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« Reply #460 on: February 08, 2016, 08:18:33 AM »
Yung sa 1st yaya namin ako din naglalaba sa mha damit ni baby..paranoid kasi ako pagdating sa anak ko.. makutim din mga damit niya karamihan pa naman ng pambahay niya color white.. parang di nilalabhan ng maayos, washing machine kasi gamit niya.. kaya ako na naglalaba  hand wash ko lang..
Buti tong bagong maid namin dating labandera kaya magaling maglaba, hand wash din siya ayaq niya gumamit ng washing machine tipid pa kami sa kuryente..


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« Reply #461 on: February 09, 2016, 02:00:07 AM »
Wait, we hire helpers and yayas to help us with tasks like washing feeding bottles, washing clothes, washing dishes, cleaning, etc. so we can focus on the more important things such as spending quality time with our kids and/or husband, right?

If my household staff don't do their jobs well, I take it as my responsibility to correct them - otherwise, I'd end up doing everything myself. Can't afford to do that because I have 3 kids and a business to run. Yung time na ihuhugas ko ng bote nila or ng clothes nila, I'd rather spend it playing with them or reading books to them (since the yayas are there naman to help us, di ba?).

About correcting them, I don't mean pinagsasabihan lang sila. When their work is not up to my standards, I reiterate how I want things done and I make them do the tasks all over again. For example, if the yaya doesn't wash my child's milk bottles well, I tell her why it's important to get it right (baka sumakit tiyan ng bata, masama sa katawan ng bata pag may sabon pa ang bote, etc.) and I make her wash it all over again. Siya ang maghuhugas ulit. Hindi ako. Because if I end up doing it, my yaya will never learn and it's a cycle that will eventually make my life more difficult.

Also, when I make them repeat their tasks, I cut out emotions from the equation because I find it gentler on them and less stressful for me (no dakdak, no galit, no stress on both sides). Ika nga nila, trabaho lang, walang personalan (me, as their employer, them as my employees - difficult but ends up making my life easier). Example, my new all-around helper, 1st day pa lang, short-cut na lahat ng trabaho. Pinili lang yung mga furniture na pupunasan niya at yung naka-assign sa kanya na toilet to clean, mapanghi pa rin, obvious na she just breezed through the entire cleaning process. So I called her attention to these things, told her how I wanted things to be cleaned in my house and made her do them all over again. Ginawa ulit ang short-cuts the following day. I just made her re-do her tasks without raising my voice (ang pikon, talo, haha). Sa awa ng Diyos, after 3 days, na-gets niya na di uubra sa akin ang short-cut dahil ipapaulit ko lang sa kanya and she'll end up double the effort and double the time to finish her work.

Of course, meron talaga diyan na di susunod or will not do their tasks well out of malice (read: nananadya) or out of laziness (nasa buto na ang katamaran). If that's the case, I let them go, wala na akong magagawa diyan. Not worth the stress.


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