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Author Topic: If you could trade faces with any celebrity, whose face would you like to have?  (Read 68800 times)


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  • i can feel it

1. Kc Concepcion - exceptional ang beauty
 2. gretchen barreto - nung di pa sya nagparetoke
3. mariel rodriguez - charming


1. i like wynona ryder and phoebe cates


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rachel leigh cook --nung she's all that movie..sobrang cute
song hye kyo--cute din dun sa full house :)
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local: kristine hermosa, anne curtis, georgina wilson

foreign: megan fox, monica bellucci
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ganda din si jordana brewster especially dun sa movie nilang D.E.B.S., kahit medyo tomboy ang ganda nya.
as well as sarah foster
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Misha Barton or Emma Watson ..  ;D


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sa local si marian or kc.

sa foreing si kristen para feeling ko ako si bella.
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Rachael Leigh Cook (my avatar)
Alexis Bledel
Amber Tamblyn
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local - anne curtis or dawn zulueta

foreign - winona ryder or kate beckingsale or misha barton

i find girls with big deep eyes very pretty... kya nga walang panget na lebanese for me... :)


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rachel leigh cook ( sa movie nyang 18 angel ba yun) he  he.. ang ganda nya kasi dun sobra eh.  ;)
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18th angel!  :) I sooo love her, too.  ;D
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there are two: angel locsin and kate hudson   ;)


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Right now, it's Olga Kurylenko. :)


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korean - song hye kyo
local - gretchen (before she became stick-thin!) and kristine hermosa

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i like kate hudson. para kasi siya lagi baby face. parang di tumatanda.  :D
It's so much easier to be happy. :)
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anne curtis


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kristine hermosa

foreign leah dizon
i love challenges


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  • Vain?! Go IMPRINT yourself! =P
Angelina Jolie ;)
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  • Live, laugh, love. ;)

not exactly trade, kc i love the way I am..   ;D
I really admire her lang:

sa ngaun, si angelica panganiban - bagay sa kanya name niya kc very angelic talaga face niya.
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  • Seriously.
angelina jolie
alicia keys
anne curtis

uy, lahat A! ;D
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  • kahit anong sabihin mo MAGANDA AKO!
gusto ko ma expirience ang face ni britney spears (well before the craziness)


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