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Author Topic: RULES AND REGULATIONS - C. Privacy and Security  (Read 6826 times)

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RULES AND REGULATIONS - C. Privacy and Security
« on: February 09, 2010, 12:47:04 AM »
C.   Privacy and Security

To ensure the safety and privacy of all members of the GIRLTalk forum, the following guidelines are to be followed:

        (1)   Personal Information

        Forum members are allowed to post the following, with the understanding that they do at their own risk; the same guidelines apply when sending or replying to private messages:

         a.   Personal details, including their real names, ages, addresses, e-mail addresses, links to personal websites or blogs, instant messaging handles, other Internet handles, phone numbers, photographs, etc.

         b.   Details of businesses that can be considered common knowledge, such as addresses, links to websites or blogs, phone numbers, etc.

         c.   Information about celebrities, politicians, and other well-known individuals that can be considered common knowledge.

         Under no circumstances are forum members to disseminate, via forum post or private message, personal details of other individuals as outlined above, be they members of the forum or not, unless these details are common knowledge. This is a Category 5 offense.

         (2)   Unsafe Websites

         Forum members are not allowed to deliberately link to websites that may contain malicious or X-rated content, although in the interests of informing other members on the potential dangers of sites, it is permissible to give part of a dangerous site’s web address, name the whole of its title, or describe its contents. Actually providing a link, via post or private message, is a Category 4 offense.

        (3)   Downloadable Files

        With the exception of downloadable files from Female Network or other Summit sites, the posting of links to downloadable files (whether DOC, MP3, PDF, EXE, etc.) is prohibited on the GIRLTalk forums.
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