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Author Topic: i gave birth to an angel  (Read 40087 times)


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Re: i gave birth to an angel
« Reply #160 on: November 13, 2012, 09:10:23 PM »
haileybaby, i backread to your story, and, haaay. I understand what you mean, that your thoughts are, at this time, your baby would be this big, you would be doing this. I catch myself staring at other families with baby girls, I can't help myself. I think to myself, my baby would be 4 months old now, holding her head up like that, etc. I would like to start a support group soon, but right now, too painful parin I think. (Which is the reason I think nobody sets up one). How can I help if I can't even help myself yet right? Sana someday we can all meet each other in person nga.

mamapeew my thoughts exactly. It's easy to understand kase if a toddler/child dies, people can relate to that easier. But with the loss of a baby or a miscarriage, the common perception is, wala pa naman, you didn't bond yet. Well, we have bonded with them, with our dreams for them, with ideas of how we will raise them, what will they look like. I feel that losing a baby nga throws off your perception of life, because babies are not supposed to die. Older people are. So it's hard for people to understand that. Backreading this thread, I can relate to soooo many things. I think it's the ONE place online for Filipina moms who lost their babies. Also, I still cry also when I visit my baby at the cemetery every week. No fail.

femmy_steff I will pray for you, I can't imagine waiting so long then ectopic. =( Parang, you want no so badly, nandyan na, then she's taken away from you. Ang sakit. I hope you heal soon, and I hope you are blessed with a child soon.

If anyone wants to talk about their story in private, please email me or add me in FB. My email ad is [email protected] (I hope posting this is allowed, baka di pala, please just let me know).


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Re: i gave birth to an angel
« Reply #161 on: November 14, 2012, 11:00:51 PM »
sis mamapeew, ok na din un na magkasama sila atleast may mag aalaga sa baby mo. :) ako hindi ko sya kayang kausapin pag dumadalaw ako sa kanya. kasi naiiyak ako, sa picture ko nalang sya kinakausap. :). sobrang sakit kasi talaga, kahit maraming tao sa sementeryo wala akong pakialam, umiyak talaga ako, apartment type kasi yung kay baby kaya tabi tabi lang talaga.

sis femmy_steff, alam ko kung gano kasakit yung ganyan, 2 beses na akong nawalan, yung una blighted ovum sya, ayun niraspa din ako kasi walang baby eh, :( sobrang iniyakan ko talaga yun kasi sobrang nag eexpect kami na ok eh, tapos yung pangalawa pa nga, IUFD naman, yung naramdaman ko talaga parang gusto ko na ring mamatay kasi ang sakit sakit na talaga, nagtampo ako kay Lord kasi bakit naman ganun, bakit sakin pa. hindi naman ako nagkulang sa pag aalaga nung buntis ako at lalong hindi ako nagkulang sa dasal. pero wala naman akong choice kundi maging strong lang. ang advice ko lang sundin mo yung parents nyo na magheal muna, kasi ako after nung raspa after 3 mos tsaka ako nagbuntis at medyo maselan sya, nagspotting ako at nag placenta previa totalis pa ako, pero walang connect lahat ng yun sa ikinamatay ni baby.

sis Mel0204, yup ganun na nga, ang hirap lalo habang tumatagal, sana talaga someday magkakila kilala din tayo. :) anyway, please pm mo naman sakin yung url ng fb mo, kasi nakaprivate ata profile mo na hindi ka masesearch. tnx.
♥ you will always be loved & remembered baby boy ♥


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Re: i gave birth to an angel
« Reply #162 on: November 18, 2012, 10:42:25 PM »
Hi mga sis, di pa ako nagbabackread sa thread na ito but I want to share my story too.   I lost my baby also just recently. He's my 4th child and with a very big gap from my youngest daughter. All my kids were delivered normal without any complications. And now at my age 34 I got pregnant again. During my first trimester, the only problem I had with this pregancy was UTI and placenta previa. I took rest, took antibiotics, still did photoshoots but very light lang. No bleeding at all. Then came 2nd trimester, my placenta went up already. But the baby is still transverse. I'm hoping that when my due date will come he will be in cephalic position.  Then came end of Oct. Im quite emotionally stressed due to problems with my mom, sister, small fights with my husband, then we also got worried and sad owing that my MIL has a stage 1 breast cancer.   Oct 29 we attended mass for my MIL coz that's the date we knew it from a call from her overseas.  Then I  noticed at all that my baby isn't moving that much. I thought I would have a preterm labor.  Then came oct 31 halloween, I noticed that there's no movements but I didn't go to hospital coz Im thinking that I might be on labor but there's no bleeding and no so much pain.  Then Nov 1 and 2 we became busy, i forgot to observe the baby's movements. All I know that he might just positioning himself into a cephalic position. Then Nov 3 is the bday of my youngest, we became busy too. Then sunday we attended mass, I noticed that Im sad.. don't know why. Then Nov 5 I decided to have my check up na since it's already a month after my last check-up.   Then I told my OB na parang di sya magalaw. Basta medyo tumitigas puson ko na parang naglalalabor. My OB got worried kaya sabi nya higa na tignan natin. Then ayun na i got nervous, tagal nya hinahanap heartbeat pero wala talaga. Pina ultrasound nya ko agad, then un na-confirm no heartbeat na.

Then yun we went home muna with so much pain. First time ito sa amin and hindi ineexpect talaga. Then we waited for my cervix to open before ako na induce. Then nung nainduce na ako he came out so fast. I had 3hours labor only. from 1 cm to 10cm after 3 hours.   Gising ako when I delivered him out, I want to see him. Thats the time na nalaman ang reason. His umbilical cord got constricted sa  dulong part near tummy. Basta na alng sumara. Pero his body has no abnormalities, even his size. He's big.  Sayang talaga. Pero sabi nga ng doctor ko, kahit sya di nya mapaliwanag., Diyos lang daw ang nakakaalam.  Sobrang painful talaga. Naiinip na ako sa kanya na mayakap sya  kasi January pa sya dapat lalabas pero iniwan nya na ako agad ngayon.

Then after I gave birth, I was surprised that I'm lactating. Nung nandito pa siya wala  namang milk, pero after I gave birth bigalang nagka milk. My friend told me that I can donate my milk. She told me about a group page in FB wherein I can donate milk. Ayun someone lend me breast pump sana makarami ako. I really want to help in that way I can move on and ease the pain.   I know my son will be happy to know that.
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Re: i gave birth to an angel
« Reply #163 on: November 19, 2012, 11:46:24 PM »
I'm really really sorry & heartbroken for your loss Sis babyrush. I'm crying with you as I read the story of  your little Angel boy. And it just happened recently, you must be in great pain right now. I'm grieving with you Sis.
Have you requested for an autopsy? Kasi sa autopsy Lang makikita kung ano yung talagang rason bakit nagsara yung umbilical cord niya. Nung pinanganak ko si Isabel walang signs of defect sa umbilical cord or kahit sa placenta. Pero sa autopsy lumabas na may unknown bacteria or VUE yung placenta ko kaya nag shut down siya at nag stop yung nourishment passing through the UC. Unfortunately, the cause of death of Isabel can happen again if I got pregnant once more. So I'm trying to get some test done on auto immune issues coz one possible cause of VUE is this.

I know how you feel right now Sis.  I do hope that you are surrounded by people who cares a lot for you & your feelings. Believe me, maraming magmamagaling diyan na sasabihin sa yo okay Lang yun that's life just move on. A lot of people just don't know what they're saying. It would have been wiser to just shut up & give you a hug & cry with you. Kahit gaano nila sabihin na hayaan na Lang natin ang nangyari at mag move on Tayo eh Hindi ganun kasimple. This is about Death..and not just death but the loss of a precious child...your child. Your most awaited little boy that you longed to hug & kiss once he is born. But that chance was robbed away from you, from us angel mothers, so it's not that easy to move on.

Did you get a chance to have a funeral ceremony? What is your little lovely angel boy name?

I'm heartbroken to welcome you here, but I hope you get all the support you need at this time of grieving through this online bereavement support for us Filipina Angel Mums.

Love & light & warm hug to you Sis.


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Re: i gave birth to an angel
« Reply #164 on: November 20, 2012, 04:33:06 AM »
Hello my fellow Angel Mommies! I'm soo sorry it took a long time for me to post again but I've been busy with my IVF in October and I wanted to just focus on it. Unfortunately the IVF failed and now I am mourning for my Angel Isabel & my two loss embryos in addition. It took me quite a while to recover from my failed IVF. But even though I'm not posting I'm always thinking of all of you my fellow Angel Moms.

Welcome to this thread Sis Mel0204 and Sis femmy_steff...i'm so sorry for your loss. it's both good and bad that you joined this thread. We didn't wish to join a thread like this but its here and we are lucky to have this thread where we could tell each other our stories and talk about our little angels without any inhibition or thoughts that others would fell uncomfy. Here you can talk freely about your emotions.....Your grief.

I feel your pain Sis femme...I know how it is when you've been waiting soo long for that little miracle to happen & lose it when you finally have it...it took us 8 years to get pregnant with Isabel only to lose her at 39weeks gestation in my womb. It doesn't really matter whether it's 39 weeks or 8 weeks...it is still a life that we loss. Keep strong...be kind to yourself & let yourself grieve. Everything you do is normal coz there's no rules on how to grieve the loss of your child. Take your time to heal both physically & emotionally and when you're ready then your body will also be ready to accept a new life in it.

Sis Haileybaby it's okay to cry & think or even fantasize about how things would have been if your
baby lived. I do that often. Sabi ko nga walang abnormal sa pagdadalamhati. Take your time to grieve.

Sis fab_mom
thanks for the FB link to your page.

My fellow angel moms take good care of yourselves.

Love & light


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Re: i gave birth to an angel
« Reply #165 on: November 20, 2012, 08:22:21 AM »
^i'm sorry for your failed IVF sis Englemamma and I'm truly sorry for your loss Babyrush.  :'(
Honestly, I always visit this thread, I read posts, but it always breaks my heart. I cry after visiting this thread. I went back to my regular activities before I got pregnant (exercise - zumba), I thought it would make me feel better, but I still feel empty. Sabi nga ng instructor ko the first time she saw me, I look sad daw. Hindi yung gaya ng dati na bubbly and glowing. I guess I still am sad, I just try not to be.

Your healing are always in my prayers, sisses.
"It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men." ~Frederick Douglass


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Re: i gave birth to an angel
« Reply #166 on: November 20, 2012, 09:31:48 AM »
Hello mga sis. I always visit this thread, ilang beses na rin ako nagcompose ng response but never had the courage to post it.

I also lost my baby last August 11. 33 weeks na sya nun sa tummy ko. I went to the hospital for check up lang and then dun nalaman na wala na siya, sabi ni Doc most probably mga 2 days na.

I had pre-eclampsia and sabi ng doctor, possible cause of death e hindi daw kinaya yung pagtaas ng BP ko. I had UTI, elevated blood sugar level nung pregnant pa ko. Then nung mga 6-7 months na, nagstart na tumaas ang bp ko and hindi na siya bumaba ng 160/100.

I read here yung about sa autopsy ng baby, I was asked sa hopsital dati pero I said no. I didn't realize na it would help to identify what caused her death. Sobrang gulo kasi ng isip ko nun and hindi pa nagsink in na wala na talaga si baby.

One thing I noticed talaga about my baby was hindi siya magalaw. Di na rin nagchange yung position nya, breech na talaga siya. I also failed to closely monitor her movements. But I always complained to my doctor about her lack of movement, wala namang sinabi ang doctor since everything seemed normal naman daw.

I was scheduled for a CS operation ng 1st week of September. Then July 31, the result of baby's nonstress test was normal. That same day, nagshopping na ako ng mga gamit niya. August 11, wala nang heartbeat na madetect yung doctor. Until the very last minute, kahit nung nasa loob na ko ng operating room, I was still hoping and praying for a miracle to happen.

Bago ako operahan, kinausap ako ng pinsan ko. She told me na ibigay ko nang maluwag si Baby Masie. Hayaan kong maganap ang kalooban ng Dios. Sabi ng pinsan ko, na baka kinuha ng Dios si Masie kasi she might have some internal complications/sakit. Mas masakit daw sa isang magulang yun. Yun na lang ang inisip ko.

After the operation, kapag wala na akong bisita and tulog na si hubby, iiyak ako and will talk to my baby. Lagi ko noong sinasabi na bakit di pa sya naghintay, 4 weeks na lang and dapat makakasama na namin siya. Ang dami kong gustong gawin for and with my baby. Sobrang devastated din noon si hubby and sometimes I can't help but think na baka sinisisi ako ng asawa ko and his family for losing the baby. Baka iniisip nila na ako ang may kasalanan kasi di ko inalagaan ang health ko. Pero sino bang magulang ang gustong mawalan ng anak.

Sa ngayon, I'm back to my old, jolly self. May mga times na matitigilan ako pag naaalala ko nangyari kay baby. Nadedepress din ako pag may mangungumusta about my baby, di kasi nila alam what happened and I find it very hard to casually tell them na wala na ang baby ko.

With everything that has happened, iniisip ko na lang na God has a reason for taking my baby. God is in control and He has better plans for us. Di din ako nawawalan ng pag-asa na someday we will be blessed again kahit isang baby.

This thread has greatly helped me to accept that my baby is gone and is now our angel. Thank you for the stories kasi kahit we do not know each other personally, para na tayong may support group. Pasensya na napahaba.

Malamang playmates na ang mga babies natin. God bless mga sisses.

"To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven."


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Re: i gave birth to an angel
« Reply #167 on: November 20, 2012, 09:31:32 PM »
gusto kong sumagot sa mga posts nyo, pero sa ngayon.. wala pa akong masabi.. naiyak na lang ako. :(
♥ you will always be loved & remembered baby boy ♥


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Re: i gave birth to an angel
« Reply #168 on: November 25, 2012, 07:55:57 AM »
^i'm sorry for your failed IVF sis Englemamma

Thank you sis mamapeew. I think I didn't grieve that much with my failed IVF coz the loss of Isabel is much more overwhelming. I will still go through another IVF in February and hopefully that time it will be successful.

Welcome to this thread of AngelMoms Sis abbina. I'm really really sorry for the loss of your beautiful daughter Masie. She must have been a gorgeous little girl. I too had been asking the same question, why did my daughter left so soon. she's gone even before she came into this world. We have so much love for them before we even met them. Just a little more time and they should have been in our arms, but instead they now live in our hearts.

I hope you find the much needed support and understanding here in this thread. All of us AngelMoms are here for you.


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Re: i gave birth to an angel
« Reply #169 on: November 25, 2012, 06:37:58 PM »
love and light to all angel mums.


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Re: i gave birth to an angel
« Reply #170 on: November 28, 2012, 06:33:55 PM »
Hi fellow angel moms, ang tagal ko nawala, i've been really busy and I apologize. Hindi pa din ako nag-baback read, but I noticed we have a few new angel moms here and I just would like to express my condolences. I am deeply sorry for your losses. :'(

How are you all? Just wanted to share this. I was at the church last sunday and saw two baby boys sleeping in their mothers' arms. One was a tiny baby and the other one was a toddler, would have been the same age as my baby boy. I burst out into tears and sobbed uncontrollably. I just couldnt control my emotions. It hurts so much, sisses. I miss my son so much, but I couldnt get angry with God anymore. There is a new life forming in my womb so instead of questioning Him, I asked for strength, and mercy. I prayed and begged to please not take this child, dahil hindi ko na kakayanin pa.

Ang hirap talaga maging angel mom.. lagi na lang worried. Kayo mga sis, kamusta na kayo?
An angel in the Book of Life wrote down our baby's birth.. and whispered as she closed the book "too beautiful for earth"..

Little Peanut on the way! (our Rainbow Baby)
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Re: i gave birth to an angel
« Reply #171 on: November 29, 2012, 08:23:02 AM »
Good morning fellow angel moms.

Naiyak na naman ako upon reading this thread.  :'(

Most of the time, I'm okay. Pero may mga times na naiiyak ako bigla lalo na kapag may nakikita akong ibang babies. Lagi ko naiisip ganyan kalaki na sana yung baby ko. Dito sa office, ang dami ko kasabayan nagbuntis, lahat sila nanganak ang nakabalik na rin sa office like me. Sa FB ang dami ko ding friends and relatives who have given birth. Ang cucute ng babies nila, minsan bitter and naiinggit ako.  :(

Alam nyo mga sis, pagbalik ko dito sa office, ayoko magpalakad lakad, ayoko kasi na tanungin nila ako about my baby. I don't know how or ayoko na kasi paulit ulit ikwento na my baby died.

Sa CR madalas ako tanungin ng mga officemates ko na di alam nangyari sa amin ni baby kung kumusta na ang baby ko, kung girl or boy ba daw ang baby ko. Everytime tatanungin ako, bumibigat ang dibdib ko.

Madalas din bigla papasok sa isip ko yung kanta na lagi ko dating pinapakinig kay baby kahit nasa tummy pa siya. After nun, iiyak na ako.  :(

Mga sis, after giving birth to our angels, natrauma ba kayo? Or gusto nyo ba magbaby agad ulit? Sabi kasi nung officemate ko, yung friend daw niya ayaw magbaby ulit dahil nawala din baby niya. Ako kasi ang unang tanong ko sa OB ko, when po ako pwede magbaby ulit. Di ko alam kung weird ba ako.

God bless us mga sisses. Malamang pinapanood tayo ng mga baby angels natin sa itaas.  :)


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Re: i gave birth to an angel
« Reply #172 on: November 29, 2012, 07:46:13 PM »
Eto share ko lang yung nangyari sa secretary sa previous office ko.

Halos sabay kami kinasal nung 2010, september kami while they were november. Pag bumibisita ako sa office she would always ask me kung meron na. Nabalitaan ko na lang december 2011 she was preggy na, kami naman ni husband february 2012. We were both happy. She announced it on facebook, kami hindi. She was supposed to give birth on august, so by august nicheck ko fb nya. Dun ko lang nalaman they lost their baby... :( i was heavily pregnant then, ayaw ko naman din itanong kung bakit. Baka mastress lang ako.

Then when my husband visited the office last october, dun lang nag kwento yung secretary sa kanya. She was on her 37th week nung nagpa weekly checkup sya, wala na daw heartbeat yung baby. Nagulat daw sya, 4 days na daw na walang heartbeat si baby, naubusan pala ng amniotic fluid sa loob. Walang sign, wala daw water na nagflow sa kanya and no pain. Kaya they were devastated, 37 weeks na kaya at full term na! Kaya si husband ko at ako napraning, everytime i pee, talagang ni checheck ko ko kung wiwi ba yun o water na. I also asked my ob about it, sabi niya may mga cases talaga na ganun, kaya i have to be really aware daw at dapat laging ni- momonitor ang movements ni baby.

I havent talked to her yet, but when i checked her fb again, mukhang naka move-on na siya. I know deep inside masakit pa rin sa kanya, pero when i look at her pictures, bilib ako sa kanya, she can tell everyone that she gave birth to a baby girl kaya lang angel na.

Kaya dont lose hope mga mommies. May mga angel na nag-wawatch over na sa inyo... :)


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Re: i gave birth to an angel
« Reply #173 on: November 30, 2012, 09:27:23 AM »
I couldnt help but checked this thread, sobrang parang me attachment although it doesnt happen to me, well lagi kong dasal kay god that it would not happen.

I am praying for all of you sissies, although di pa tayo nagkikita kita,im with you on your battle. I know soon magkakababy na kayo ulit, ITS really really hard to lose a part of you, and thats your baby. Pero smile because he/she is your angel up there now guiding yu from any harm and protecting you always, I know no words can console what you truly feel pero kung di nio ma-open yun sa iba, Open naman ang thread naten 24/7 diba? :)

Yun kapitbahay namin, they lost their 1st child too and it was very devastating! pero may baby na sila ngayon, and their angel will always be part of their life kahit di na nila yun kasama physically :)

To lighten up, you do not owe anyone an explanation of what had happen blah blah, you dont need other's sympathy mga sis. Always remember, life is beautiful kahet anong mangyari. God wont give us something kung alam nia na di natin kakayanin yun!

Ingat kayo, i hope nakapagpagaan ako ng loob kahit konti :)


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Re: i gave birth to an angel
« Reply #174 on: December 04, 2012, 04:17:30 PM »
Grabe nakakaiyak ang thread na toh   :-[ :( :'(
God doesn't give us anything we can't handle.


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Re: i gave birth to an angel
« Reply #175 on: February 11, 2013, 01:00:37 AM »
hugs sa inyo mga sis. my angelbaby is now 5 years na. nakamove na rin ako dahil nagkaroon na rin ako ng rainbow baby. she is now 1 year. alam ko na hindi ganun kadali na makalimutan ang sakit. lalo na lumabas ang baby ko ng buhay. pero dahil premature siya at 4 mos lang siya in gestation, nawala rin siya in an hour. , eventually, darating din ang panahon na darating rin ang rainbow babies ninyo. i hope it will be soon para mapunuan na rin kahit paano ang gap na iniwan ng angelbabies natin.


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Re: i gave birth to an angel
« Reply #176 on: September 06, 2013, 03:14:20 AM »
 :-[ Last year i gave birth to my son Franz. Unfortunately patay na siya sa tiyan ko. 8 mos. preggy nako that time. Nagpaultrasound ako at duon nga wala ng heartbeat baby ko.Iyak ako ng iyak that time. Til now masakit padin saken. Ramdam ko kinarma ako or pinarusahan ako hindi naman ako masamang tao pero kasi i cheated on my bf (tatay dapat ng anak ko) i dont know. Hirap sobra. Araw araw iniimagine ko na lang na andyan lang ang anak ko. Naglalakad na at naglalaro. Sabe nga ng mga tao sa paligid ko hindi pa talaga para samen. Hopefully my next pregnancy would be okay na. Kasi maselan yung pagbbuntis ko talaga.  Todo research din ako sa naging condition at cause ng pagkamatay ng anak ko. Yung condition ng baby ko is hydrops fetalis.

I dont think na mei support groups para sa mga bereaved moms dito sa Pilipinas or maybe im just not aware. Sa US marame nilike ko na nga sila sa FB.
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Re: i gave birth to an angel
« Reply #177 on: September 11, 2013, 01:52:48 PM »
Hello everyone.

I really feel bad sa mga nabasa ko dito. I know how it feels kasi nawalan din ako ng anak. She is 2 years old at 8 months na syang wala. Sobrang sakit kasi nakakausap ko na yong anak ko at sobrang bibo nya.
May mga bagay talaga na mahirap intindihin pero let us not loss our hope that everything will be alright. Eventually, we will understand why such things happened.


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Re: i gave birth to an angel
« Reply #178 on: November 14, 2013, 11:51:39 PM »
Last August 2013 nabasa ko ang thread na to, I feel sorry for all the angel moms who lost their little angel. Hindi ko akalain mag popost din pala ako dito ng nangyari sakin. I'm 26 years old and an angel mommy na din ngayon. Last Oct. 11, 2013 nag leaked na yung panubigan ko, I'm on my 16 weeks pa lang. I went to the hospital then diretso na sa OR. Sabi ng resident OB ng OR (kasi yung OB ko nag papaanak pa sa ibang hospital) nasa labas na daw ng cervix yung panubigan ko at may butas na kaya nag leak. Wait na lang daw mag past out, kusang pumutok ang panubigan at lumabas si baby kaya inadmit na ko sa hospital 6pm. Maliit lang daw kasi possibility mag survive siya 16 weeks pa lang siya at mahina pa lungs hindi pa fully develop. I asked her anong caused bakit nangyari yun, sabi niya sakin baka daw stress, pagod, na tagtad sa byahe kasi i'm working pa from Las Pinas where I live to Alabang.
Dumating OB ko around 12am hindi pa din talaga nag past out kaya sabi niya under go na daw ako ng Raspa para hindi na ko mahirapan. Then ayun pinutok na lang panibugan ko and diresto na sa operation. Oct. 12, 2013 1:27am nilabas si Baby (baby boy siya). Sabi niya huminga pa daw yung Anak ko pag labas  :'(

My little baby angel boy is my first child kaya lalong ang sakit talaga kahit ngayon, hindi ko pa din matanggap ang mga nangyari. Walang sign talaga, walang bleeding, walang sakit sa tummy, water na talaga lumabas.  Minsan nga I asked God pa bakit yung baby ko pa kinuha niya, hindi din kasi maiwasan tanungin Siya which is hindi dapat kasi God has reasons for everything.. God has a purpose bakit nangyari sakin to. Sana in time maka move on din ako with the help of course ni God, family and friends. Yung iba kala nila madaling mag move on sa situation ganito pero hindi pa nila nararanasan mawalan na anak kaya nila nasasabi na mag move on na agad. It takes time to heal the pain db? sayang hindi ko man lang na feel na sumipa siya :'(

Hugs to all the moms out there especially to my fellow angel moms, God bless us all.
I never got to hear you cry.. I never got to feel you kick.. I never got to hold you close.. No farewell words were spoken.. no time to say goodbye.. You were gone before we knew it and only God knows why:'(


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Re: i gave birth to an angel
« Reply #179 on: November 15, 2013, 12:53:42 PM »
grabe nakakaiyak naman mga post nyo dito mga angel moms. Anyways, naramdaman ko yan nung unang check up ko kay OB, first time mom kasi so i don't know what to do. then nung nagpacheck up ako the OB doesn't know if may heartbeat ba si baby ko, then pag naiisip ko yun naiiyak ako, kasi di nya pa alam and wag ko nga daw muna ipagsasabi na preggy ako, late na kasi ako nagpacheck up kaya worried ako, then ayun, naiisip ko lang noon na sana pagka TVU ko may heart beat na si baby, pero naiiyak na ko pag naiisip ko na bakit kaya di nya maramdaman heartbeat ni baby, kaya nagpa TVU na ko agad, pero Thanks GOD ok si baby ko ngayon and may heartbeat sya..

Sa situation nyo po ngayon is be strong and have faith in God kasi whatever happens HE has a purpose and God knows everything, I think HE has a plan pa for all of you (angel moms) kung bakit nangyari ang mga bagay bagay. God give you all of this kasi HE knows kaya nyong lagpasan ang mga to. si GOD pa eh HE is bigger than our problems and all circumstances na nangyayari satin. GOD BLESS everyone. praying for all of you. :)
“A life spent making mistakes is not only more honorable, but more useful than a life spent doing nothing.”  :)


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