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Author Topic: If you could trade faces with any celebrity, whose face would you like to have?  (Read 107961 times)


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kristin kreuk or megan fox  ;)
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Jodi Sta. Maria
Emma Watson


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Additional to my previous post that I want to trade....

Emma Watson
Zhang Ziyi
Katie Holmes
Missy Franklin - USA Olympian swimmer.
Gaby Dela Merced

Kapag male version naman na celebrities or sports personalities

Justin Timberlake
Tom Cruise
Chris Evans
Macauley Culkin

Lazslo Cseh

Joseph Marco
Xian Lim
Robi Domingo 


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pagandahan ng girl crush dito ah =p
I already answered here pero naadik lang ako ngayon kay MIRANDA KERR
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  • extremely grateful. thank you thank you thank you
Eva Langoria
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Yoon Eun Hye and Judy Ann Santos

pretty empress

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jessie mendiola.. Angelic face..
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MIRANDA KERR. Grabe. Kung ganito ang mukha ko hindi na ako aalis sa harap ng salamin. LOL

Miss Charcoal

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blake lively
leighton meester
georgina wilson
carmina villaroel


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anne curtis
angelica panganiban
anne hathaway
audrey hepburn

Pansin ko, puro nag-start sa A ang mga name mila. :D
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Candice Swanepoel. hehe
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Grace Kelly, audrey hepburn, catherine zeta jones, demi moore and jeong yumi
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kahit kay kristine hermosa na lang, ok na sa akin... :)


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i dont know but I love the face of ayen munji - laurel


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KRISTIN KREUK! sarap titigan ang mukha. hindi nakakasawa.

Local- Marian Rivera. very charming ang fezlak
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Erika Sawajiri, Natalie Portman, Audrey Hepburn! I like petite, youthful, beautiful girls :)


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Definitely Alodia Gosiengfiao with all the layers of make-up and enhancements. ♥

Also Aragaki Yui, Sawajiri Erika, and Kitagawa Keiko. :)

For a Western look, I'd go for Leighton Meester.


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Definitely Kato Rosa and Ohgo Suzuka if you're talking about Japanese actresses. I so love their beauty because they still look younger than their actual age. Look at the CLAMP Manga-ka team, they really look younger than their mid- to late forties. Also, if you were to ask me, Kato Rosa equates Song Hye-kyo and Kristine Hermosa, when it comes to the most perfect-looking female in the Japanese show business industry (speaking of halfie). Full-blooded Japanese, I'd choose Nakama Yukie.
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shanghai baby

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Heidi Klum
For you, a thousand times over.

Frozen Toes

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Camilla Belle


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