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Author Topic: If you could trade faces with any celebrity, whose face would you like to have?  (Read 108068 times)


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gusto ko asian faces eh like han chae young o kaya si alodia gosiengfiao un cosplayer.. she's very pretty.. mukhang anime


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Angelina Jolie :)
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Alyssa Milano - so classy Ü
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naku ang hirap..madami mga magaganda eh :)
sa local si dawn zulueta--elegant and parang hindi tumatanda
angel locsin--hindi dahil fan ako but i find her beautiful even without trying to be one. napaka simple pero stand out :)

sa hollywood naman..
phoebe cates--when she was younger pa.
Edit: add ko rin si blair ng gossip girl:)
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Dawn Zulueta & Drew Barrymore
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naku ang daming magagandang celebrities, pero kung makikipagtrade ako ng face, any of the ff:


iya villania - cute and charming ng dating eh
kris bernal - cute din ng face nito
michelle madrigal - scq days palang nito nagagandahan na ako


rachael leigh cook - love her face
charlize theron - classy ang dating
taylor swift - country girl na country girl
kim tae hee, han chae young, lee da hae, kim so eun - any of them kapag naging korean ako :D


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Emma Watson
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if that were possible, either zhang ziyi or shu qi. :D


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Maja Salvador
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dawn zulueta.. gusto ko ma-try yung malaki naman ang eyes... sawa na ko sa maliit kong mata.  ;D


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local: cheska garcia, dawn zulueta and gretchen barreto (noong bata pa si gretchen ah!)  ;D

foreign: zang ziyi, song he kyo, rachel leigh cook, kate beckinsale and winona ryder. LOL.  :D :D ;D ;D


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Rhian Ramos

Anne Curtis
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I like the face of Demi Moore. Maganda pa rin kahit nagkaka-edad na. I also love Michelle Faifer's face.
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Ariadna Thalia Sodi Miranda
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Local - Marian Rivera
Korean - Kim Tae Hee, Song Hye Kyo
Hollywood - Angelina Jolie
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kc concepcion
iza calzado
nikki gil



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local: Anne Curtis

international: Charlize Theron or Penelope Cruz


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georgina wilson

cheska garcia

donna cruz

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  • Yehey! Good times are here again!
Melody Gersbach
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