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Author Topic: RULES AND REGULATIONS - G. Posts and Rankings  (Read 12301 times)

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RULES AND REGULATIONS - G. Posts and Rankings
« on: February 08, 2010, 11:54:02 PM »
G.   Posts and Rankings

On the GIRLTalk forum, a member’s status is determined via the quality and quantity of his or her posts.

       (1)   Quantitative Titles

       These types of titles are based on the number of posts one has     published in the forums. These include:

       a.   Probationary (less than 10 posts)
       b.   Newbie (10-34 posts)
       c.   GIRLTalker (35-199 posts)
       d.   Junior GIRLTalker (200-499 posts)
       e.   Senior GIRLTalker (500-999 posts)
       f.   Super GIRLTalker (1,000-9,999 posts)
       g.   Platinum GIRLTalker (10,000 or more posts)

       (2)   Qualitative Titles

       These types of titles are based on the type of member one is as well as the quality of the posts one publishes on the forums. These titles are awarded to applicants and nominees. Qualitative Titles currently being used are as follows:

       a.      GUYTalker - GUYTalkers will need to reach a minimum of 35 posts in order to reach the GUYTalker status.
       b.   Registered Seller
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