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Author Topic: Laser Hair Removal (Part 14) - see 1st page for INFO/Contact Info/Pricelist  (Read 93487 times)


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*all prices are per session

*** *** ***

BELOMED / [email protected] /
Branch Locations

a. Diode - Makati, Greenhills, Alabang
b. Cool glide (ND:YAG) - Makati, Morato, Trinoma, Podium
c. Aurora (IPL)  - Rustan’s

starts at P2,800
Beard/Mustache - Doctor's discretion as to pricing
Underarms/Bikini Line - P5,600
Bikini (semi-perineum) - P8,400
Bikini (whole perineum) - P11,200
Nipple/Upper Lip - P2,800
Face - P8,400
Lower Leg - P13,440
Whole Leg - P22,400

*** *** ***


Greenbelt 5: 0917-8661463 / 729-0576 / 756-0771
Trinoma : 0917-8610147 / 916-6564 / 916-9820
Alabang: 0917-8610148 / 659-1599 / 659-1600
SM North Edsa: 0917-8720873 / 332-0421
SM Pampanga: 0917-8720876 / (045) 455-3336
Robinson's Place Ermita: 0917-8720874 / 559-7760

Credit Card: 0% installment, 3 months

Machine: LightSheer Diode

Armpit/Bikini Line - P4,592
Bikini (whole-perineum) - P9,152
Lower Legs - P12,880

*** *** ***

DERMA360 Rockwell (Retail 105 Joya Loft and Towers Plaza Drive) /

Machine: GentleYAG (ND:Yag)
Armpit: P4,650

*** *** ***

BEVERLY HILLS 6750 (11/F 6750 Bldg Ayala Ave) /
893-8888 / 893-6750/ 0917-8936750

HSBC, Citibank Credit Card: 0% installment, 3 months

Machine: Comet (Diode)
Armpit: 3,800

*** *** ***

Branch Locations & Contact Numbers

Machine: IPL
Armpit: 3,500

*** *** ***


Festival Mall Alabang - 6590120 / 0922-8177552 (2F Festival Mall)
Bel-Air Makati - 751-6140 / 828-4277 / 0922-8177551 / 0932-9729666 (G/F Executive Bldg)
MOA - 8326410 / 0922-8027202 - (2/F Wellness Area)
Robinsons Ermita - 567-1968 / 0922-8177565 / 0923-8235713 (4/F Midtown Wing)
SM Fairview - 939-1105 / 09228177567/ 0923-8235694 (2/F Main Bldg)
SM Marilao - (044) 933-0280 / 09228177568/ 0923-8235891 (2/F)
Tagaytay - (046) 483-0078 / 09228177569 / 0923-8235710 (2/F Summit Ridge Plaza)
Timog - 929-9301 / 0922-8177566 / 0923-8235717  (2/F Metrobank Bldg)

Other Branches: Harmony (IPL)
MOA/Timog: Soprano Accord

Upper Lip - P1,500
Underarms - P3,000
Bikini Line - P3,000
Brazilian - P6,000
Legs - P13,500
Arms - P7,000

*** *** ***

CLARITY (5/F Wellness Zone, Shangri-La Plaza ) /
[email protected]
910-4955 to 63

Armpit: 3,850

*** *** ***


single session/lifetime package

Underarm - P3,500 / P27,600
Upper Lip - P1,950 / P15,600
Beard Area - P4,950 / P39,600
Lower Leg - P9,950 / P79,600
Upper Leg - P11,450 / P91,600
Bikini - P3,500 / P27,600
Brazilian - P7,500 / P60,000
Upper Extremities - P8,450 / P67,600
Chest/Back - P12,450 / P99, 600

*** *** ***


Package: 66,400/10 sessions

*** *** ***

Cost Inquiry: Kaye Acuna ([email protected])

Machine: Diode
Package: P15000/6 sessions (promo only)

*** *** ***

Shinagawa Lasik & Aesthetics Philippines (Mezzanine, Tower 2, The Enterprise Center / Ayala Ave. cor. Paseo de Roxas) /
Tel: 491-000

Machine: Candela (nd/yag)

Moustache Area - P2,500
Beard Area - P3,500
Face - P8,400
Armpits - P1,500
Arms - P3,500
Legs - P6,000
Thighs - P6,000
Whole Legs - P10,500
Back - P8,000
Buttocks - P4,000
Bikini Area (semi-perineum) - P4,500
Bikini Area (whole perineum) - P7,500

*** *** ***


Machine: Soprano, LightSheer (both diode)

starts at P2,020
Armpit: 3,000+

*** *** ***

SCS (Skin Care Solutions)

The Fort - 856-6960 / 0917-433-8172
MOA - 5567272 / 09175980599

Package: 6+1 (may pay in installment or staggered basis)

Armpit:           P2,500
Bikini:             P3000
Lower Legs:    P6,000
brazillian:       P5,000

*** *** ***
Capitol Medical Center (Quezon Avenue corner Scout Magbanua Street)

372-3825 to 44

Machine: Diode (Brand: LightSheer)

Armpit - P4,200
Bikini Line - P4,200
Upper Lip - P2,630
Legs(Half) - P10,500

*** *** ***

Skin House Beauty and Laser Clinic (170 Mayon St. / *near Cor. Retiro St. Q.C. /* infront of China Bank)
5424106 / 0917-8987546

170 Mayon St.
*near Cor. Retiro St. Q.C.
* infront of China Bank

(discounted if more than 6 sessions)
Upper Lip - P2,000  (1,500)
Underarms - P4,500 (2,250)
Bikini Semi - P4,500 (2,250)
Bikini Whole - P9,000 (4,500)
Upper/Lower Leg - P8,000 (6,000)

*** *** ***

Martires Skin & Eye Clinic
Dr. Leah Martires
Transcom Building, Tiendesitas, Pasig
703-67-00 | 706-42-41 | (0920)953-82-70
Clinic Hours: Mon. to Sat. - 11:00 AM to 7:00 PM Sunday: - 1:00 PM to 7:00 PM

upper lip - P1,000
face/underarm/brazilian - P2,500
bikini - P2,000
chest/tummy - P3,000
thighs/legs/back - P5,000


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what are some of the LHR machines on the market?
there are lots of laser out in the market and it's hard to distinguish between lasers that are used for skin rejuvenation treatments, and those meant for removing unwanted hair ;) so be very careful!

1. Alexandrite: GentleLASE, Apogee, EpiTouch Plus

2. Diode: LightSheer, Syneron, SLP 1000, F1 Diode, MeDioStar, LaserLite, Epistar, Apex 800, Comet (w/RF technology), Palomar SLP 1000, Soprano XL

3. Nd:Yag: CoolGlide, GentleYAG, Candela, Lyra-i, Sciton, Apogee Elite, Medlite IV, Varia, Athos

4. IPL: Elite, Aurora (w/RF technology), Harmony, EpiLight, PhotoDerm, Quantum, Aculight, Vasculight, Palomar Starlux and EsteLux

5. Ruby: RubyStar, E2000

*LightSheer Diode is the Gold Standard for LHR

*** *** ***


Alexandrite & Diode --> single light wavelength concentration
IPL --> use a full/broad spectrum of light wavelengths

some patients and professionals claim that the IPL's greater wavelength spectrum equals less precision and less control, which could mean an increased risk of burns and hair removal side effects with misuse.

it is popular in the market because it is very much cheaper compared to a diode.

be aware that hair removal systems that use traditional incoherent light (highly concentrate beam) for treatment (Intense Pulse Light/IPL) are not true hair removal lasers. a serious flaw with these systems is that they lack the laser's ability to produce a selective bandwidth of light that will only affect the hair shaft (selective photothermolysis). these devices produce a wide bandwidth of light that can heat up all of the surrounding tissue. true lasers usually achieve better and faster results for hair removal purposes.

IPL is not a LASER
As per US FDA, Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) is not a laser.... technically doesn't contain a laser. They use use xenon flash lamps that emit full spectrum light. In the US, IPL is sometimes called as "phototricholysis" or "photoepilation"... but now they are commonly (but incorrectly) referred to as "laser hair removal".

Permanent Hair removal vs Permanent Hair Reduction
US FDA ONLY allows the term "permanent hair removal" for ELECTROLYSIS. so be careful of false marketing/sales strategies. Laser = Permanent Hair Reduction  ;)

*** *** *** ***

what not to do before LHR
- no waxing/plucking or removing hair with the root 4-6 weeks before and throughout the course of treatment

what to expect after LHR
- shedding (hair will fall off naturally) will start 1.5 weeks after your treatment and will last until 3.5 weeks (that's why it is recommended to go back after a month so that the shedding process is completely done;) )
- you will notice that hair looks like growing so fast, these are the hair that have been treated and is just coming through the skin to shed. ;)
- exfoliating and/or scrubbing gently in the shower can help speed up the process (scrubbing is also healthy because it promotes healthy blood circulation)
- after shedding, you might experience little black dots still “stuck” in the skin. these are commonly referred to as pepperspots and will shed eventually, but might take a bit longer. exfoliate to help those out as well.

some people may experience the following potential temporary side effects
- itching
- redness for up to 3 days
- swelling around mouth of follicle for up to 3 days
- tingling or feeling of numbness

the following rare side effects are indicative of inappropriate laser type and/or settings
- crusting/scab (brown spots)
- bruising
- purpura (purple coloring of the skin)
- temporary pigment change (hypopigmentation or hyperpigmentation)

what if you didn't expect shedding?
- the settings used might have been too low and you should inform your doctor that it didn’t happen.
- also, if you feel that a lot of hair didn’t shed, the doctor might have missed those parts

why do we need to have consecutive monthly treatments during the initial phase?
hair grows in 3 phases and is killed in the first anagen (active growing phase). several treatments are needed to target ALL hair in the active growth phase. after completing or so, patients should experience a considerable percentage of hair reduction.

anagen (active) is the growing phase or when the hair fiber is produced. during this time the hair contains a lot melanin thus the pigment of the color of your hair

catagen (club hair) is the period of controlled regression of the hair follicle. this is when the lower part of the hair stops growing, but does not shed, and the follicle is reabsorbed.

telogen (tired) is the last of the hair growth cycle. this is resting phase/dormant stage. the old hair falls out in preparation for the development of a new anagen hair.

after completing sessions... are we totally hair free?
NO! with laser we won't be totally hair free. only electrolysis will make us totally hair free! we will be hair free for a period of time. but it doesn't mean, we wasted a lot of money and still we are not hair free. laser, slows down hair growth as well and the growth will be super fine (barely noticeable hair).

maintenance/touch ups/booster shots
after completing our sessions. we will have permanent hair reduction. for us to maintain it, we have to have booster shots as well. this could be 1 year or 2 years after your last treatment. how fast hair growth is depends from person to person. if you think, you it's reasonable to have another session, then go for a booster shot.

ELOS Technology
ELOS  (Electro–Optical–Synergy) combines Bi–Polar RF (Radio Frequency) & laser

Aurora DS   - IPL
Aurora DSR - IPL + RF
Comet - Diode + RF

Syneron Machines (RF + Diode)
EMax / ELase / ELaser, then it's RF + Diode  ;)

EStyle / ELight, then it's RF + IPL

Fluence (J/cm2) Range
LightSheer: 15 - 40
LightSheer Duet : 10 - 100
Candela GentleaYag : up to 100
Soprano XL - up to 120

LightSheer/Light Sheer Duet/SopranoXL - 810nm  (Gold Standard in LHR)
Cutera Coolglide / Candela GentleYag - 1064nm

Spot Size
Soprano XL  - 12x10 mm
LightSheer Diode- 9x9 or 12x12 mm
LightSheer Duet -  22 x 35 mm
Cutera/Coolglide - 10 mm
Harmony - 40x16 mm


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started a new thread na, nakalock na kasi yung dati...mga sis, may alam ba kayong may promo now for brazilian laser hair removal na painless? (hehe kelangan talaga painless, mababa pain tolerance ko)...nung una kasi bikini lang gusto ko, kaya bumili ko ng mga vouchers. Pero now kasi gusto ko na ng brazilian kaya balak ko to sell na lang my bikini laser vouchers & avail na lang ng brazilian, kung meron sanang nakapromo na brazilian. May alam ba kayo? sana makati or alabang area para malapit.


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Mga sis, I discovered this forum called RealSelf, where users can ask doctors questions about any cosmetic treatment. Daming info about laser hair removal. Since marami sa ating may questions about LHR in general, eto.


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started a new thread na, nakalock na kasi yung dati...mga sis, may alam ba kayong may promo now for brazilian laser hair removal na painless? (hehe kelangan talaga painless, mababa pain tolerance ko)...nung una kasi bikini lang gusto ko, kaya bumili ko ng mga vouchers. Pero now kasi gusto ko na ng brazilian kaya balak ko to sell na lang my bikini laser vouchers & avail na lang ng brazilian, kung meron sanang nakapromo na brazilian. May alam ba kayo? sana makati or alabang area para malapit.

Sis, meron 1 year unlimited diode laser for Brazilian at P6,500. This is the link:


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purplefire: I think Makati Med and Asian Hospital use LightSheer Duet. Painless type of diode laser yun supposedly. Call them na lang to inquire if may promo sila :)


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uy mura yung skin station ah! sis odetskie, do you know if painless sya?


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tnx sis loball, tawagan ko na lang, sana carry ng budget hehe...would you girls know if discounted ang price ng brazilian laser if previously nakapag-bikini laser na, so maliit na part na lang talaga yung hair? kasi iniisip ko, kung walang bumili nung mga bikini laser vouchers ko, ituloy ko na lang sya, then afterwards kung may budget na or kung may mahanap na mura, tsaka na lang ituloy ng brazilian.


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^Don't know sis. Depende siguro sa usapan nyo ng clinic/derma.


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has anyone tried dermasthetique ata yun? i bought their services on a group buying site and i cant find any reviews abbout them. :| mageexpire na yung stub ko on june 6. HAHAHA


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uy mura yung skin station ah! sis odetskie, do you know if painless sya?

Yes, painless ang diode laser ng Skin Station. Dapat lang. Brazilian yan. Sobrang sakit pag hindi painless laser ang gagamitin.


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Sis, alam niyo ba kung anung cream yung nilalagay after magpalaser sa UA?


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Sis beevere, post laser cream or hydrocortisone and erythromycin cream.


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  • SAHM! and i love it...

 Sisters, ilang clicks ba ang usual na ginagawa for the under arm?
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  • No pain, No gain ;)
For lightsheer usually 300 to 400 pulses per session


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sino ng naka-try ng lhr sa let's face it? ok ba yung service nila? maganda kaya dito?


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for those who tried at HOO, meron bang "package sessions" para maging cheaper? and how much kung i-aavail mo yung 4+4+4 or 5+5?  thanks!


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hi all, newbie here.. ive been lurking for a long time in this thread and im thankful for all the tips of everyone who shared their experiences.. at first, my concern was just an IPL, then i found out about LHR and i find it more effective than IPL, then when i decided to give it a try,last june 9,i was supposed to go to skin station to avail their UA unlimited diode but since they didnt have a slot na for that day, i rushed to shinagawa, and tried out their candela nd-yag(1,500 with unli clicks, but mine was like a total of 180). well the experience was painful but tolerable, my UA didnt turn red which the nurse was amazed, and said wow u have high tolerance. then i just bought UA deo and cream in skinstation belair and bought a bonne nano white showersalt for scrubbing of UA.

as of now, wala pa namang shedding, sabi nila 2weeks pa daw, but i will definitely avail the sensi peel of HOO nextweek then get an LHR again but this time either skin station timog (soprano accord) or LFI (lighsheer).

but for now, will still observe muna. then will update u gurls.
reading threads here makes me more alert and knowledgeable of the things i should do.
thank u girl talkers kudos!


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  • donna fenomenale

Asian normally has promos during summer.  You cannot ask for the actual price through phone, you have to look for a derma who will give you the quotation.  If you will get a package, definitely, lower ang price.  Lightsheer duet ang gamit nila so it's a great machine.


I've tried booster shot with LFI when they had a christmas promo, I can't say na classy yung place, ofcourse sa mall so what do you expect.  But not so bad.

I'm satisfied with the results of my UA LHR so far.  Even sa full bikini, hair strands are thinner and right now walang hair.  Important talaga na medical grade yung machine na ginagamit.
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I had my 1st session of LHR sa LFI kanina. LightSheer daw gamit nila.

Just wondering if these are normal:
I guess 20 yung fluence. Basta dun sa screen 20 yung nakita ko.
For my left ua 66 clicks, sa right naman 71.

Hindi po ba masyadong konti yung clicks nya?

It was kinda painful lalo na kasi coarse talaga ua hair ko (mabalbon din kasi ako). Pero may parts na halos wala ako mafeel, siguro sa bandang gilid lang ng ua ko yon, wala masyadong hair or walang hair at all.

Also noticed na habang nile-laser ako, as in nangangamoy sunog na buhok. May mga parts sa right ua ko na hindi ata masyadong na shave at may maliliit na hair pa, tried to pull two pero ang daling natanggal. Ano pong gagawin ko don? ok lang tanggalin or hayaan ko nalang?
And so far, sobrang dami parin ng chicken skin. Sana eventually mawala din to.


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