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Author Topic: Auditing your life: Three steps to taking control of your life and your future  (Read 6365 times)

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Auditing your life: Three steps to taking control of your life and your future
Take time out for a year-end audit to help you determine where you are, what you want, and how to get it.

Do you feel like your life is out of control? What areas do you need to improve on? What negative relationships are dragging you down? Share your end-of-the-year plans here!


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I think my marriage life is dragging me down,so i am thinking of ending it..
I want my freedom back!


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We all need to audit  our lives once in a while. If we forget why we are doing what we are doing then we are in for breakdown along the way.


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I need to step-up and improve our family's business. So that I can resign from my 8am-6pm job and have more time for our son. Hopefully have another one next year.
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the distance and time difference I have with my love! that's dragging my mood's down everyday!

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My relationship with God is  the most important part of my life that I need to improve
My relationship with my family.
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Being better in all aspect of my life...being a better single mom, daughter,sister, friend. i wanna have a strong relationship with God.
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My list would include:

--a better relationship with God
--more time for myself
--better control of my income and finances


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I wish that my life is like a balance sheet which can be balance by auditing here and there, very easy so uncomplicated...but reality bites I have to deal with my problems head on...I admire the ladies who took charge of their lives both financially and emotionally...


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Little tough to control your self :P
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I think I might need to do a self check. I am quite bored of how my life is going right now. I have a nice family but there's still something in me that needs filling.

I want to do something worth while.


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I need to improve myself. Take control of my finances. Look for greener pastures abroad for the future of my family.

I want to help my parents.
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