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Author Topic: Tingin nyo mauulit pa ang nangyari sa Metro Manila because of a typhoon?  (Read 34116 times)


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Re: Tingin nyo mauulit pa ang nangyari sa Metro Manila because of a typhoon?
« Reply #160 on: December 12, 2012, 09:44:44 AM »
Yan ang hirap eh! alam na nga ng karamihan kung ano rin ang isang cause ng paulit ulit na pagbaha tapos parating ang sisisihin gobyerno.


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Re: Tingin nyo mauulit pa ang nangyari sa Metro Manila because of a typhoon?
« Reply #161 on: August 20, 2013, 06:07:57 AM »
Ayan na. Nauulit na siya. Puro state of calamity na tayo.
kumusta Sa area niyo? Please share your area/location at kung hanggang saan ang haha Sa Inyo.
is it still passable by what kind of vehicles.

Sa ONYX, between Pedro Gil and SanAndres hanggang tuhod na now pati kahapon.
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Re: Tingin nyo mauulit pa ang nangyari sa Metro Manila because of a typhoon?
« Reply #162 on: August 20, 2013, 08:01:30 AM »
sandaling ulan lang nag babaha na agad, what morre kung habagt and bagyo pa. we need to stop illegal logging, illegal mining, stop using of plastic , styro, paper bag.

i think its beyond illegal logging and mining.

sa ibang bansa, kahit maraming puno etc...bumabaha pa din.

basta kung ang rate ng ulan, ay less than yung rate ng pag discard ng water, magbabaha talaga.

its about efficiency of drainage systems.

una, walang efficient drainage system sa loob ng manila. yes binabara ng mga na mention mong styro plastic
etc... ever wondered where the drainage of our fly overs go? street level for a lot of them. sa ibang
bansa, ie HK and NYC, higante ang mga drainage systems nila. pinas can't afford something like that, and it is almost impossible to build such a thing if ever because pinoys will complain, this and that...then there will be legal battles...much like the NAIA terminal 3 na hanggang ngayon hindi pa magamit ng husto.

loot at Tokyo's 3 Billion dollar flood control project.

sadly, Pinas, with the corruption and all, can't afford such a project.

also as previously reported, our flood control system is only half complete. courtesy of Cory Aquino.
she axed Macoy's plans. the drainage system goes to laguna lake, but hanggang doon lang,
the plan to have a water way from laguna lake to the sea was scrapped.

then you have our aging dams, na hindi pwedeng punuin dahil stressed na sila. so they have to
release water...


imho pinoys should start doing what's realistic and practical. bring the segregation of garbage at home and office. after consuming goods, isegregate. yung mga delata at bote ay hugasan. huwag na gumamit ng plastic bags. etc etc. hindi lang dapat 2 ang basura (recyclable and non recyclable). kung nahulog sa daan, linisin. uwiin ang basura imbes na iiwan lang. sobrang daming pwede gawin ng mga mamamayan. imbes na i asa sa gobyerno. yung mga Chinese firefighters ba umasa sa gov't? nope. now look where they are.
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