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Author Topic: BEWARE OF FURNITURE FAIR STATION A.K.A JRS CONTRACTORS!!!!!!!!!!!!  (Read 10735 times)


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« Reply #40 on: June 11, 2012, 06:29:18 AM »
mas okay kasi kapag customized ang furnitures whether it's inexpensive or not.  if nasa condo ka, maliit ang space... you need customized furnitures according to your needs.  pero if meron naman sa malls na nagfit sa requirements mo na furniture, mas okay kasi ready-made na.  ang cons pala sa pagpa-customized ng furniture, ang tagal ng output based on our experience.
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« Reply #41 on: June 16, 2012, 08:47:23 PM »
I had the exact same experience with this Jackie Salas and her company. They are now called HomeValue Concept. I ordered and paid the 20% downpayment last April 30, they promised to deliver my items in 20 business days, exact date May 24. It took them almost 6 weeks to deliver my items, June 9.

No one from their company informed me that the delivery will be delayedI had to be the one to call them to ask if my order will be delivered on time. Even on the day itself, no one bothered to contact me so I had to contact them. They gave me so many excuses on why the delivery was delayed: it was raining, the ducco finish didnt dry; the machine for polishing the wood broke down; and on the day itself, the delivery van got towed they had to wait until the evening. They also told me I will be the priority for delivery on the very next day, but then their delivery van got towed so they arrived really late, around 10PM.

During the course of the two-week delay, I have been constantly calling them, and I even asked for a refund. She said I will not get the refund in full if I want it right away and I have to wait 2 months if I want it in full. Of course, that was unfair so I decided instead to take a risk and just go ahead with the orders; anyway, what's another two weeks of waiting on top of the month, right? I was so damn patient.

When the items came, the bedframe I ordered was lacking the handles for the drawers as they apparently forgot to bring it with them. I called Jackie about it after a week, after waiting the whole week for their contractors to bring it to my unit, but she denied knowledge of it. When I told her that I read about the negative reviews on about her, she blew up and shouted at me then hung up the phone.

Here are their contact details which I got from their email signature:

Homevalue Concept
Interior Furnishing & Construction Services
Phones: *910-7482 *996-1698
Fax : 910-7482
GLOBE: (0915) 561-3510
SMART: (0929) 277-7113
SUN : (0932) 943-1128

Office Address: Unit 901 9/F Cityland Shaw Tower, Shaw Blvd., Mandaluyong City

(Beside Shangri-la Plaza Mall)
Office Hours: Monday-Saturday
9:00 A.M.-7:00 P.M.

I am willing to help in making her pay for all the deceitful business she's done. This has got to stop.

Had I known that they were already closed down by Mandaluyong City government, I wouldn't have pushed through with my orders. Tsk. I hope this serves as a warning to all to avoid getting conned by this Jackie Salas and Nikka Diane Gumera.


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