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Author Topic: Birthday Stories and Photos II  (Read 215404 times)


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Re: Birthday Stories and Photos II
« Reply #40 on: February 05, 2011, 10:55:20 AM »
Luv, ako rin excited to see the pictures.  I want to see Zoe :)


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Re: Birthday Stories and Photos II
« Reply #41 on: February 13, 2011, 09:33:27 AM »


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Re: Birthday Stories and Photos II
« Reply #42 on: February 14, 2011, 01:20:09 PM »
Here are the official pics of Zoe's 3rd birthday party.  :D



ganda ng party sis luv!  :) how many guests did you have?


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Re: Birthday Stories and Photos II
« Reply #43 on: February 14, 2011, 03:31:18 PM »
^Thanks!  I reserved for 120 adults and 50 kids. :) 


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Re: Birthday Stories and Photos II
« Reply #44 on: February 14, 2011, 06:15:35 PM »


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Re: Birthday Stories and Photos II
« Reply #45 on: February 14, 2011, 09:41:48 PM »
^Thanks, sis! :)


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Re: Birthday Stories and Photos II
« Reply #46 on: February 15, 2011, 03:39:00 PM »
^sis luv, congrats for another succesful party! i always love looking at your daughter's party pics kasi super like ko yung decors. :)

btw, yung kinuha mong package sa creative salon, nag-upgrade ka pa ba or as is na yung 5,500 package?


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Re: Birthday Stories and Photos II
« Reply #47 on: February 15, 2011, 05:15:27 PM »
^Thanks!  I reserved for 120 adults and 50 kids. :)

thanks! :-)


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Re: Birthday Stories and Photos II
« Reply #48 on: February 15, 2011, 09:06:07 PM »
@trendy: Thanks, sis!  Did not upgrade.  As is na the 5.5k. :) 


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Re: Birthday Stories and Photos II
« Reply #49 on: March 05, 2011, 05:46:13 AM »
A run down of my daughter's 3rd birthday party suppliers :)

Joehna Ballerina's 3rd Birthday
March 4, 2011

Venue: Emerald Hall, CSI Stadia (Pangasinan)
Caterer: Jam Sweet Jam
Party Decorator: Hi-5 Parties by Kathleen dela Merced
Host/Magician: Ruther Urquia
Additional Entertainment: Ballet Dancers from 1st Allegro Dance School, Baguio
Side Entertainment: Mini Playground from CSI Mall
Cupcakes: Sugarbox by Emily Uy-Swing
Cupcake Stand: Hi-5 Parties by Kathleen dela Merced
Photo/Video: Faces Portaits
Party Dress: Baby Fashionista by Prim Chua, comes with mouse ears
Party Shoes: Rustans
Giveaways: Stools from Handicrafts atbp
Loot bags: Ordered thru sulit.ph
Prizes: Toy Kingdom and CSI Department Store

Very successful party. My daughter had a grand time as well as the other kids, adults and yayas :)

http://pawie18.multiply.com/photos/album/140/Joehnas_3rd_Birthday_-_Teaser Some birthday pictures.
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Re: Birthday Stories and Photos II
« Reply #50 on: March 05, 2011, 01:08:29 PM »
Awwww!  Such nice parties!  Congratulations, quixotic and luv!  You two make me wish I can have another big birthday party for my daughter this year (especially since I now know a little more which suppliers to get and which suppliers not to get. Hehe!).  Congratulations again! :) 


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Re: Birthday Stories and Photos II
« Reply #51 on: March 05, 2011, 01:42:34 PM »
^Thanks sis! :)


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Re: Birthday Stories and Photos II
« Reply #52 on: March 05, 2011, 03:59:58 PM »
Thanks for the kind words, MommyD!  :)


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Re: Birthday Stories and Photos II
« Reply #53 on: March 05, 2011, 07:02:36 PM »
to sisses luv and quixotic, hats off to both of you who have been successful with your daughter's parties each year! Planning ahead is the key. Congratulations!!!


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Re: Birthday Stories and Photos II
« Reply #54 on: March 05, 2011, 07:32:36 PM »
For their 7th, our twin girls requested for a simple school party, and asked for Word World as their theme. Since February 26 fell on a Saturday, we opted to celebrate it Thursday (February 24th) .

   For the food we served spaghetti, hotdogs, chicken nuggets and choco chip cookies with orange juice. I also availed of the Nestle Party Package for the ice cream.

   I got some really cute stuff off the Net for their invitations, activity sheets for the give aways, thank you cards, name tags and loot bag decors.

   Here are some pictures:

Invitations: I just got some Word World invites off the net and printed them…


Activity Sheets: Also got these from the Word World site. The kids were so excited to get started on their activity sheets right away. I just bought short brown envelopes and placed the activity sheets inside along with the CD’s of the first season of Word World we burned.




Loot bags: I bought some brown bags and curling ribbons, then pasted some WW table confetti on the loot bags to make it more colorful…I put some candies, lollies, cookies and wafer sticks inside as loots.


   I got their cake and cupcakes from Miss Nina of Yummy Mommy Cupcakes. She has a promo: 1 cut-out theme cake (either mocha or orange flavor) along with 30 cupcakes all for P1,600.00. The cake and cupcakes were a hit among the kids, they  found Dog cute, as well as the cupcakes.



   Of course for side entertainment/souvenirs, we had our very own photobooth, PARTY TREASURES PHOTO BOOTH   Good thing we were allowed by the school to do so.  Here are some pictures of my kids with their guests…


   All in all, it was a very fun party. The kids enjoyed a lot, not bad for a party na super madalian inayos... did most of the preps in 3 days time... hehe... hopefully next time I'd have more time to spare para mas masaya 
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Re: Birthday Stories and Photos II
« Reply #55 on: March 05, 2011, 07:38:44 PM »
^galing galing mo naman mommy aubrey :). congrats


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Re: Birthday Stories and Photos II
« Reply #56 on: March 05, 2011, 09:32:53 PM »
thanks doc peewee... ;D we had the party nung morning then immediately after the party, diretso na ako ng domestic airport and mega fly via private plane to Mindoro to pick up my Dad who had MI... di ba, kalurkey? hehe  ;D
Life is short. Break the rules. Forgive quickly. Kiss slowly. Love truly. Laugh uncontrollably. And never regret anything that made you smile.


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Re: Birthday Stories and Photos II
« Reply #57 on: March 06, 2011, 04:21:51 PM »

March 4, 2011

Theme: Angelina Ballerina Nutcracker Sweet

List of Suppliers:

VENUE - CSI Stadia, Dagupan City, Pangasinan
This is so far the best events place in Dagupan, Pangasinan. Place is very well maintained, huge parking, good air conditioning system, lobby can accommodate hundred people and is furnished with leather sofa sets. Overall, I am very happy with this venue.

CATERER - Jam Sweet Jam
Jam Sweet Jam is one of my husband's favorite here in Pangasinan. He’d trade it for Gloria Maris. Very easy to deal with and all of our requests were granted. Two thumbs up for this supplier!



Caterer also provided Tiffany Chairs and skirting for all tables including the stage. Yummy food & good service.

PARTY DECOR / VENUE DRESS UP - Hi 5 Parties by Kathleen dela Merced
Kathleen arrived a day before the party to set up the decor. Hi-5 provided swags, styro backdrop, styro entrance, centerpiece, balloon decor and snowflakes ceiling accent. We were so impressed with the outcome of the decor. We were totally in awe! Hi 5 Parties will always be my non negotiable. Gotta love Kathleen!

Entrance: http://pawie18.multiply.com/photos/photo/140/40
Backdrop: http://pawie18.multiply.com/photos/photo/140/11
Centerpiece: http://pawie18.multiply.com/photos/photo/140/61
Ceiling décor: http://pawie18.multiply.com/photos/photo/140/77

- Ruther Urquia
We were privileged to have Ruther for the second time. He was one of the entertainers during Joehna's 1st Birthday. He is undeniably the family's favorite. The kids and adults had so much fun watching his performance. He's really the life of the party. I really appreciate that he made sure that all kids would take home a prize. As usual his act was a hit! Galing galing talaga.


PHOTO / VIDEO - Faces Portraits
Booked P/V two weeks before the party. I got the 1 photographer and 1 videographer package. The package also includes a pre-shoot, pictures were used for the tarpaulin (served at gift table backdrop) and sign frame. Super nice layout, loved it! Can't wait to get proofs from them.

Sign frame: http://pawie18.multiply.com/photos/photo/140/81
Tarpaulin: http://pawie18.multiply.com/photos/photo/140/82

ADDITIONAL ENTERTAINMENT - Ballet dancers from First Allegro Dance School,
This is one of my daughter's request. I am just happy to find this group and they're very good with kids. I requested for 2 Angelina songs (Dancing Butterfly & I will be a Star) and Nutcracker Suite. Super nice! They even taught the kids some dance steps and then they also joined us during the birthday parade. The guests had fun watching them even Ruther loved them!

Ballerinas: http://pawie18.multiply.com/photos/photo/140/26
With the kids: http://pawie18.multiply.com/photos/photo/140/17
With my daughter: http://pawie18.multiply.com/photos/photo/140/3
With Ruther: http://pawie18.multiply.com/photos/photo/140/16

CUPCAKES - Sugarbox
Ordered 100 pcs cupcakes from Emily Uy-Swing. I had mudcake, marble pound, banana choco chip and red velvet. Yum! My sister had to take home the cupcakes from Manila to Pangasinan. So happy that Emily placed the cupcakes in individual boxes, it arrived here safe and flawless!


- Hi 5 Parties
Gotta love the cupcake stand! Really a unique way of displaying the fabulous cupcakes Emily made.


Also ordered firework candle because my daughter loves fireworks so much! http://pawie18.multiply.com/photos/photo/140/50

SIDE ENTERTAINMENT - Mini Playground from CSI Mall
Booked a day before the party. Funny because they did the set up after 2 hours I called them up with no down payment! Nahiya naman ako, I paid in full when I arrived at the venue after they set up.


GIVEAWAYS - Kiddie Stools from Handicrafts atbp
Grace & Jojo were very easy to deal with. After a few revisions, they were able to come up with the stool design I really wanted. Ordered 60 pcs for the kids. They loved it!

For boys: http://pawie18.multiply.com/photos/photo/140/48
For girls: http://pawie18.multiply.com/photos/photo/140/5

- Non woven bags ordered thru sulit.ph
Nice, affordable and something you can use again. Placed a few goodies inside: pretzels, bread pan, eggnog, bread sticks and sandwich biscuits.


PARTY ATTIRE - Dress from Baby Fashionistas, Shoes from Rustans
Love my kids’ dresses! Baby Fashionistas is really my default choice when it comes to my daughters' dresses.


PRIZES - Toy Kingdom and CSI Mall Department Store

Pictures courtesy of my sister.


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young _lady08

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Re: Birthday Stories and Photos II
« Reply #58 on: March 09, 2011, 12:43:44 PM »
Sofia JaeTurns 1! 

Whew! After a month,Finally I had time to finish and share with you my little princess Sofia’s birthday  :D It’s my first time to share pasensya na at sooooobrang haba  ;D

Here are  the suppliers who did great job during Sofia’s party  :) I will also be writing Supplier ratings and photos below for the future mommies out there who is planning their kids party  :D

January 29,2011
Theme: Disney Inspired,It’s a small world!
Motif: Pink, Light Blue, Lavender and Gold
My Baby’s Outfit : Cecilio Abad and Rajito by Rajo Laurel
Party Venue: Silk Pavillion, The Blue Leaf
Caterer: Bizu
Hotel Preparation: Hotel Celeste,Makati
Photographer: Ging Lorenzo and Pie Lorenzo
Back up Photographer:  Fat Boy Studios by Richie Dela Merced
Videographer: ThorProductions
Party Planner:   Hi5 parties by Kathleen Dela Merced
Host/Magician: Alex Lagula
Souvenirs: Storage box and Lunch Bag
Themed Candy Buffet: Sugar and Spice
Cake: Les Sucreries
Photoboth: Poof Photobooth
Food Carts: Potato Corner, Red Mango,  Assorted Balls & CornDog c/o Hi5 Parties

Side Entertainment:
-Glittler Doll Salon Aka Sofia Jae’s Salon
-Dog Show Bantatay and Friends
-Bubble Show
-Face Painting

Hair And MakeUp – Tracy Conlin
DIY c/o my brother -  Animated Save the Date, Water Bottle, Guestbook Layout

Theme:  It's a small world

From the very start of the party planning, I knew what kind of theme that I wanted. I wanted something unique and magical. I wanted a theme na hindi masyado common to all. Since Sofia is baby pa and cant decide pa what she wants, so I grabbed the chance na to choose. Haha! although she already has fave characters which is Hello Kitty and strawberry shortcake ( Don’t worry sweetie next year will be your own choice ) and I know few years from now or even in her next party, she’ll have own decision na  ;D  And so  we came up with this kind of theme (Big Thanks to Kathleen for the suggestions ) At first, I was kinda hesitant with It’s a small world theme because super onting resources of ideas and party supplies.  But after  the brain storming  and convinced by Kathleen and hubby, I  finally decided  to stick with it  :D Thank God, I did the right decision. We had magical and unique  party for our little princess  ;D
Venue:  Silk Pavillion, The Blue Leaf

One of my criteria when choosing a venue is always should have a high ceiling. Then when i saw nga yung Blue Leaf.I instantly fell in love with it:) It was my dream venue just incase if i get married in manila :) I actually first saw Blue Leaf at Cheska kramer- Garcia’s Wedding.

Caterer: Bizu

Bizu is  one of the accredited caterers of Blue Leaf.  I have only 2 choices either K By Cunanan or Bizu. I heard both have great foods and set up. But since only Bizu have tiffany white chairs for kids, and I super love white tiffany chairs,so we  finally decided to get Bizu.  And hindi ako nagsisi, my guest love the food especially the 10 hour Roast Beef! ;D actually, my husband went to phils last dec to have the food tasting, and he said sarap sarap daw ng food. My mom in law who is into food ( they have food business ) said ang sarap daw. Thank God, pumasa sa mom in law ko :) She was wondering agad how much daw per head. Haha :D and one more thing, We were only expecting  140 Adults and 40 Kids, but on that day, I think around 180 adults attended the party, but still they enough of food to serve  :)

Here’s our menu:

Adult Menu:◦   
On Table:
Garlic Herbed Focaccia, Bow Knot Rolls
Garlic Parsleyed Butter
Potato Caesar Salad with Romaine Lettuce, Bacon and Parmesan
Three Cheese, Spinach and Mushroom Ravioli
Main Course   
Grilled Chicken in Cajun Hollandaise
Pan Seared Cream Dory with Caper Butter Sauce
Roast Porkloin with Sauce Marsala
10 Hour Roast Beef

Kids Menu
◦Bizu Burgers
◦Corn Dogs
◦Buffalo Wings
◦Tuna and Mushroom Casserole
◦White Tiffany Chairs for Kids

Bizu Refreshments - Flowing
◦Butter Fly Iced Tea
◦Soft Drinks
◦Apple Juice ( for children )
◦Coffee and Tea (Upon request only)
◦Bar Service which includes hi-ball glasses, mineral water and ice


My Princess Sofia Jae’s Outfit – Cecilio Abad and Rajito by Rajo Laurel

Sofia's 1st outfit was made by Cecilio  Abad .He was also my wedding gown couturier.  I super love Tito Cecil! He really never failed to amaze me with his creations. Mapabata or matanda, he is simply the best.  :) I super love my daughter’s gown. He will always be one of my favorite supplier  :)

Sofia in her Cecilio Abad Gown


Sofia’s 2nd outfit was made by Rajito by Rajo Laurel. We just communicated thru email and phone calls. Just gave them the measurement of my daughter. And we just had the first fitting 2 days before the event. What a super cute gown! :)

Sofia  in her Rajito Gown


Her 3rd outfit we bought it lang 


Shoes by Ellehttp://www.flickr.com/photos/59513830@N03/5511109862/in/set-72157626102337719/

Party Planner/Decorations: Hi5 Parties by Kathleen Dela Merced

She’s heavent sent :D She’s one of my dream suppliers for my baby’s party. I love the way she style and decorate parties. She’s very hands on and she will make sure talaga na dadaan sa kamay nya lahat. even the small details :) Super  OC cya. Hehe She will make sure na unique at elegant talaga ang party :) I am so glad that I found  her.  She is  super patient pa. Ang dami ko request  and pabago bago ng isip but still she is very accommodating. But  sometimes delay lang sa pagsagot ng emails but she has valid reasons naman and she will make sure na masasagot ang tanong pag ngreply cya :) worth the wait naman ang reply nya :) We just communicated thru email throughout the whole party planning.we did had any phone conversation at all talaga purely emails talaga. We paid her 50% thru bank lang, I didn’t had any problems with her even after paying  50%. One of the most trusted supplier talaga  :)

She did super great job during our daughter’s birthday party. Expect the unexpected.  Ang Fabulous ng setup. I super love everything, the moving 3D backdrop ( especially made for my daughter’s party), ceiling elements,  ceiling decorations, balloon decorations, centerpieces, 6 Moving  Doll Standees infront of the Backdrop, plus daming freebies! ;D

I highly recommend her. She can also works with your budget :D and Super easy to work with  :) You can never go wrong with her. She will be your instant bestfriend  :)







Ceiling Decorations


1 of 2 Sets of Moving Dolls


Ceiling Elements


Photographer: Ging Lorenzo

I knew Ms Ging before I gave birth pa, we were scheduled to have maternity session  and 1st month pictorial of Sofia with her but due to lack of time, we weren’t able to make it. Ms Ging is my dream photographer. Hindi pa ako buntis avid fan na nya ako.  So when I inquired to her around march, she said she’ll be only accepting clients 6 months prior to the event.  So jun pa lang super kulit ko na sa kanya but she said nga she cant accept pa clients. She told me 01 Jul pa she’ll start to accept na. so midnight of 01 Jul I emailed her. Haha and the next morning she replied na, I’m booked na daw! Yeheeyy!!! Another dream come true :) And as expected, she did great job during our baby sofia’s 1st party. She really captured a lot of candid/precious moments. Btw,we have instant 2nd photog during Sofia’s party, since she is 4 months preggy, she brought along her sister,Pie Lorenzo. Thanks Ms. Pie for the wonderful photos.  :)  It was nice working with you Ladies :) Cant wait to work with you again  :)

Photos are posted in my FB and the photos that i posted :)

Back Up Photographer: Fat Boy Studios Richie Dela Merced

What can I say about this guy? Super bait,super tyaga and super galling  :) It was my first time to meet Sir Richie at the Party.I super love him kasi lagi cya nakasunod samin for the pictures :D kaya ang dami dami naming pictures  :)
Photos are posted in my FB and the photos that i posted :)

Videographer: Thor Prod

I super super super  love this team! :D Ang babait at very professional.  I super love the onsite. Guests were telling me parang kasal daw yung party ng baby ko kasi may onsite pa. :D First time ko din sila nameet during Sofia’s party na. They went to hotel first to shoot for Sofia’s onsite video. They arrived at the hotel around 12pm. And my baby is sleeping. So super swak talaga yung pagdating nila. :D

Onsite Video: http://vimeo.com/19659445

Host/Magician: Alex Lagula

I super  super love this guy! Ang galing galing talaga.  Lahat na entertained with his tricks. I love the way he hosted too. Even the adults enjoyed the program. Even me, haha super tawa ako ng tawa while watching him. One of the suppliers who made sofia’s party a memorable one  :) I highly recommend Alex! You’re the man! :)

Cake – Les Sucreries

This is one of the most important detail for my baby’s birthday.  And I wanted to be one of the highlight of the party.  It was Kathleen who coordinated with Les Sucreries.  I just told her what kind of cake that I want, that I want a bigger and moving elements and lights on the castle. True enough, it was indeed one of the highlight of the party. I super duper love the cake. We got their Best Selling carrot with cream cheese cake.  :) Super yummy! ;D


Candy Buffet  c/o Sugar  and Spice

I super love this! This was a hit to our guest. I love how  Kathleen styled the Candy Buffet. Talagang nagmatch sa theme :) Gaganda ng elements na ginamit :) btw Sugar and Spice was owned by no other than Kathleen  :)

Here’s  whats included in the package:

◦Choco Fountain - Belgian Chocolate Fondue with marshmallow, fruit and bread stick dippers
◦Treat Bar ( 9 vases of sweets and treats)
◦Cream Puff on Tower (200 pieces)
◦Choco Chip Carrot cake with cream cheese frosting - 200 pieces
◦70 Pieces Cake pops
◦24 Themed Cookie Pops
◦50 pieces Themed mini cakes

Candy Buffet Set Up


Mini Cakes


Cream Puffs, Carrot Cake w/ cream cheese frosting,Cake Pops and Themed Cookies


Photobooth – Poof!

We booked this through Kathleen.  Ganda ng quality and super nice staffs  :) and their bag tags is super nice din for giveways  ;)

Food Carts

And ofcourse, this was hit to our guest. Ubos agad! :D

Potato Corner – Me and hubby are potato corner addict. Whenever we visit phils. We never missed to buy potato corner.
Red Mango - I’m a Froyo addict. So we decided to get Red Mango.
Themed Assorted Ball/Corndogs- c/o Hi5 Parties- I  didn’t had the chance to try their food cart. But as per my guest masarap naman daw  :)


Side Entertainment: 

-Glittler Doll Salon Aka Sofia Jae’s Salon –
Love the setup! And the all girls really enjoyed this. Haba ng pila sa salon. And dami talaga kikay stuffs  :) at take note kaya pala lahat nakaprincess crown lahat ng girls guests yun pala galing sa glitter doll salon. Nakakatuwa.


-Dog Show Bantatay and Friends –" Bantatay” the celebrity Dog, haha my guests were amaze nung lumabas si bantatay. My daughter is a dog lover so last minute, we decided to get the Dog show.  So super happy si baby nung nagddog Show hehe


-Bubble Show – Super super nice! I love the kids who performed during the bubble show.  :)


-Face Painting – this was also part of the package from Glitter Doll :)

Giveaways – We got Storage boxes and Lunch Bags. Our supplier for this was Personaized It and Layout by Kathleen Dela Merced. The Bags are so cute! I wanted kasi something na magagamit ng kids  :)


Storage boxes and Lunch bags Content and Prizes – Thanks to me! Haha I was the one who bought the contents of the bags and boxes. Eto ang kinarir ko, I bought the contents depending on my kids guest age.  Medyo mahirap pero Masaya naman to buy the loots.   :)  and super worth it when the parents of my guests told me na gaganda ng contents sa loob.Mukhang pinaghirapan ko daw talaga  :)

Hair and Make Up -  She did great job! She used air brush  :) Ms.Tracy is super nice. She is very mkwento  :) One thing lang, that I didn’t like was they were late during the preps. So we ended up arriving at the party late din.  :(

DIY – This was made with love by my her ninong John, my super creative brother  :)

Animated Save the Date- http://vimeo.com/18012762
Personalized Water Bottle – http://www.flickr.com/photos/59513830@N03/5511109042/in/set-72157626102337719/

Hope this helps!  :D Goodluck mommies on your preps!  ;D


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Re: Birthday Stories and Photos II
« Reply #59 on: April 22, 2011, 09:25:31 AM »
joining ! lalo akong na-eexcite for my daughter's party!!! =)

@sis young _lady08 , great party! may i know if you have a supplier for the candy buffet or DIY, love it!


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