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Author Topic: What's your partner's Zodiac sign? Do you believe in zodiac compatibility?  (Read 29904 times)


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Sagittarius kame ni hubby  ;D

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I'm an aries and husband is taurus, I guess I'm the dominant type in the relationship.  ;)
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Pareho kaming virgo :) very much alike


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I'm Capricorn and he's Gemini! :)

Magkaibang magkaiba kami ng ugali at personality, pero nagkakasundo kami sa mas maraming bagay.

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same kami Aries gudluck talaga sa amin mag ka ugali talaga kami as n lalo na same kami ma pride :(
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we're both Gemini. In a way, ok kasi nagkakaintindihan sa maraming bagay. Pero Geminis have a way in almost everything...we're very crafty. :o and sometimes I hate it pag alam ko nagpapalusot sya.


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He's Capricorn and I am Libra.  We are not compatible according to some astrology books/online I've read but we are okay. Heheh


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i'm aries, he's gemini. compatible naman.  :)
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naku oo i believe in astrological signs.  nung first few months namin ni bf grabe ayaw namin di ko sya maintindihan then i came across compatibility test ayun sakto opposite kami sobra and naintindihan ko yung personality nya talaga.  ngayon ako nag aadjust and hindi kami nag aaway na. it helps though huwag masyado iikot ang mundo sa horoscope signs. he's virgo, i'm cancer.


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I'm aries and he's leo. i really don't have any idea kung compatible kami astrologically, i have to research pa pero from what our relationship has been going, compatible naman.


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he's libra, im aquarius. we are both air signs. very compatible. :)


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I'm Sagittarius. He's Libra.

Noon naniniwala ako diyan. Pero nung sinabi jan na hindi kami compatible ni bf ko, hindi na ko naniwala. Kami pa rin naman at nagkakasundo naman kami.

Kung hahayaan kong idictate ako ng zodiac signs, walang mangyayari. Sabi nga ni Zenaida Seva, "Hindi hawak ng bituin ang ating kapalaran. Gabay lamang sila. Meron tayong freewill, gamitin natin ito." LOL
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He's Sagittarius, I'm Capricorn.

Pero pag ni-consider si Ophiucius (yung bagong zodiac sign), we're both Sagittarius. :p

I don't really believe in zodiac compatibility :p


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Gemini ako tpos si bf Aquarius..

compatible ba yun??
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I'm Leo, he's Scorpio. I don't believe in Zodiac compatibility. The relationship's success depends on how both of you are committed in making it work.

When I was younger, sobrang big deal sa akin yang Zodiac compatibility. Tapos when I heard Brad Pitt and Jen Aniston broke up, that was the turning point for me to stop believing in it. Coz their compatibility percentage is 94%, I'm not sure if I remember it right, basta mataas talaga, compared sa compatibility ni Brad with Angelina Jolie hehe
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Gemini ako tpos si bf Aquarius..

compatible ba yun??

yup sis! compatible yun..


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I'am Taurus, he's Sagi = Sagitaurus kami in short :)

Singns tells that both are incompatible, but kung matutunang mag give and take, maganda kahihinatnan! :) 5 years and counting na kami tee hee!


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I'm Virgo, He's Pisces. :)

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parehas kami Aries.. kasi same kami ng birthday..haha!!

kaya pag nag-away kami..BOOM!!


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My bf is a Pisces (water sign) and I'm a Capricorn (earth sign) . Tapos sa Chinese Zodiac, I'm a pig and he's an ox. Compatible kami both sa western and Chinese zodiacs.
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