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Love is a gamble..but know when to fold.
I've come across a site where I had a clearer insight on relationships. Love is really taking a risk. We give everything and I mean everything in love. We give more time, effort, love whatever because we thought that if we risk more, we end up with more. Just like in gambling. Tataya tayo ng malaki kasi akala natin, tatama tayo ng jackpot. That it will cover up every pain that we felt because in the end, that person will see our worth and ultimately, LOVE us.

BUT, most of the time, it doesn't end up that way. Lalo na kapag we're betting on someone that clearly has nothing to offer. That's when we fold. We fold to see the bigger picture, that there are already red flags, that the person doesn't value our worth, or we just can't accept the reality that they were good before but they are not now. But we dont. We end up justifying the reasons why we stay with them. We end up justifying and make excuses because of fear. The end point is, we settle on the pain and thus, it becomes a cycle... And we get disappointed every single time. Then, we ask ourselves why do these things happen over and over.

when it comes to love you don't count the cost and never expect. Enjoy the feeling of being in-love. :)
^ But we have to be careful who we give our love to. Especially if we're being in the fantasy and illusion zone. It's nice to love someone who makes us feel better. :) Its one thing doing your part of loving the other person and loving blindly. :)
I agree...  dapat if you're gonna give you're all to someone, you have to at least make sure that he's worth it. i think if you have a healthy dose of self-esteem, mas madali itong gawin.. because you know that you have value and you won't waste your time on someone who obviously doesn't cherish you and the love you are willing to offer.
^ That's what I'm pointing out sis. It all boils down to self esteem talaga no? Dapat mataas ang tingin mo sa sarili mo, in a good way to overcome this. Kasi most girls talaga, we get stuck on the same relationship kasi we accept poor behavior. Kasi akala natin guys will change. But they don't.. and they never did! Hehe.:)
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