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Author Topic: working too hard yet only to get a GOOD AT EXPECTED LEVEL evaluation.  (Read 1654 times)


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I've tried to search for at least almost the same situation of this topic pero di ko makita so I decided to create one. To mods, please merge this topic if meron man na una. Thank you

May I share my HINAING for my present employer. I'm one of the Officers In-charge for a certain **Group of Companies in one of their branches. The branch I am heading right now ranked second to the most problematic branches. Problematic siya in a way na masyadong maraming inherited pastdue accounts which I need to settle. This is my second year to head this office, so far I don't have any bad issues with my subordinates. Communications between the staffs and me works very well. I always make sure that limits in our relationships should always be practiced. I never fail to remind them that I'm not a know-it-all person. I always admit when there are things blurry to me in every transactions and make open communications to my staffs. I always encourage them to make suggestions on how we can improve our services. I know that even I already know how our job works, there would still times that we need to gather other opinions in order to come up with a very good idea.

When it comes to higher management, I think I have good relationship with them. During our monthly Manager's Meeting done in head office there was never a scene that my attention is being called to talk about negative issues regarding my branch. All I can remember that every time we hold a meeting I often asked questions, I'm even being labeled as very articulate which I took naman as positive. I don't see anything wrong being inquisitive when my purpose is only to elevate and improve our branch performance. I could even feel how proud my staff are after knowing that our bad accounts depleted a lot and we've able to hit our target last year. There was just a time when our internal audit team visited us to conduct their regular audit activities. We have a visiting client that time who was so irate and was acting so rude to us. This client is demanding a refund which is very impossible for us to do since she still has existing loan account with us. My staff has been so patient explaining why we can't give her the refund, surprisingly, the client started to shout, cursed us and even call as names.....I then butted in having the purpose of pacifying her. But the client was just so rude, she continue shouting in the presence of other clients inside our office premises.

Di ko na kinaya panghihiya ng client na to so I raised my voice a little higher and told her to get out from the office coz the conversation is no longer healthy. She was pointing her finger on me and shout at me saying " I condemn you all", "hope lumobo mga tiyan nyo", "mamatayan sana kayo", at iba pang di kanais nais sa pandinig. I was about to burst out and cry coz di ko na halos kinaya pang mamata ng client, what I did to finally have the client out from the office, I called our guard and asked him to have the client out. I knew what I did was just right. I was thinking if I didn't do it, the client will continue acting hysterically and is no longer healthy to other clients whose been witnessing the whole scenario.

My angst started when I received a call from our HR Manager telling me about the situation happened between us and that client (Audit personnel reported it to HR). It was so clear to my ears that they blamed me about things, she told me that I should always consider that "a customer is always right". Of course I have begged to disagree and told her "I know that "customer should always come first since they are the bread and butter of this company. Yet, it doesn't mean i would just tolerate her action and leave her while shouting to us and saying words that would ruin the company's reputation. Pero insist pa rin siya na sana daw dapat di ko nalang pinatulan at naging mas sensitive daw ako sa mga salita ko. Di lang nila alam kong ano anong bagay pinag sasabi ng client na un against the company, and her I am trying to correct that client kasi naman naiisip ko ang daming nakikinig, pano kung ma instill sa mga isip nila na ganon kami.

Masyado akong nagpakatino sa trabaho ko to the extent na napapabayaan ko minsan mga anak ko dahil sa work na to, coz I wanted to prove to them that I can make change despite of the inherited problems we are now facing. I work not just for the compensation, I work for self-fulfillment and lasting gratification.

I admit, I really expect to get more than a "good at expected" result from my evaluation. It maybe wrong to compare but I can't help it, I have been religiously performing my job so well compare to other branch head yet they got more than I got. Every time my seminars and training, I must say, i'm very participative and would always make sure to share something during the discussion to at least contribute on the discussion. I even noticed, if they wanted to get opinion and ideas usually ang na coconsider nila ay yung akin. I can even feel some plagiarized me which is another issue ko rin.

I know with the result on their evaluation, I should be thankful enough but I can't just help to feel so down. I expect more than that, I knew how I worked hard and I knew how I helped this branch a lot to be of better service to clients. I know dahil lang sa isang pagkakamali or kung matatawag ba na pagkakamali yong ginawa ko, ganito ang nakuha kung grade.

I just have questions sa mga sis natin, tama bang ganon nlng un? I mean di man lang nila kinonsider yong struggles ko to meet our target and finally recover big portion of the company's investment from bad debts? Honestly, I'm starting to feel bad about our higher ups, but there's still a certain thing on my mind that helps me keeping this job "I've started this struggle and so I am finishing it by continuing to work hard despite of this negative issue".

Mga sis, help me decide if it's still worth for my struggle. TIA


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Hi Sis,

I can only think of a few things -

1. Arrange a meeting with your immediate supervisor and ask for feedback

    Reading from your post, you seemed to have contributed really well in your organization. Here are some additional questions you can ask your supervisor to gauge your performance -

  • What are the things that you are doing well and you should continue doing.
    What are the things that your supervisor thinks you can improve on.
    What are the additional tasks that your supervisor thinks you should do?

2. Ask for feedbacks from trusted peers and colleagues (You can use the same questions above, just rephrase them)

3. Manage Expectations with HR or Supervisors (whoever does the evaluation)
Set the right objectives, ask them questions such as if I do additional tasks outside of my objectives or what is expected of me, how do I get rated?
Or If people are open minded, you can directly ask - How do I get "Exceeds Expectations" in my year end evaluations?

I hope this helps.
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Sis angelkiri, thanks for the inputs..

I was a bit confused nga eh on how they arrived on the "good at expected" na evaluation sa akin, our HR office is located in our head office which is in the city and the branch I am managing right now is in the province. Senior managers so seldom to visit us, as a result, ako tong laging nag rerequest for branch visit para naman kasing napapabayaan kami dito. We often heard nga ok lang daw ang branch walang problema kaya di gano ma bisita, unlike sa iba kelangan talagang lagi isupervise. With that idea alone, I was very confident that I am managing the office so well.

The last time our HR Manager called me to inform me about the result of the evaluation, I was a bit inquisitive sis, i tried to ask her who usually does the evaluation? I was expecting her to tell me that my subordinates did but in contrary she said the higher ups daw. Oh my! higher ups meaning mga senior managers! I eventually asked her how do they rated me then madam? through reports and my performance daw..performance? what's their basis? they can't even visit us here as frequent as they did to other branches. With the report, FS and all, I always make sure it's done before the given deadline and free of errors.

Basta ang narining ko sa kanya on the last part of the evaluation..

Area that needs improvement - bonggang bonggang! Managerial Skills and customer service skills! Oh my I was really shocked. I am not supposedly entertaining clients here, but I prefer to set aside my main function just to accommodate transacting clients at maiwasan ang mga complains na kesyo matagal ang serbisyo (happens during peak periods).

Anyhow, as I am reading through your suggestions, naisip ko tama ka, I need to communicate this matter to the right person. I just have apprehensions to do so, what if these people are just being subjective? Can't really share things to my colleagues here baka isipin nila nag rereklamo ako. But I know I need to release this kinda pent-up emotions. Thank you talaga sis.


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You can go to your immediate supervisor or HR personnel to ask if they could give you an overview on how you are evaluated.

I agree that at time people can be subjective, but also think about when 8 out of 10 people give you the same feedback, maybe it's time to think about those feedbacks and work on them.

Evaluations are good gauge of what we have done and points for improvement, though it may not be a reflection of the whole picture all the time.

Just my thoughts.
Do it right or Don't do it at all.

miss resilient

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^yes. i agree...kasi based on your story magkakahawig feedback ng departments ninyo. just my four cents..hehe


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Sometimes also a "good as expected" rating means that you did well, but the upper management is following a bell curve and therefore cannot really rate you that high. I don't really understand the bell curve system though, I'm just repeating what our HR told us when I had questions about my appraisal.
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