgering me about it I will not make a fuss about it and will totally forget that I am single and that's not really a problem at all.

^I feel your sentiment sis. People who surrounded us were the ones who made us feel that we are alone. If I were you, kun hindi naman sila kawalan sayo like your friends I will let them go and with circle of friends who will me me feel that Im not alone if I am single, friends who will understand me that its not easy finding him. Kahit ako ASAR ako sa mga taong ganun. :( They even telling me na magpabuntis na lang kaso hindi ko naman kaya makipag-do with someone for the sake of having baby lang.

These people don't really care about you. They badger you to get a partner to feel good about themselves and their own beliefs about relationships.

If they truly cared, they'd let you be. Or, if they're uncomfortable about your choice to be happily single (or waiting), they would at least have the decency to ask you about it, listen to your side, and respect your choice.

Not everyone is in a hurry to be in a relationship. Not everyone wants to be in a relationship. Not everyone wants to have sex. All of that is okay. A lot of people refuse to understand this and overstep others' boundaries with their own projections.
Foreign Lands / Re: Tokyo Thread 5
« Last post by stormy on Today at 11:06:07 pm »
@ellyrem, mahal talaga pag december kasi ang christmas eve natin parang valentine's day sa kanila, romantic event kaya puno halos mga hotels kaya baka mas mataas demand sa Airbnb. O baka may iba pang paliwanag na hindi ko alam pero mahal talaga.

Inabot kami ng almost 10k/night though maayos yun apartment naman.

Mag-enjoy ka tiyak sa japan lalo na pag xmas time ang punta nyo 😀
Pa-join sa thread. I am four months post partum and I am still 15lbs away from prepregnancy weight. Even before I got pregnant I want to lose 10lbs na so kamusta naman ngayon. I aim to lose 25 to 30lbs. Breastfeeding is not helping me at all. Akala ko I will lose all the weight while breastfeeding but no. Ang hirap! Most of the clothes I am wearing are still my pregnancy clothes.
Celebrity Gabfest / Re: Latest Showbiz Update (Thread 47)
« Last post by foxyhauteur on Today at 10:54:08 pm »
With this buffet of family feud among the Barrettos, it's Marjorie whom I really detest so much. Gretchen and Claudine are far from perfect but they provided for the family so well lalo na for Marjorie's family. Marjorie is the epitome of manggagamit and ingrata. Kadiri.

Same here. Laging siya at mga anak nya dahilan ng away ni Claudine and Gretchen.

Yeah sana hindi rin maging "someone else" si Echiverri someday. Naka international school pa naman sya ngayon. Sumasabay sa anak ni Lucy and Richard. Grabe!
Being Single / Re: Are you tired? Waiting for someone?
« Last post by kvandenhaak on Today at 10:53:35 pm »
^^I can totally relate.
Movies and TV / Re: ABS-CBN: La Luna Sangre
« Last post by KVsWahmmy on Today at 10:47:48 pm »
Can we please have JLC and Angel Locsin for a bit longer pa? Nalungkot ako kanina. :(

Ang galing pa din gumalaw ni Angel sa action scenes, at napakahusay pa din ni JLC umarte.
Workplace Tales & Financial Fitness / Re: ACCENTURE
« Last post by missyuko on Today at 10:06:39 pm »
april pako nag exam, ilang interview at isa ulit exam. wala pang call pero ang sabi jo na daw yun after.

sa BGC sana ako mga sis nakahanap na nga ako in advance agad ng place to rent (staff house), kaso cubao na daw malilipat. if hindi shifting, I have no qualms on where to stay kasi ok mag commute kahit malayo sa boarding house.

merun bang na assign dto sa gateway before or currently? san yung ok na place to rent at hindi hassle kahit shifting ang sched. hindi ko kasi kabisado yung area na yan.. Tia!

nakakita nako ng nearby place through google map hindi ko nga lang confirmed if ok dun kahit malapit. so, any suggestion on specific nice place to rent na kasya sa entry level DA salary?
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