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Author Topic: You won an all expense paid trip for two to somewhere amazing, Where would want  (Read 23593 times)


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it to be?  ;D   ;)


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Paris, France or Santorini, Greece  :D
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Europe! (haay pangarap)
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europe din!
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London to watch wimbledon
greece to enjoy the food and the beaches
spain for the cultural experience
arf! arf! woof! woof!


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Marian Trip sa Europe :)


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europe rin! specially venice. kasi mawawala na daw yon e  :o


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yoko na ng Europe, been there na. sa Egypt na lang :)


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If Europe...Venice, Italy.
If Asia, Japan.
If Carribean, Tahiti. ;D
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US, so that I could also visit my sister and niece. i miss them so much!


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france..napanaginipan ko to lol
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European trip around Spain, Germany, France, Italy and Greece


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europe din ako. grabeeee


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europe! hay wish ko lang magkatotoo... :D
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italy particularly venice. super romantic kahit malamang, super bantot. harhar. ;D


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