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Author Topic: You won an all expense paid trip for two to somewhere amazing, Where would want  (Read 23571 times)


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2 weeks in Seychelles Fregate island....
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kailangan country-hopping ito talaga at hindi lang isang lugar.. hehe..
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madam cruella

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South Africa
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Machu Picchu in Peru. Gusto ko yung mga ganitong lugar, yung mga ancient ruins. :)
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Shocks, all expense?  Hmm.  I'd say a 2-month backpack across Europe pero dahil all expense paid naman, travel in style!

It'll be like this:
London, UK - Brussels, Belgium - Amsterdam - Hamburg, Germany - Berlin, Germany - Prague, Czech Republic - Vienna, Austria - Budapest, Hungary - Athens, Greece - Rome, Italy - Venice, Italy - Lisbon, Portugal - Madrid, Spain - Barcelona, Spain - and last - Paris, France

Yan dapat eh pang-backpacker itinerary ko din.  Haha :) Dream on! 
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i also wanna go to The Bahamas and Santorino, Greece!

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europe too...will explore every nook & cranny of europe
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I would like to be in Paris, France with my special someone.
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europe! maybe italy or france. or sana italy-france-england-spain. hopefully in my lifetime i will get to go there.


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Antarctica. this would be the most difficult continent to visit and goal ko to see all seven.
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Europe and Africa.


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Portugal or Egypt


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South Africa, Egypt or Greece  ;D
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Paris, France. :) Sabay na din ang shopping. O di kaya sa Broadway. Pangarap ko mapanood Les Mis e.
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somewhere mediterrenean..tapos a nice breakfast date with my sweetheart..then a picnic with wine.
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i've seen only parts of the ms. universe '09,
and ooh, bahamas is really nice.
hmm, i've added it on my list of
dream vacations


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i love beaches and ive been there a couple of times so i think ang ultimate sa akin will be somewhere in europe....Greece ;)


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